• Published 9th Aug 2013
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Havel the Rock in equestria - Star Booty Babe

The infamous Havel the rock, thought to be one of the strongest undead in Lordran is slain by the chosen undead for the final time and passes on to the next world.

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*CLICK* The sound of the key opening a lock was heard. Havel looked up the stairs to see the chosen undead. The Chosen undead looked at him with greed in his eyes as he wore elite armor and had a long sword and shield. Havel rushed and smashed his Dragon tooth where the chosen undead was standing. Havel looked to where the his weapon landed expecting
there to be a blood stain but instead saw just a small crater. *SHNNK* Havel looked down to see a sword piercing straight through his chest and coughed up blood. He turned around to see the undead shocked and pulled out another sword, Havel swung his weapon down to see the same occurrence had happened and there was yet another sword in his chest. Havel looked up and saw that the chosen undead had a black fire bomb in his hand and threw it. A bloodcurdling scream was heard as the fire went inside havels armor and burnt him from the inside and slowly melted his body until all that was left was his armor on the floor and his soul slowly dissipated and turned into nothing.

A Big boom was heard as Havel crashed into the forest floor, Havel woke up to see that he was in a forest in full armor. He slowly got up and made sure that everything was intact.After he checked everything he decided to see if his armor was broken and it was completely fine.As he checked his surroundings he remembered something,The chosen undead had killed him for the last time and the bonfire havel used was gone so now he was in the middle of nowhere. He looked around and saw a road and saw it had a sign that said "Ponyville in 2 miles". He decided to follow the road to see where it takes him. As he was walking to get to the road a giant paw hit him making him slow down but not stop completely. He looked where the paw was on his chest and followed it up to see a manticore with a stunned look on his face. As soon as he saw what had caused it he took his dragons tooth and smashed into the manticores body sending him flying away.

"Wow is this real" Havel thought as he realized that everything was brighter and that everything was weaker then he remembered if he just sent the manticore flying deeper into the forest. He walked to the dirt road again and continued walking. As he walked he thought about how if he had been sent somewhere random because of no bonfire and this world looked so bright and colorful if he was in paradise. Havel shielded his eyes as he finally exited the forest and saw a town with explosions going off in the sky. He ran to town as fast as possible and saw a horse with a cape and a wizard hat was doing magic in front of a crowd. He hid and heard that this horse was outperforming everyone with her magic. "Do they not know they are in the presence of the Great and Powerful Trixie!". Havel got out of hiding and slowly started walking up to the dusty blue horse.

With a voice so deep that it sounded like a nightmare Havel said "Are you truly as powerful as you say" When Havel said this everyone looked toward his position to see that 7 foot tall giant in terrifying armor. The Crowd splitted so fast you could have heard the wind, Trixie didnt bother to look his way so he started making his way up stage. The armor he was wearing was so heavy his foot went straight through the stage floor but he just kept walking. Trixie finally looked up to see the giant was right in front of him. Havel grabbed her by the horn and said "If you are so magical then how come you didn't notice me coming up here and grabbing you by the horn". Trixie was visibly utterly terrified at what she was seeing, not only was he a monster but he was bigger then Princess Celestia.

"You will tell me where I am and what am I doing in this happy land or ill snap your horn and, if you dont know how i got here ill break the pieces of your horn so you cant get them". Trixie was so scared she couldnt speak so Havel had to do what he said he would do and snapped Trixies horn off. The unicorn had passed out and Havel looked at it and saw something that made him almost have a heart attack. The unicorn looked so cute when she was unconscious that He just had to pick her up. Havel picked her up and held her close to his chest and petted her as he sat down. He held her close in a hug that she couldn't escape and fell asleep holding her as if she was a teddy bear.

*Trixie Pov*

"HUH WHA" was what Trixie said as she woke up. She woke up to feel something keeping her close and felt something across the barrel of her chest. She was being held like her old toy when she was a child by that creature that had destroyed her horn. "WAIT" she felt her head and saw that her horn was broken off. "HHHHHEEEELLLLPPPPP ME!" Trixie screamed but everyone was too afraid and in their homes cowering from what they saw.

*Havel The Rock Pov*

"EE" was what Havel heard as he woke up. He got up still holding Trixie close and started moving to leave the town. As he was heading to leave the town he saw 6 horses trying to block his way and could feel Trixie feebly trying to get out of his grip. "Stop Right there and put the pony down" He heard somehorse say but he just continued walking till he got to the group of 6 horses and saw a horse with a blonde mane and a very weird shaped hat and it had orangey fur and freckles. He felt the same feeling from before and picked up the pony and continued walking out of town into the forest.

Author's Note:

Finally decided to try and write a first fic and decided it should be about darks souls Dont be afraid to tell me my mistakes and be blunt about them so i can fix them up

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