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Psych problems · 9:58am Sep 10th, 2018

I'm in a legal battle with the psych mentioned in the previous blog post due to them being incompetent fools who have driven me to have suicidal tendencies.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I have no energy to spare due to this shit.

People seeking help should not be treated like they're worthless. I'm going to bring that b***h down so they can't ruin someone else's life.

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New psych. · 3:05am Mar 11th, 2018

I've been seeing a new psychologist ever since October last year.
They've been helping me steer away from issues related to anxiety.

I've been getting more active again, so I hope I can maintain this forward progress.

Oh, yeah, Pearl's story got three four new chapters today.
Send me your feeeeeedback. I live on it as much as the Changelings do on love.

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This holds true for my writing as well. · 12:36pm Aug 8th, 2017

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Pearl's Travels · 11:50am Jul 21st, 2017

I had chapters 7 through 10 of Pearl's Travels all worked out and written down, ready for publishing, before my partner looked it over and went "...I'm confused."

So I rewrote chapter 6, scrapped 7~10, and am rewriting them (at a much slower pace -_-; ) so the story continues to make sense.
Sorry for the wait, guys...

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Edits for DAYS! · 6:24pm Jul 18th, 2017

Some people have decided to start reading my stories with critical eyes and are pointing out problems with them. THANK YOU for pointing them out!

Please keep sending me messages when you see something I can improve upon.
I'm still looking for dedicated editors to (p)review my story chapters properly.

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More edits... · 1:23pm Jul 18th, 2017

Chapter 6 of Pearl's Travels: Canterlot has had some edits to add to the story's exposition.
It's especially noticeable in the last part, and I do hope it reads better now.

I'm listening to feedback I receive, but I don't always receive it on FIMFiction. Please do keep sending your constructive criticism my way, though.

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Small edits... · 10:22am Jul 15th, 2017

A friend just got into reading KAPT, and noticed some issues with it...

Apparently I had started describing Pearl with a grey coat, due to her attempt to get close to a mother-of-pearl tone, only to then describe her as a green pony in later chapters...
So that's fixed.

There were a few spelling errors and some grammar she pointed out, so those are fixed...

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Downtime explained. · 11:02pm Jul 14th, 2017

The observant among you might have noticed I seem to have fallen off a cliff or something.

The reason is simple: My muse is a finnicky sort and I'm trying to hunt her down again so I may continue on the stories which are awaiting new chapters.

I am working on a rewrite of some parts of as-of-yet unreleased chapters of Pearl's story to smooth out some bumps, and hope that will continue soon again.

Does anyone know of an amber alert service for a missing muse?

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Heatwave... · 4:34pm Jun 23rd, 2017

I've sat through a heatwave the past week, so have done absolutely no writing whatsoever... :twilightsheepish:

While it's going to get a tad colder again this weekend, the heat will return again next week. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to do much writing throughout it... :applejackunsure:

Okay, so the heat is going to keep down for a while longer. I'll try to write some more this week.

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KAPT 2: Pearl's Travels · 9:13am Jun 13th, 2017

So I've posted the first five chapters of Pearl's Travels: Canterlot, a direct continuation of Kick Ass Pony Torrents.

I'm hoping to update this sequel regularly again. My muse is finnicky, so bear with me.

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