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This story is a sequel to Pearl's Travels 1: Hollow Shades

The Human-turned-Changeling Pearl and her adoptive clutch-sister Oval leave the safety of their hive to venture deeper into the pony lands of Equestria.

First stop: Canterlot, where unforeseen circumstances cause a delay the pair of Changelings can't afford...

(Image done by AeylinFaith)

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I'm very excited that the original story is continuing.

I assume that what Pearl meant about going back home is all the humans turned changelings returning to Earth and living a life there, despite all of them having criminal issues that enabled them to be stolen away out of public sight in the first place. That is a pickle. And they'd need to have well mastered their abilities to not be caught out as not being human.

Should I have made that more clear in the text or is it hinted-at enough?

There are clear issues with having an army of Changelings the size as explained in KAPT descend upon the pony worlds, but so too to have them return to their old lives. Earth-society is not built to handle people disappearing; bills will continue to have to be paid, and missing persons will have to account for their whereabouts if they do at some point return. It will definitely be tricky, and I am hoping my muse will lead me to exploring that in the future.

Oh hey! The story continues! We should really check the feed more often Lol.
So Pearl is on track for the next stage of training, huh? So much fun!

hmm new security protocols...

indebted then. Hmm...

so perhaps the ponies did get wind of the second invasion?

that was a good gamble. Granted, one that Pearl heartily feels, but a gambit nonetheless. And it paid off! Now they have a pony ally in Canterlot who can act on their behalf.
Keep going! ;)

And it was going so well too! Can't help those instincts though.
Come to think of it, Pearl should have been hungry forever ago...
Keep going! ;)

Awe but these love suckers are more beneficial than the blood sucking guys!
Also, small typo that jumped out at us: physiology.

Yeah, they might be getting fueled up with not-love...

or maybe it's just friendship. It's pretty powerful stuff stuff all. :twilightsmile:
We're rather surprised this fic still hasn't received at least ten votes yet. So weird...
Actually, we forget: has Pearl acquired her holes yet?
It will be interesting if Luna can successfully link into Pearl's dreamscape. It sounds like it was anomalous enough this time to warrant her investigation...
Keep going! ;)

The problem is that I'm Dutch and was mildly sleep deprived. The word for physiology in Dutch starts with an f, while the word for psychology starts with a p. I've used a mnemonic since childhood to keep the two apart, so it slips in on occasion.

Thanks for the heads up on it. ;)

Pearl doesn't have any holes yet, actually. Thank you for putting the question out there.
I'm coming to a point of explaining that in more depth in a future chapter.

As for the votes; I just don't have that big an internet footprint as others. I don't know how to change that, but I'm happy for all who enjoy my stories as they are.
Hopefully, considering my latest blog post, I will have more energy and inspiration to finish what I started. Might bring more readers.

Hmmm. Well, maybe treat it like a YouTube channel and spread out updates to one every day or two? That way it stays on the "recently updated" list?

Considering the last update was almost a year ago, I at least wanted to get to 10 chapters last night. I have a few more in the queue, and I'm trying to space them out a bit.
It really depends on if I can maintain my current writing speed again. With some luck I'll actually speed up once the story progresses...

Just do what you can that's comfortable. Creating deadlines for things you enjoy can quickly turn them into just another job if you're not careful...

4 years without update...

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