• Published 9th Aug 2013
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Havel the Rock in equestria - Star Booty Babe

The infamous Havel the rock, thought to be one of the strongest undead in Lordran is slain by the chosen undead for the final time and passes on to the next world.

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As the ponys sat their listening to Havels explanation they all cringed at how horrible his land was and how one wrong step can either mean your doom or something even worse. "How long were you locked in the tower" Twilight inquired writing details down about his land. "I was locked in that damn tower for maybe one thousand years" At that everypony gasped "He is just like Princess Luna". "Who is Luna and how is she just like me" Havel asked. "Luna was trapped on the moon for 1000 years" Twilight replied. "Well is there any bonfires around here" Havel questioned "No but we can make one" Pinkie said. "Do you even know what I am talking about silly Pinkie, Never mind I shall make my own" Havel walks towards where the edge of the forest is and takes out a sword and stabs it into the ground.

Havel takes out a fire keeper's soul and places it on the sword and watches as the sword rusts and slowly a fire comes out. "What in tarnation is that " Questioned applejack "It is the soul of a woman that has fallen that powers this eternal fire" As havel was explaining everything about the fire keepers soul a small light appeared and then slowly a towering 15 foot tall hulk of iron came out of the bonfire(Artorias) As Havel was explaining he saw that a shadow was towering over him he turned around to see his old friend but now enemy with his giant sword and all. "How long has it been artorias" Havel asked "RAHHHHHHHH" was the reply from artorias. "Are you alright you dont seem normal" As soon as those words came out of his mouth Artorias jumped 20 feet in the air and slammed his sword straight into Havel's armor impaled him on his sword. All the ponies were shocked by this and ran from the terrifying monster from the bonfire.

Havel slowly regenerated from the bonfire and got up and charged Artorias and slammed his weapon into him and sent him flying straight into a building. Artorias slowly dissipated and regenerated into the bonfire, as soon as he regenerated he got ready to charge but was stopped and lifted into the air. Havel looked down to see he was also being lifted into the air he looked around and saw a tall white horse and a dark blue horse with their horns aglow. "Dost thou really think you're powerful enough to keep I or Havel down" said Artorias. "Thou speaketh old Tongue" the tall dark one asked "Never mind that why are you terrorizing my little ponies" said the taller white horse. "I did not mean to hurt the little ponies thou mean Sir artorias he struck us first and we only acted in self defense" Havel said. "Was it self defense when doth betrayed Lord Gwyn" Artorias yelled at Havel. "Thou must be delirious if you still uphold Gwyn sayings" havel said. "ENOUGH WITH THE ARGUING".Havel and Artorias's head both turned their heads towards the dark winged unicorn. "You will not fight in this town and you will certainly not harm any of my little ponies is that clear" Luna said.

"BWAAHAHAHA" Havel and Artorias let out laugh so loud they were dropped. "Havel dost this pegacorn or whatever it is think it can really tell us what to do" Artorias said "I think it really does think that now lets go out of this weird place and fight like real men" As they both got up they felt a very heavy magical force trying to keep them down and looked up to see the white pegacorn trying to keep both of them down with her magical horn. "Release us wench" Artorias growled

Author's Note:

Dont worry the fighting isnt over yet its just not the right place to fight sorry i havent uploaded in a while just been really busy. I feel like this chapter was really bad what do you guys think