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Everypony knows about Discord the mischievous spirit of chaos, but what they don't know is he wasn't always a draconequus. He was once a human named Russell and a friend of the princesses. But that was a long time ago before he descended into madness and chaos. This is the story of how a princess seeks to redeem him with the help of a certain yellow pegasus.

This is a fan work of Mr Stargazers monster which can be read here ( if you haven't read it you should its amazing ).
This story is based on the events of keep calm and flutter on but from Discords perspective.

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Intrensting story please go on.

2526773Thank you. The next chapter should be up within a week.

Oh boy. Discord's POV!

Before you continue with this I would urge that you either check out some stuff on proper grammar and sentence structure or that you find yourself an editor. That wall of text was a struggle to get through.

2529333I know. the author of the original said he was considering proofreading it. I am well aware of the fact that I lack proper grammar and structuring skills. It stems from the fact that I have a learning disability and just couldn't get the hang of it. In case the author can't help can you recommend someone who can?

Please space out that wall of text. Otherwise excellent story.

2529375 If you are looking for help I could lend a hand, I'm actually Stargazer's editor :pinkiehappy:

2537042 you'd have to ask him. I'm still quite new at this and I don't know how the process works.

2537408 ask him? huh? I/you don't need his permission for me to edit for you, and I can explain the easiest way to do it in a pm if you like.

2537673I know his permission isn't needed but I thought maybe we could all do it together.that way the workload is lighter and he can have a hand in the story he helped spawn so I don't mess up his original vision to badly.

2540264 Oh! of course! I didn't know whether or not he was already prereading for ya. I'll give him a call bout it sometime, unless you meet with him first.

Considering how the events herein differ from canon, I doubt just being Fluttershy's friend will "reform" Discord. It fails to address the problem that drove him mad in the first place: Celestia.

2543876 Wait for the next chapters before passing judgement

Excellent. Also- needs more chapters!

moar chapters:flutterrage:
if you don't mind:fluttershyouch:


interesting, plans to continue this story

5456187 If work lets up I just might.

Annnd you just wrote down everything that happened in an episode without adding anything of importance.

Whats the point of this?

I like it, its an interesting take on the story....but you didn't really add anything to that episode.

Good chapter can you do more

Interesting, I've never seen the idea Discord being a human before, interesting idea!

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