• Published 25th May 2013
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Relax - kalash93

Just relax, will you? It's okay. I'll make you feel good.

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but completely unjoyable and understandable on its own.

do you mean enjoyable?


Thank you for pointed that out. :twilightblush:


your welcome

Don't you mean "You're welcome."?

:rainbowhuh:shouldn't this be tagged 'Human'


Negative. They're definitely anthro designs. If it were human, then I'd say that.

I enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

We liked it... My cousin and I. We read clopfics together, and she just left to clop, I would believe. Either way, nicely done. The lovemaking was nothing special, but that makes it a bit unique in that sense. However, when I saw the "Romance" tag I was a bit turned off, but upon reaching the conclusion I realized it was a justified tagging. The addition of the anthro threw me for a momentary loop, but overall it was pretty well done. Grammar and spelling looked a-ok to us. I like it! :pinkiehappy:

Isn't that kinda awkward? Like, having a boner/femboner around your cousin?

Mmm... no. We are just about as close as two blood-relatives can be. If if wasn't for the fact that we are kin, I would be dating her... And she would say the same.
God, that sounds wrong. :pinkiesick:
Especially because I'm fifteen and she is twenty-eight. :twilightblush:

Well, the age difference makes it kinda less awkward I suppose

I liked it! The romantic sweetness at the end made the whole thing all the more wonderful. You have a wonderful command of sex and closeness.

nicely done, you should continue it. t's got a good back-story set up already.

I think one could write an entire story about this...

Get on it, man!

Alexander Ericson, I thank you and your cousin for the read. Damnit, now I ship you x cousin.:pinkiecrazy:! I must ask, how would you know that the lovemaking isn't anything special? You've likely not yet made love, hopefully...

AtlasAbove, Welcome To The Brothel is pretty much the predecessor story to it. I wrote this as a sort of continuation, and also to more firmly tie this into the main story around which this all revolves, Racer And The Geek. I'm creating an entire verse around this Zebricy Civil War.


Wiggidy, I had the idea, but then I just felt that it would work better if I laid out the frame for the story as a series of connected standalones. Mostly because I don't feel like doing a second series at this point in time. Also, because this is too far different from its prequel, Welcome To The Brothel. If I continue this, then I'll be adding more chapters to this story. Just know that Haye shows up in Racer And The Geek, and Klee is with him.

Hey man, if you're gonna do it, use our OCs.
But seriously. Don't. That just takes it to a whole new level of weird.
Oh, and about the sex thing... no, I am indeed still a virgin, but I am well-educated through my darling cousin, who most certainly is not. Not saying she's slutty, I mean, she has stable relationships and all. But she fucks. A lot.


Hey man, if you're gonna do it, use our OCs.

I wouldn't write clop with your OC's, but there's no reason why I shouldn't put them in a story with permission. That's actually not a bad idea for an anthology really, a warm platonic relationship between two family members. Unfortunately, slice of life isn't something I enjoy writing. Eventually, my stories often degrade into gunfire or sexy times.

Oh, and about the sex thing... no, I am indeed still a virgin, but I am well-educated through my darling cousin, who most certainly is not. Not saying she's slutty, I mean, she has stable relationships and all. But she fucks. A lot.

Do you at least have an accurate idea as to what sex is actually like and feels like? Get one before you ever write any clop. I'll let you in on a secret: everybody in stable relationship fucks a lot. Give your cousin my regards. She's doing you a really good service by teaching you to be cool with sexuality, as well as actually giving you good information. I had no good resources, and pornography doesn't count, to actually learn about sex or how to please a woman until I went to germany and met a really nice Vlach (ethnic Romanian) girl from Moldova. Heed my advice, kid -- go eastern European.

Bravo, bravo that was good I could feel the emotion.

What can anyone say? It's exactly the sort of story material we need these days. Beautiful.

heh.. but fucks...

Ooh! In what way, my good sir? My cousin and I share this account. He's napping, so I decided to check out our alerts and I found your little comment here. Really, indulge me. :ajsmug:

Ok. Seriously. That's fucked up. While yes, my cousin is charming, fun, a gamer, and beautiful, incest is a line that I would not cross. If she turns out to be adopted... well, that's a whole other senario.


How can I be sure as to whom I am speaking with?

I am a he, and my cousin is a she. I thought that was a given. If that is not enough, I tend to have a touch of elizabethian to my dialect, and she acts like a bit of a "Woo girl". Basically, if the speech patterns are formal and respective, it would likely be me.


Thanks, comrade. I'll just be gender neutral if I am unsure as to which one is currently one. I already knew your genders. Thanks again for reading and commenting on my story. I hope that you like more of what I put up in the future.


Oh, believe me, I'm not pro incest, but everyone has the right to live their life the way they choose. They just need to be able to face the repercussions of their choices. If someone finds their cousin attractive, its none of my business to lay down judgement.

You appear to have accidentally switched the speakers in two of the lines, one about Klee taking Haye's virginity and the other in which Klee refers to herself as a whore. Part of me was also a bit confused about referring to Cadence as being in charge of Afghneighnistan rather than the Crystal Empire. Other than that though, it was quite a nice story with rather vivid details. I greatly enjoyed reading it.

Sorry, but after reading it at least two times, I still don't understand, why she spoke german in the end (or germane?).
Can somebody(-pony) please explane that to me?


In the headcannon I have, around which I am building a verse, Zebras are largely like Germans, save for the rebellious region called Chechneya. It might have been a too subtle hint, but Klee is German for clover.

I hope that I answered your question. Did you enjoy the story, regardless?

Even thought the english was a bit hard for me, I found that the storry was very good written.
So, job well done :twilightsmile:

Edit: finaly got the clove pun :facehoof: (took about 4 min.)


Thank you. Mission accomplished then, since you liked it. :raritywink:


Sorry about that blunder. I switched it so that Twilight Sparkle is in charge of Afghneighnistan.


Thank you for pointed that out. :twilightblush:

Don't you mean 'pointing that out'?

Quite a nice...awkward story. I would like to see a sequel to this, and not a tragedy either. They deserve to be happy together.


I have reviewed this story as part of the Reviewer Café. As always, thank you for the time, effort, and hard work you have put into the creation of this story. I hope that my review has been at least somewhat helpful. Also, you are able to make comments after the review, and open discussion is encouraged. :twilightsmile:


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