• Published 9th Aug 2013
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Havel the Rock in equestria - Star Booty Babe

The infamous Havel the rock, thought to be one of the strongest undead in Lordran is slain by the chosen undead for the final time and passes on to the next world.

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*Applejack Pov*

"HELLPPPPP" Applejack screamed as she and Trixie were being taken into the everfree forest."Stop" Applejack said to Havel and Havel stopped in place and stared directly at her."Uhmmm mister rock thingy can you put us down" and Havel just stopped and stood there. Havel stopped and looked directly at applejack and said "You really think".

*Havel the Rock Pov*

"HI THERE"Havel fell back as pure pink covered his vision. Havel dropped Applejack and Trixie and they ran off in an instant. He reached up to his helmet to see what was covering it and pulled off a horse that was very very VERY PINK. And as he pulled it off he saw that it was what had cause him to drop his small horsies. Havel threw her as hard as he could and sent her straight through a wall. Too his surprise the horse came right back to him "Hey that was fun we should try it again. "What sort of miracle or spell could she have devised to beat my strength"Havel said as the pink pony was bouncing in front of him."This is what you get for trying to foalnap Applejack" The pink horse said as she pulled out a giant cylinder from behind her?. Havel was hit by a force that almost pushed him back as he was hit by a ball of brightly colored paper.

Havel looked up to see the pink horse with her jaw on the ground as she saw havel still standing. "DIE FOUL PINK HORSE FOR DARING TO STRIKE HAVEL THE ROCK". Havel rushed as fast as he could and slammed his dragon tooth where the pink horse was standing only to see that she was gone. Havel lifted his weapon out of the crater to see that she was standing on top of her weapon. "Silly head you almost hurt me" the horse said as he looked at her "Well because" Havel couldn't finish his as he was hit by purple magic bolts and a bone shattering kick flying kick and a buck that sent him flying into a wall.

"URGHHH" was the sound Havel made as he climbed out of the rubble he had made. He looked up to see about 6 horses all trying to take him down. "Stop in the name of Celestia" Said a purple horse and all the other horses seemed to be listening to her. "I think we have gotten off on the wrong hoof" Havel said laughing at his own pun. Havel slowly walked up to the small purple horse to see that with her horn she just about reached his stomach. Havel put his hand out for a hand shake and the purple horse slowly but surely shaked his armored hand. "Where am I this land is unfamilar what part of lordran is this."

"What" was the reply from the small purple horse. "Oh yes how rude of me what are your names" Havel questioned. "Well howdy mah names applejack" the small orange horse said,"My name is pinkie" the demon pink horse said.
"My name is Rainbow dash fastest flier in Equestria" the rainbow pony said,"And my name is Rarity darling" said the odd looking white pony, "I am Twilight Sparkle protege of Princess Celestia the ruler of the sun". "Wow, wait there is a ruler of the sun?" Twilight tilted her head in confusion "Well of course she is". "Well this is nice but where exactly am I in Lordran" At that everypony tilted their head.

"What lordran it sounds boring" Pinkie pie said. "Lordran is a land where every step leads you closer to death. Where if you dont watch your step you will be the corpse around the next corner. A land where I was a force so powerful that the very lord of fire locked me away".