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When Red was beaten by Gold, Gold blinked and Red disappeared. Gold wondered what happened to him, but shrugged it off as a ghost of some sort. What he didn’t know is that Red, along with every pokemon he owned, got teleported to another world. How will he adapt in a world of what look to him like a bunch of talking ponyta, and will he find the pony, or ponies, that he loves?

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2891770 Its in the works right now
This alone took me about 2 hours and 40 minutes!

I love pokémon cross overs. I hope to see more soon, keep up the amazing work!

I kinda wish you kept Red as his original mute self. Eh, it's still a good fic so far.

2892020 Sorry, find that kinda hard to do in a romance fic... otherwise he would be mute.

2892029Wait, this is Romance?

... please don't do the whole "instantly falls in love" thing. Please don't.

2892045Huh, and here I thought I was the only one who ever used that saying.

2892097Then you obviously live nowhere near me. I'm the only one within like a 10 mile radius who ever uses that expression.

2892102 Well, one of them is on youtube, and the others are practically my clones.

2892110Youtube doesn't count. And by clones, do you mean siblings?

2892128 No, they are not related to me in any way, they just act and look just like me.

2892129Ah, shadowers. I've had that before. Weird group of girls they were.:unsuresweetie:

2892199Wait. Like, how old? 'Cause if you say anywhere from 14+ then that's just weird.

2892222...Gay maybe? I honestly don't see any reason why a bunch of sophomores would be shadowing another guy.

Wait a sec, Red didn't use Mew in his battle against Gold. How did he have it when he got warped? Is he just carrying all his filled pokeballs in his bag?

Red talks in this story. :pinkiehappy:. Something I always wanted to happen in a story, minus the manga.

2892646 Well, if anyone in the Pokemon world was gonna figure out that the PC storage system was completely superfluous, it would be Red I guess.

Well, I don't see any ghosts in this line up so how about Chandelure or Mismagius?

Lucario, Luxray, Metagross, Pidgeot, Lopunny, Gallade, Jolteon, Salamence, Lapras (how could you forget Red's Lapras), and Glaceon.

I know that's a lot of pokemon, but those are my favorites. Pick any and/or all from my list and I'll be happy.

2892806 YES! lot of those I wanted, but I had already taken up half the list, so I didn't want to use up any more slots

Absol!!! :heart:. I want to see him in a chapter.

Comment posted by EmiletheUndying deleted Jul 18th, 2013

2892832 Almost all pokemon will be seen in the next chapter

2892812I would've put Gardevoir in there, but you have enough psychic types. Also, you should make some of his pokemon shiny.

I'm not saying if they are shiny or not, I'm leaving that up to the imagination of the reader,

2892886But don't you have to describe the pokemon? Also, are you going to post tons of 300 word chapters, or bigger sized ones?

I have my ways of getting around talking about shinyness, and I will post more lengthy chapters, I just needed the rest of my list filled out.

2892924Ah, okay then. When can we expect the next chapter?

2892938 After I get 6 more pokemon for my list, then wait for maybe half a day.
In other words, not long hopefully.

Fascinating concept and well written.
My only complaint is the lack of spacing between paragraphs and character lines.

Dude it needs to be way longer and the lack of description is making it incredibly bland. You are making some critical mistakes. One never have the two species just meet and in seconds be friends. Two Red is coming across as a Lego brick no emotion no, nothing. There has to be explanation but still it does have potential

2894057 I understand, but as I said to people helping me with the intro, its debatable if I am good at writing in the first place, If you feel like you can do it better, than by all means, I implore you to.

either Vaporeon or Celebi I would love to see their both cute. for all you fans of other eevee evolutions their fine just not as cute.

I have made the choice to add the last three eeveelutions, so I have one spot left for any one pokemon
Still no X or Y pokemon though, the only exception I'm making to that is Sylveon.

I would love to see a dratini or an evolution of it.

Okay, all pokemon have been chosen, so the next chapter should be out later today!

It's nice, but when writing, remember that these are real events, not digitized occurrences. The battle was extraordinarily stilted because of this.

It took you 2 hours and 40 minutes to type up about a page on MS word? I was that bad when I was five. Also, read a bit of the manga to try and get a feel for Red's personality.

How did Mew know where the Everfree forest is? Thus far, this story is making me weep tears of mustard-y sadness with pickle-y relish. :fluttercry:

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