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Just a regular guy who somehow got hooked on the show. So that's pretty much that. Also, I draw (ie. my profile photo)


A soldier from the frontlines of the Equestrian Civil War returns home, out of place and out of touch with the world that he once called home and struggles to fit in. Little does he know his past will be coming back to haunt him.

Chapters (12)
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Bravo! I can tell this is going to be a great story! You deserve a song. You deserve it.

-The Good Doctor

Wow. This is your first? It certainly doesn't show, if I didn't read the authors note, then I would have assumed you had practice. GG man, GG.

This is interesting. Will read.:ajsmug:

B (very good!)


Wow, that was great. I was just browsing through some stories and happened to pick out yours. Decided to give it a go seeing as it was only 3,000 words. Glad to see something enjoyable to read AND accurate. A few minor hiccups here and there, but pretty solid all around. My suggestion, if you wanna continue this, I'd say you go for new characters and start a fresh story.

Don't know if you'd consider this one to be done. I would, but that's just me. If you can keep up the theme, though, I think you're onto something. Also, if your looking to get noticed, use more main characters, but you already know that.

Oooohhh, a bad case of PTSD comes to visit while out for an afternoon drink...sucks.

Hmm, good story so far. Pacing is a little fast, but a good read nonetheless. Keep at it.:raritywink:

You've got some powerful storytelling going on here. Please don't drop this, it needs to be continued. The stories themselves might be a bit short, but that in no way detracts from the impact.

Just saw this story. It deserves alot more likes than it has. Please don't let it die. And if you need any help with it feel free to ask me.

Thank you for continuing this story.

Damn, this sounds like something from Veitnam.

This is fuckin awesome:twilightsmile:

3647886 I think that might have been the intention :rainbowwild:

I love this story, please don't abandon it :fluttercry::heart:

Thank you for not giving up on your story. Looks like Coban's history is about to catch up with him, in the worst way possible.

Well that escalated quickly...good to see this updated. Keep going, this should be good. :raritywink:

4336487 I agree, most things I do tend to bite me in the ass later.:twilightblush:

FOR THE LUNA REPUBLIC!!!!!!!!!! :heart:

Looks like Coban is going to have to face his addiction to adrenaline (or whatever the equine analogue is) soon, or he might find some other way to get his fix.

That you for continuing this, as well as writing some of the backstory. I'm guessing this will eventually tie back into the rest of the story.

4344233 Yup, somepony may be making an appearance from the back-stories relatively soon

Interesting turn this story is taking. I was half-afraid that Autumn was going to wind up trying to pull Doc back together after a suicide attempt, and now he's been recruited for a Rambo-like unit.

Oh damn! They part of a PMC now eh? This should get really interesting. :pinkiehappy:

Wow took a while...anyway good chapters :)

Well things just went to hell in a handbasket. Glad to see this updating. :pinkiesmile:

So it looks like the main six just got drafted...oooh boy.:rainbowderp:

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