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Princesses are not all born into royalty. Sometimes you can find them in the oddest places.
Like on Earth.

When her girlfriend reveals she's growing a tail, Josey is far from realizing she will be the last hope for both Earth and Equestria.
Nor is she prepared for the hardships that come with the task.

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Can't wait for the rest of the story, so far so good :D


You contineing the story???? There seems to be a lack of uh chapters...

As stated in my blog, I will update Spritelight (OR Taken, OR Windcatcher) once a week on Friday.
It depends on which story's chapter is finished at the time.

Right now I have about eight chapters of Spritelight in the buffer, awaiting review from my proofreaders. Book one will have about 14 such chapters (don't hold me to this number).

2815631 sorry i didnt check your blog... :facehoof:

i was just checking because i think this is a really good story, and would be a shame to be left in the dust...

keep up the good work :ajsmug:

i think this is a good story and that you should keep writing on it

Can't wait for the next chapter ;)

Dramatic, I must say. I expect another chapter, which is good:twilightsmile:


Odd story, but interesting nonetheless. I'll be keeping an eye on it to see what you do with it.

Good story so far. More please :)

I have three more chapters lined up for this one, and then a surprise for everyone following. :scootangel:

This is an AWESOME starter. And that's only the first 'book'!

Well, yeah.. I have three books in the works for this story. :twilightsheepish:

"Blond hairs turn green if you use too much bleach, you know?"

Or if you are in chlorinated water for too long.

Good book when is the next chapter. Also I like spritelights POV better. Just sayyin

YYeah,new chapter :) I wonder what would be the general reaction of the new pony's

Jesus Christ, how much blood can you lose during these brutal transformations?

What? She immediately sees the error of her ways after misreading a text book? That's just lazy and you know it. Pick it up m8

i think i know what person and what story .But i wont say

Good luck in your future endeavors.

Celestia just watched us with a smile on her face. "As I said, you two are special."
"Is this allowed, though? In Equestria?", I wondered, looking back up at the princess. "I mean, we're both girls.. Or fillies.. or mares.. or how you want to call us. There are some people on Earth who are very opposed to our kind of relationship."
Celestia frowned at that. "It is impossible to put restraints on love, Josey. Anypony who would try such is deluding themselves. As Chrysalis found out; true love will always find a way to break through any restriction."
Rhonda nodded at that. "Josey and me have known each other for years and years now. We're never going to be apart. Rho and Jo forever, right Jo?"
I smiled down and just continued petting my sweet.. well.. girlfriend. "Forever, Rho. I will never leave you alone."


"Is it the kind of magic Sombra was using when he was in charge of the Crystal Empire, princess?", I wondered, pushing up out of bed and noticing how tall Celestia really was.
I mean, she had looked tall both in the show as well as when I was laying in bed, but standing up.. she still towered over me. I was just five foot, four inches myself. The princess took a foot or two on top of that.
"I didn't realize," I gasped, reaching out with my hand towards her face. "You're as big as the horses on Earth."

Good to know: Generally, equines are called “ponies” up to a height of 14.2hh and “horses” are those taller than 14.2hh.

"But they're like these big round.. things," Rho breathed out. "How did I not notice it changing before?"

I looked down at the water in front of me and tried to get a good look at my eyes. "Where's Cherry with that mirror?", I mumbled, the water's reflection showing me only part of what I wanted to see.

"Josey? What's my eye color? I can't make it out. It looks like pink?", I heard Rhonda say beside me, and looked up and straight in her eyes.

"Yeah, they're a lighter shade of pink than your mane," I agreed. "I would call it orchid?"

"My mane," Rhonda tasted the word, then looked back at the water. "Fuchsia mane and tail, orchid eyes.."

I looked behind me at my tail and pulled the hairs up out of the water. "My hairs are jade, aren't they? What are my eyes like?"

Rhonda looked over at me again and I kept my eyes open for her to look at. "Mint."

"Mint?", I repeated.

"They're more of a pine green, miss," Magnolia interjected, looking at me as well.

I looked over at the blue pony and nodded. "Thank you."


"So how come you're taking us being humans transforming into ponies so easily while everypony else has been gawking at us since we came here?"

Cherry shrugged at the question. "You're ponies inside, miss. It is only what's inside that matters to me. While it is true your forms right now are strange and exotic, the Princess told us you will look the same as any pony in Equestria when your transformations are complete. Why would we treat you any different than any other Equestrian if that's the case?"

Well said! +1 point for that!:yay:

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