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Interesting, interesting *stokes shaved beard* ...

let see where this leads us~

i'd like to see where this will go...

as a fan of Prototype, i'd recomend atleast playing it, for more accurate information.

although you can still use some kind of Prototype wikia for information if you have no desire to play/buy the game.


I don't have a 360, a PS3, or the power in my computer to play it... I only have one question that the wiki can't answer, though... do Blacklight beings cry normal tears? Or are able to do something like that?

2856779 pretty sure they don't answer that in the game 0.o

this needs more attention

I like this, please continue.

:yay: -{"YAY!!!")

More please ^^, it's a very nice story ^^

will they ever find out about his (forest's) true form as a human?


Funny that - I do not know! I have the outline, but my characters can -and often do- surprise me on the way there.

this needs more views.

too bad there aren't more prototype fans on here

Best pony > 1

No exceptions

this is getting way less attention than it should have.

I like this story. hope you continue with it.

There aren't that many that can brag about being crushed by pickles:moustache:

Pickle-Barrel-Kumquats! :pinkiehappy:

the amount of prototype fans on this site... is too damn low

I greatly enjoy this fiction. It almost reminds me of catcher in the rye in a way

this is a very good story so far and i can't wait to read more it. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

this should have more views and likes! :pinkiegasp:

Update!! :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::fluttercry::flutterrage:

I know there are some elements of mlp and prototype, but there is another crossover too.


I've put so many things into this blender that I'm not surprised that you found something else... the most blatant and obvious being the memory thing, which was because I thought it appropriate - what with Blacklight giving you the memories of the people you eat.

I might be wrong but i think there is an element of the anime called bleach, if i am not mistaken.


Bleach? Well, that 'hollow mask' thing from the title was merely a nod - I knew that the wording would make everyone think of Bleach right away, but that was just misdirection since talking about hollow people, masks and hearts is way older than that, yet people will think of it anyways because it's popular. You are the first to call me out on it, though.

The 'nobody who can become anybody' actually comes from a PS2/Wii game called 'Baroque', as well as a smidgen of other elements yet to come. (Warning: If you decide to play it or look at it or anything, keep in mind that it starts In Media Res and you're going to have to piece the plot together yourself - I guarantee you will get confused and should check online forums and other resources as soon as you find anything that doesn't seem to make much sense).

this story is severely underrated

I was in the edge of the tears when Forest sang. :fluttershysad:

Because the last update was soooo long ago, that I forgot what the heck I'm reading!

Lal for some reasons I can see a new chapter only now

I don't think it's that hard to guess what the blue things are.

Well make feel like a idiot, why don't you. Currently the only blue things that come to mind are Changling Eyes, Armor's mane, Trixie, and Rainbow Dash. Don't see how any of those would fit with the previous colors though, since it was REDlight losing to BLACKlight, and then BLACKlight infecting WHITElight.

Anyways, love your story, and especially the little conflict between Forest and Shining.


The dangerous blue thing is something from the show itself, as is the blue pony. Think coat, though, and, since it's a kooky teller, don't limit yourself to one guess.

And thank you! I try.

Poison joke

3919884 Alright, just let me get out my handy list of every pony in the show ever.

Ponies with a blue coat. Unless you are going for Obscure back-ground ponies, there is Luna, Trixie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight's Dad (Night Light), Minuette, Soarin, Screw Loose, Lotus Blossom, and Photo Finish.

What is this a crossover of?

3920082 What makes you say that?

3946059 name something else blue that could do it

..Wait a second...why did he pick a female disguise...IF HE WAS MALE?!?!?! Why...why would you just do that...? I don't understand!

If the pair DID fight, particularly as they were right then, I'd say Forest has the better odds thanks to the surprise factors she's hiding. Different circumstances would mean different odds, but at this point in time it would be hard for Forest to get the upper hand against a prepared Shining without having to play a few suspicious cards, if not having to outright blow her cover.

Forest would, definitely, even without doing anything that would blow her cover. She is a Evolved shape-shifter. Her body COULDN'T be in better condition. Then there's super-strength just speeding her up farther (Super-strength would speed you up, more power on the same amount of mass = higher speed). Super-reflexes from a combination of Super-senses (shaper-shifter perk), that Super-strength, and a brain that can handle tons of information (consumption gets a life-time of memories in moments). Plus, she has the combined fighting experience of hundreds of marines and Black-watch operatives.

Plus, she can show a fair bit of stuff without blowing her cover. People pass off weird things all the time. She can hit him hard enough to send him flying across the room, and no one will think anything other than "Wow, she's strong!"




To avoid being in Shining Armor's horseshoes. And it just plain felt weird.

Forests began life as a male, but after Blacklight... Forest stopped caring. Chemical changes, psychological ones, as well as simple philosophical pondering! And the occasional practical application.

'Sides, there are a lot of benefits to being a mare in Ponyville. Not to mention that if Forest ever needs to use the other restroom, it's but a triviality to change.


I'm willing to think that Shining is not going to be as useless as some other fanfics. Plus, I did say a prepared Shining, that means gear that quite possibly has enchantments on it - I mean, being a Captain in a fantasy setting must come with some equipment perks, no?

Naked and flatfooted, though? The only problem would be trying not to kill him.

3946292 Oh, Shining is far from useless. He's just hopelessly outclassed here. Especially if you give Forest any prep time. Unless he has armor all over his body, there's a weak point to hit. And even if there ISN'T, hit him hard enough and he will still feel it. Enchantments have their limits, usually their power-source. And Forest can use ANYTHING as a weapon. Improvised weaponry to the max.


I agree; the issue is not how much Shining is or isn't screwed - it's keeping Forest outside Celestia's hitlist, or even watchlist. Beating Shining like a rented drum even if she's supposed to be trained in combat would look awfully suspicious. There are many justifications for what she can do, but the goal is to avoid having to do them in the first place. At least in front of ponies.

I think I should say this for those wishing to know if there is going to be Blacklight action in the future (not counting disguises)... The griffins will be blaming the demons of Tartarus in the future for their 'misfortunes'.

3946453 If Forest is fighting Shining, and Shining is actually preparing for the fight, she's already on Celestia's hit-list. My point is she can pound him like a drum without showing she's anything more than a changeling.

Be careful how you release the Black-light, so it isn't cheap. For one, it is Black-light, not Red-light. Black-light kills quickly, everyone in Penn Station was dead in a couple of minutes. Its Red-light that makes the zombies. Two, it doesn't have a Greene, heading it, so any zombies that do get around are just mind-less and uncoordinated. I suppose a Runner could come around, but Greene was the mother, and was a lot better at controlling the infection than any runner was. Three, Evolved more than likely sub-consciously kill any bit of them that comes off, for since they're solid Bio-mass, every bit of them is full of the virus. "Mercer's body is a bomb, filled with this weaponized pathogen, waiting to go off."

I do have a question though. Why did he take on the form of a Changling taking on the form of a Pony, rather than just being a pony? His disguise is infinitely better than a Changling's.

Finally, I suggest you add what this is a cross over with in the Description, it isn't too evident till you read it.


Why did he take on the form of a Changling taking on the form of a Pony, rather than just being a pony? His disguise is infinitely better than a Changling's.

The way I see it, if he gets suspected, changelings can take the fall.
He could run away, consume pony genes and come back as a different person :pinkiehappy:

3946707 Sounds plausible, but there are better ways to handle it. Especially since being a Changeling weakened his disguise by a fair bit. His shape-shifting is next to flawless, especially if he's aware he's being observed. An changeling on the other hand has a Masque that can be stripped away.


As a dangerous, but still nowhere-near-as-resilient-as-a-Blacklight changeling. Forest's reasoning being that if Celestia caught a whiff of how dangerous (and how much of a damage sponge) she truly is, the Godzilla-threshold is going to be crossed and she's going to get a face full of SUN.

It was the particular strain (that Mercer stole and released) what killed the people at Penn; only people with 'special' DNA could survive it, like Heller (and, obviously, Mercer; his problem stemmed from getting shot before he was infected). Mercer modified another strand of the virus to create his Evolved, with the intention to infect everyone else and create a hivemind (you could interpret it as the bomb going off). Greene, according to the wiki, was infected with like... fourteen strains of both (allowing her, a much greater infected being than the others, to control infected, walkers, runners, hunters, etc... each of them being a different strain) - she was infected with Redlight at Hope, and then the virus mutated, Blacklight got unleashed, and things went downhill from there.

In the wiki, it is explained that the Infected Vision works via the hivemind, allowing you to tune into it to see infected, carriers, hostiles, and miscellaneous. I think there is more to it, obviously. I've been thinking a lot about the Viral Sonar, as well...

But no, Forest is not going to infect things. Those thoughts about unleashing the virus are referred to as 'in case of bout of insanity' for a reason.

As for the disguise... it runs deeper. The reasons, I mean. And just like Mercer and Heller's abilities are better (and upgrade-able) than some of the creatures they get it from, so is her disguise. She's posing as a changeling posing as a pony because she was outed as a changeling before she had the chance to consume pony DNA.

3947301 Anything that would reveal her as a Pony, would reveal her as a Changling. Anything short of impossible can be hand-waved (for "An Eldritch abomination technically-a-zombie with an occasional slight sadistic streak", is pretty damned unlikely, and people would accept most other explanations).

Yeah, as I said, it wasn't Black-light that kick-started the infection, it was Red-light. It wasn't till Mercer "Freed" Greene (she obviously could leave whenever) that shit got real. While Forest has a modified sample, its probable that its customized to work for each separate person, not a "One size fits all" sort of thing (makes sense logically too, medicine that effects one person one way, can effect another a completely different way).

She knows the general shape. She knows acceptable hair colors. She has the right collection of various genes to form her own disguise. The Changeling would give base body shape, the Manticore would have fur (if she needed genes for that), and she would have a fair variety of colors to pick from all the humans she consumed.

That's all assuming she even needs the genes to do it, she could have free formed it. Shape-shifting is so versatile, you can be anyone and anything.

I'ma push you a story, which your story is reminding me of.

Since Blackwatch beings inherently have hyper-dense amounts of biomass, it would take a massive amount of magic to actually affect all of the body. Shining would have been screwed 50 times over. :pinkiecrazy:

3947417 Depends on how the spell works. If it runs on mass, yeah. If it messes with Volume, no.
Plus, its closer too 20 than 50. It took 20 consumes to go from almost dead to full at the end of P1, and Mercer probably kept most of the power to himself, so thats about where I see his Evolved.


The Author Notes in the technically-second chapter mention it as my source of inspiration, yes.

Forest thought it would be too much of a hassle to make 'Forest' vanish, specially after being told that she should take her time, gather supplies - oh, and being granted a house for services rendered to the crown. Besides, she's going to remain an empath forever, and the exposure to the Elements did do something; better stay where there are handy dandy excus- explanations readily available.


And that is precisely why confrontations are to be avoided. Kinda suspicious to see a mare shrug off a blast capable of cracking stone. Although not all spells can be tanked through sheer value of mass.

3947532 Oh, yeah, NOW she's staying. But I meant before hand, when she was first making her disguise.

And she could always play hurt. Hell, she can play dead almost perfectly. Take off her own head, no heart beat, no breathing, no movement. Dead to anyone who doesn't know better.

in your headcanon, is Forest as strong as Mercer?
Or are the ones Mercer infected slighlty/a lot weaker than him? because Mercer could rip tanks apart and toss them like they were soda cans.

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