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The Challenges of being second best - EmiletheUndying

Red is Defeated by Gold, And warped to equestria by Discord. How will he survive in what he perceives as the land of talking Ponyta?

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Chapter 2: The Placement Problem

Red sighed and said “Well, everyone thinks I’m dead anyway, so I don’t see why I can’t stay here for the foreseeable future. The only things I can see being a problem right now are my appearance, and a place of residence.”
Celestia place a hoof on her chin, then responded with “Those are two very puzzling problems… No one outside the room can know about you for the time being, except for Spike, so that makes everyone but Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash unable to provide housing. I doubt you can fly, so Rainbow Dash is out. How many of those creatures do you have in those things?” She asked, pointing at the pokeball that contained Mew.
“35 of various shapes and sizes, but what my suggestion would be is to have me make my own house out in that forest, and don’t worry, I can fend for myself. That way I will have room for all my partners, and I’ll be out off the way, because I sure can’t stay here at the castle. That would get way too much unwanted attention!”
“Will you require some assistance building said home? Twilight and her friends could come and assist you. I’m sure you would need it.”
“Well then princess, you would be wrong then, like I said, I have 35 Pokemon with me, and with their help, my home will be done in a snap.” And with that, Red let Mew out, and had her teleport him to the Everfree forest.
All the ponies, and discord, left in the room just sat there with their jaws dropped. Celestia cleared her throat and said “If he can achieve what he claims, then I will be very glad to have him as a friend and not an enemy.” Everypony else conveyed a similar sentiment.

Author's Note:

Okay so in this story, Red has 35 Pokemon, and I have a list of those that I already have. They are;

Please tell me any pokemon you would like to see. You can have anything from Generations 1 through 5. Thank you!

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riolu and axew

Well, I don't see any ghosts in this line up so how about Chandelure or Mismagius?

Lucario, Luxray, Metagross, Pidgeot, Lopunny, Gallade, Jolteon, Salamence, Lapras (how could you forget Red's Lapras), and Glaceon.

I know that's a lot of pokemon, but those are my favorites. Pick any and/or all from my list and I'll be happy.

2892806 YES! lot of those I wanted, but I had already taken up half the list, so I didn't want to use up any more slots

Absol!!! :heart:. I want to see him in a chapter.

Comment posted by EmiletheUndying deleted Jul 18th, 2013

2892832 Almost all pokemon will be seen in the next chapter

2892849 Okay. That's good to know.

2892812I would've put Gardevoir in there, but you have enough psychic types. Also, you should make some of his pokemon shiny.

I'm not saying if they are shiny or not, I'm leaving that up to the imagination of the reader,

2892886But don't you have to describe the pokemon? Also, are you going to post tons of 300 word chapters, or bigger sized ones?

I have my ways of getting around talking about shinyness, and I will post more lengthy chapters, I just needed the rest of my list filled out.

2892924Ah, okay then. When can we expect the next chapter?

2892938 After I get 6 more pokemon for my list, then wait for maybe half a day.
In other words, not long hopefully.

Latious and Latias

Yay! Mewtwo is in this story! :heart:

2894057 I understand, but as I said to people helping me with the intro, its debatable if I am good at writing in the first place, If you feel like you can do it better, than by all means, I implore you to.

either Vaporeon or Celebi I would love to see their both cute. for all you fans of other eevee evolutions their fine just not as cute.

I have made the choice to add the last three eeveelutions, so I have one spot left for any one pokemon
Still no X or Y pokemon though, the only exception I'm making to that is Sylveon.

I would love to see a dratini or an evolution of it.

Okay, all pokemon have been chosen, so the next chapter should be out later today!

How did Mew know where the Everfree forest is? Thus far, this story is making me weep tears of mustard-y sadness with pickle-y relish. :fluttercry:

2898374 It read the princesses minds, remember?

2898346 No it took me that long to transcribe that battle


You might want to elaborate on that. How much of Celestia's and Luna's minds did Mew read? We can't possibly know exactly how much Mew plucked out of their noggins unless you tell us. The impression I got was Mew had just read enough to get a grasp on the situation.

2898447 Sorry, kinda rushed that chapter to get the story out that day... and who said anything about it being just Celestia and Luna who had their minds read, there are 4 princesses


You had an entire freaking template to work with and it still took you 2 hours and 40 minutes?! The longest it's ever taken me to come up with a six-on-six original battle is 10 minutes! With a template I could probably do it in a minute and a half! This is mind boggling! :pinkiegasp: I'm literally having problems coming to terms with the fact that it took you so long! I've written 16 page reports for English 101 in an hour and a half! What did you do, complete a Sudoku book in between typing individual words?!


When choosing between time and quality, ALWAYS CHOOSE QUALITY!

First off, that made me laugh more than it should have.
Second, I said up front that I was not the best writer in the world, in fact, I suck at English! I failed it 3 years in a row!


1.) Then might I highly recommend getting a Ghost Writer.

2.) Why is this story in the Human Harem group?

3.) I'm torn between yelling at you for even daring to write when you've failed English thrice and telling you that you're going to need every one of those 10,000 hours it takes to perfect a craft. Oh look, I just did both.

4.) Would it be too incredibly cruel to say that I'll come and read this whenever I'm having doubts about my own writing skills? Because that's exactly what I'll be doing.

5.) Incase you're wondering, yes, I did take lessons from GLaDOS. :scootangel:

...Okay, I deserved that...
to answer your questions
1) What the hell is a ghost writer
2) I have reasons
4)double ouch


A Ghost Writer is someone who writes as you dictate to them. Like an ancient scribe, only they take what you say and turn it into something good. For example, a Ghost Writer would take "Mew read their minds" and replace it with something like.

"Upon hearing its trainer's request, Mew used its exceptional psychic abilities to delve into the minds of the four pony princesses. After bypassing the pony's pathetic mental defenses, Mew quickly downloaded all the information in their minds for purview at its leisure. Just as the pink pokémon was about to exit their minds, however, it noticed a strange energy within the ponies. Deciding it could spare the extra moments to satiate its curiosity, Mew committed the energy and its properties to memory and withdrew to inform its trainer of what he wished to know."

That is what a Ghost Writer does. ^

Oh, I could use one of them

She's Pinkie, since when has she followed the laws of physics?


I'm gonna have to say you're both wrong. Pinkie's broken physics on multiple occasions, but there's always a subtlety to it. Blatantly walking on the ceiling of Canterlot Castel is anything but subtle.

You've put it on Hiatus? Explain swiftly. :ajbemused:

A lot of important things are coming up in the next week
I will resume as quick as I can.
And in case you are wondering, one of those things happens to be my birthday.

2916840 don't let the rude comments get to you. So far I think you're doing a great job, but chapters could be longer. Keep up the good work.

Oh, and don't forget to take advice, either. I'll be waiting patiently for the next chapter :D

2986769 Oh, I don't let them get to me, I'm just trying to make the next chapter good, my mother broke her foot, my cat died, and I had my birthday, all in the same week.

I had reason to put it on hiatus for the week and a half

2986788 yeah, I know. But people will usually go on hiatus for months at a time. I usually don't read fics on hiatus because I don't like waiting. I only gave this one a chance because I have a soft spot for Pokemon.

So since its just a week, I wouldn't put it on hiatus, but maybe leave a warning in an author's note at the end of the last chapter. Might not ward off as many readers that way.

2987656 Thank you for your input, I will take that to heart in the future.

It's fine with its level of detail, people write at different rates, and I think >>EmiletheUndying is still learning a bit of the creative process right now. Everything written so far can be expanded on in great detail from the initial pokemon battle( Return! Return! Return!) . If the battle was done anime style it would be quite interesting(I know a actually battle was reference but following it word for word seems a bit stale) , Red probably has been with his pokemon long enough to communicate without words on the other hand gold would be shouting over the winds. After the battle more could be done about the shift in location I imagine teleportation is highly disorientating to those not used to it and those who have used it a few times(Hey he has a Alakazam and Mewtwo) it would still be uncomfortable and he shifted from a frozen moutaintop to a spring castle the temperature would change drastically. To the meeting with the ponies. Just throwing Mew out there to read their minds is just cheating, unless he doesn't understand pony speak.

I like the concept of this story

Wtf is your profile picture

When is the next update?

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