• Published 17th Jul 2013
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The Challenges of being second best - EmiletheUndying

Red is Defeated by Gold, And warped to equestria by Discord. How will he survive in what he perceives as the land of talking Ponyta?

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Chapter 1: Explanation for the Spatial Dislocation

“That’s it for me… No more Berries before bedtime”
“Who are you talking to mister? OH! Are you playing a game? I love games! My favorite is-”
“Don’t mind her, she does that to everypony.”
“…I need some sleep, I swear that Ponyta was just talking to me. Well, if there are Ponyta, they must be looking for a battle.” Red then Proceeded to dig in his bag until he found a completely red ball with black on the sides. “Go Mew!” This confused all others in the room, as nothing came out of the ball, or at least, that’s what it looked like.
“What the Hay is that?” Everyone looked at the thing that Rainbow Dash had pointed at, and saw something that looked like a cross between a cat and a fetus playing with Fluttershy.
“Fluttershy! Get out of there! That thing could be dangerous!”
Fluttershy ignored them and began to try to soothe it to sleep, but failed. Red then walked up, noticing Mew’s unwillingness to attack these creatures. “Okay Mew, you don’t have to attack them… unless provoked. Those 4 look like the leaders here, so read their minds to find out what we need to know, then relay the info to me. Okay?” Mew floated there for a second, before nodding, and floating over to the princesses.

(3 hours later)

“Okay, lets see if I got everything right. You,” Red pointed to Celestia “Are the princess who raises the sun and have been ruling for thousands of years. You,” Pointed to Luna “Were evil for about a thousand years, and were free by the elements of harmony, used by these six” points to the mane six “They have saved your world 5 times since obtaining the elements” Red then points at Discord “You brought me here, this land is called equestria. There is something big happening every other Tuesday. Am I missing anything?”

“Not that we can think of.”
Red sighed, then said “This day just got a whole lot more interesting.”

Author's Note:

short chapter, I know, I just wanted to publish the story by today.