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Anthro cover art, no anthro tag...is this anthro? Not reading right now, but just saying...if it's anthro, you need the anthro tag. :unsuresweetie:

Yes, she does have hands while he has hooves, so one of them must be anthro.


Nah, I just got lazy with proofreading and cover art. It's not anthro.

I'll try to imagine a different pony in place of Bulk Biceps. Then it's a read. :raritywink:

4386181 You sure she looks anthro bro?

I must agree with 4386524; she doesn't have hands.

4386739 The ORIGINAL cover art WAS anthro. It's been changed since I made that comment.

I did not know... sorry!

4386739 I see you fixed it then.


*Sees that comment section is full of people bickering about the cover art and tags.*
Seriously, guys, this has to be a pointlessness record or something.

4386894 Changed the word 'hand', but I guess I confused you with the author.

4386896 Actually it was a legitimate issue, because the original cover art for this story depicted anthro Fluttershy.

I wasn't bickering, I was just a little worried about their vision. :rainbowlaugh:
I saw no hands in the pic, but it just turns out that the pic was changed before I got here...:twilightblush:

That was awesome:yay:

Just imagining Fluttershy saying fuck me in her soft voice pretty much got me off:rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild:

Sorry, I overreacted a bit there:rainbowderp:

4386896 I like internet fights :D

Oh... my... :pinkiegasp: That was... um.... :twilightblush:

You. Sex. Now. :yay:

Seriously, that was hot. And sweet. And all too familiar. I wonder how you got this idea. :raritywink:

My love. :heart: Great story. I'll go more into detail with my review tonight. :pinkiehappy:

Good man, I think youed be good at righting a full knight novel, start out slow and then by the end it has just been a giant orgy.


Comment posted by The Buccaneer Brony deleted May 15th, 2014

only thing wrong with this story is the addition of bulk biceps. he would crush fluttershy :applejackconfused:


Not necessarily. Big people can be on top without crushing smaller partners. I am a very big person, and I've topped many people much smaller than myself with no problem. It's all about being gentle and finding a position that works for both partners. There are certain positions that may become problematic, but missionary? Eenope. :eeyup:

If Homer Simpson can top Marge, anything is possible.

4396216 My Friend. That last part made me laugh. good point and a fine way of proving I. bravo. bravo :moustache:


Haha, thanks! And glad I could make you laugh. :twilightsmile:


Bulk Biceps

not Buff

Maybe Bulk has an identical twin? One who the show has kept secret, presumably because his actions aren't child-appropriate?:twilightsmile:

Doesn't sound like Fluttershy :/

D'awww that was sexy, sweet and hella comfy.

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