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Just a regular guy who somehow got hooked on the show. So that's pretty much that. Also, I draw (ie. my profile photo)


Back from the Dead...Super Cereally.... · 6:57am May 4th, 2014

Holy cow. It's been 5 months since the last update? Yikes, university and work has consumed most of my spare time lately, but with everything winding down, I am finally able to publish chapter 5! w00t

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Back from the Dead · 9:05am Dec 18th, 2013

Yep, school's done. Can finally resume this project. Have already dropped Chapter 4. Y'all can expect Chapter 5 to arrive within the next week or so. Hopefully I'll be ale to do weekly updates on the story.

Thanks y'all.


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Hiatus on Homefront · 3:43am Nov 5th, 2013

Hey guys,

Still alive here. Just wanted to let y'all know that I will still be continuing the story Homefront. Unfortunately due to various classes as the semester winds down to a close, I am becoming more and more inundated with work.

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