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OK, I'll start from the top.

Discord found a loophole on his stone prison... several, in fact.

Now I'm in the colorful world of ponies, have the power to make Physics go to a corner to cry, sweet toys, I have new friends, the responsibility of managing and studying chaos, my own maids, a personal assistant, the possibility of a herd... oh, and some stupid cult wants me dead and has the stuff required to make a very good attempt, another stupid cult wants me to take over the world and can't take 'no' for an answer, my subconscious plays merry hell with my powers when I'm upset, a few nobles despise me, my emotions can break the brain-shaped cork holding back power enough to fold reality in half, Celestia is either trying to manipulate me or get me to control myself, and I'm tasked with preventing the unraveling of the fabric of reality due to the lack of sufficient chaos magic use through the ages making the world start to rot at the seams.

Oh, and since this is sorta following events on episodes I already saw but 'haven't happened yet', I have to avoid mucking with them or I risk causing a paradox that might or might not erase me from existence, outright kill me, cause my powers to find a new host, cause my power to find several hosts, or just provoke the destruction of the entire universe.

(Though that last one is the worst-case scenario; the destruction might be contained just to this galaxy.)

No pressure.

Oh, I have to go, Dash and Scootaloo found me. In case you're wondering, they want to see if beating me up will cause them to earn enough EXP to go up a few thousand levels and grant them the ability to will galaxy-sized mechas into existence through sheer hot-blooded-ness.

No, I'm not ashamed of having introduced them to- oh $#!&! They have Twilight on their side! Bye!

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