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The original idea for this story came from the sudden arrest of the Kick Ass Torrents website owner on July 20th, 2016.
This led to the question of what would happen when you share a bit too much friendship (via Torrents)?
The answer is Magic.

(Image done by AeylinFaith)

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I used to use that site a lot. :fluttershyouch: I even had it on my favourites :raritycry:

wait what? this is 10 chapters and based on something that happened last week!

20 right now, and still growing. :twilightsheepish:

>kickass.to changeling crossover fanfic

I'm rather taken by this story. A slow training into Changeling lifestyle and operations is rather interesting to read about. To see how much the protagonist ends up helping and embracing her new role. Sharing is caring indeed, it's an interesting criteria for who to choose.

Wow, 54k words in two weeks? Not bad! Commencing read!

Interesting. So the government is taking advantage of a world-gate by... Throwing their "criminals" through it?

Oh good, this brony isn't too stupid after all...

I'll bet that judge is laughing his butt off at the so-called "poetic justice"....

Oval is nice...

Dude seems to be trying to build up determination...

She's getting comfortable...

Hmmm. Not a strong fighter, the subtle tactics may be better for her, intelligence should be the focus.

Yay Commons room!

Blaze probably had her brony detector trip is all. Gotta catch the pony sympathizers quick!

*chuckles* yeah, I'd get the same reaction if I shouted "Bedlam DL3" and someone else shouted "Me too!"....

And then random encounter?
Good to know brother is a fellow brony, but that pushes into credence another theory... That's not a good thing with what that theory says though.

Yes, very comfortable. It's not going to stay this jovial, is it?

Good! Sitting around being boring is wasteful anyways! :pinkiecrazy:

Ha! So he can learn!

Interesting, she should be careful not to let her relationship grow beyond platonic...

I don't understand the question. Could you elaborate?

Haha, everyone's like, "WTF? :rainbowhuh:"

Well at least no incidents.

7438976 hi there!

Indeed, her hive socialization is much more solid than we assume the rest of her batch is...

Weird, just found ourself wondering how closely this group aligns to the mane six...

Moonshine has spunk. It's back to the determination building!

Need to picture those ants marching slower we think (to continue the analogy)...

Eh, close enough. Silly Moonshine, you don't teach all that much, huh?

She banished the water? Huh...

It's too bad they don't have her repeat the experiment.

We were wondering where they could get a spa.
What is the Queen doing with their batch? Hmm...

Red and Black Alicorn_

Impromptu outing commence!

7480392 oh, hello stranger! Just passing through...

And caught up!
Chances are, Pinkie's not there for them, but that map has had tricks before, Pearl should tread carefully...
Keep going! ;)

Their old or new name?


She had her eyes closed or would have seen an increase in the amount of steam rising up out of the hole in the ground as the already hot water evaporated. I didn't know how to best explain it what with the protagonist having her eyes closed, so I left it out hoping the reader would catch on.

7482838 yeah, we figured that she just kept pouring energy into the resin's rotation to make it spin ever faster, which (when going fast enough) would cause friction against the water enough to heat it up (and boil it), but in that case there should still have been a little water left...
Oh well, they now have a resin pearl, which may come in handy...

...magic vacuum. The magic was centered on the pearl forming, so pulled all the water over and made it all go poof? :twilightblush:

I could probably put the steam in without damaging the flow of the story too much. :applejackunsure:

7483087 yeah. After all,you do need a better reason for the others to become highly interested in this run than Breeze just saying, "hey guys look at this!". :rainbowwild:

Steam added. :pinkiesmile:

7483288 Lol no giggity? :twilightsheepish:

It has not been revealed in the story yet, so I can't tell you. :derpytongue2:

It occurs to me that they haven't trained the batch on their guise longevity limitations or magical reserve limitations. That's probably why they're so antsy with how Pearl got all unfocused.
In any case, there will certainly be much to talk about once they achieve relative privacy in the bath, short-lived as it will probably be...
That glimmer in Starlight's eyes though... That could mean quite a few things...
Keep going! ;)

Hmm Pearl should have reapplied her disguise, but we didn't see it mentioned.
You need to be a bit judicious with your usage of exclamation marks. Almost every third sentence ends with one, and it sounds a little weird to be constantly shouting like that.

Now that the spa has begun, time for some business!
Keep going! ;)

Blaze secured the door, so they are in a safe place. Pearl did not yet put her disguise back.
I removed a few exclamation marks and added some Changeling identifiers to Pearl's later statements so that's made more clear. Thank you for your constructive criticism. :twilightsmile:

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