This story is a sequel to Civil War

When her mom suggests a family only trip, Sunset and her sisters are on board. The nine family members learn a lot about each other and conquer their own individual fears in the process.

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Fluttershy is going out of town for a bit and enlists the help of Lyra and Bon Bon to watch over her animals in her absence. The job ends up being a bit more.. horrific, than they expect.

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Rainbow Dash, on her way out from school, notices that one person didn't come out yet, despite the time since the bell rang. Perhaps against her better judgement, she goes back in to keep Sunset Shimmer from making a horrible mistake.
Tensions rise, loyalty is tested, and perhaps, a broken soul can be fixed.

Content warning--
--Several profanities("Fuck" is used rarely)
--Repeated mentions of suicide

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He experienced a real hell on earth, lost everything he loved, and at the same time found the goal he struggled for, and paid everything for it, but he didn't die. He was reborn in a strange world, his name was hell, and this is his story.

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One cloudy evening in rural Virginia, a pony and a human's paths meet on a backroad, will Matt Fredrick help Misty Brightdawn get used to being in a new world and help her get home? Or will all hell break loose? Maybe we'll find out as the story progresses.

Cover art is AI-generated using Bing AI (Powered by DALL-E) and edited in Paint

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Season 9 has come to a close, Cozy Glow, Tirek, and Chrysalis, the greatest threats Equestria has ever faced so far, have been taken down for good.

So far...

Even with all of the magic and power that exists within Equestria, no one is aware of what lies beyond it, just out of reach. Innumerable other worlds, each with their own unique laws and characters, all existing in parallel without ever knowing of each other...

All of this changes when an evil the universes have never seen appears, tearing holes in the fabric of reality itself and finally allowing these worlds to come into contact with one another, but at the cost of everything being in danger as the D@RkN3sS consumes everything it touches. All thanks to the transgressions of - [DATA ERROR].

Can Twilight and her friends, along with characters from their universe and beyond, stop what seems inevitable? Or is everything doomed to be consumed?

This is a story that revolves around the incredibly popular concept of "Learning with Pibby," which was first coined by Adult Swim in October 2021. The concept video features a glitch-like corruption that invades and destroys any world it happens to manifest in. As shown in the trailer, it threatens the existence of cartoons and animation as a whole. Of course, they can only use cartoons they own because of copyright laws. But that doesn't apply here, does it?

Welcome to When Darkness Falls, a story that follows Twilight, her friends, and many new ones, as they adventure to both survive and stop the corruption when it comes to their world.

This story is a complete reworking of a concept that I've been working on for more than a year. I took the original one down for the most part because it no longer served any purpose. And, if I'm being honest, was of subpar quality compared to what I have now. The original was posted last November, and I've had a lot of time for reflection and growth as a writer, and I see this as a vast improvement over the original. The concept itself is the same, if you're one of the few who's seen the original, but I've added a lot more story and lore, and refined or completely rewritten a lot of parts to make it flow better. I have unlisted the original published draft of this story. However, it is not gone. It still exists in my unpublished work, as well as in a Word document.

To get the most context for what Learning with Pibby is, and to get a good idea of what to expect here, I'm going to leave a link to the official trailer HERE.

In future chapters, I make use of some rather unique concepts and takes to how the story is told, which depending on the reader may have mixed reaction. However, I have tried my best to make them understandable and enjoyable for everyone. These concepts aim to add a new dimension to the story and another layer of immersion for the reader.

There is also a ton of lore scattered throughout, both original lore written by me and other members of the Learning with Pibby community, as well as official lore from many of the TV shows that I use to inform the main storyline. Enough that they deserve their own blog posts rather than the Author's Notes because they'd be too long. Regardless, the Author's Notes still contain the bare minimum of what you need to understand the corresponding chapter. The blogs are more or less just for in-depth lore/explanation.

Credit to Marenlicious on Deviantart for the very fitting cover art.

High Res version cover art link: https://www.deviantart.com/marenlicious/art/Dusk-till-dawn-910529649

And a huge shoutout to the one person who’s helped me the most to stay motivated and confident in my work, ScorchingFlamesInc. Without them I might not have had the same level of motivation I did to finally finish this remaster. They also happen to be the author of another fic on this same concept, just a different take, which I very much recommend you check out (after you’re done here of course.)

Small Disclaimers:
-This story does change some of the main timeline of FiM, but is not an AU. Everything up until season nine is the same, but The Last Problem never happens for reasons that become evident early on.
-This story is set to be a crossover of massive proportions, and while there are only a few featured at the moment, there will be many, many characters and world’s of animation from the 90s to present day shown as either cameos or playing big roles in the grander storyline. This roster so far includes (updated as new chapters come out):
MLP: FiM, MLP: EQG, Learning with Pibby, and The Amazing World of Gumball.

Comments and other feedback are greatly appreciated and encouraged. This story so far has proved to be a monumental task, especially for a first time writer such as myself, so your feedback and constructive criticisms are very much appreciated.

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After a strange alien creature named Anon suddenly showed up in Equestria, it was only natural that Twilight Sparkle would want to help him adjust to his new environment. To do so, she enlists the help of local school teacher Ms. Cheerilee. With her guidance, Anon should be able to learn how to do things the "pony way," and before he knows it, he'll be another friendly face in Ponyville's growing community.

Unfortunately, Cheerilee isn't exactly a fan of the new human in town, nor is said human particularly happy to be under the tutelage of an elementary school teacher.

Is there any hope of them getting along?

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After a band of thieves collectively known as Payback infiltrates the Grand Galloping Gala and robs Prince Blueblood, the Mane Six look into them so they might help bring them to justice.

But through their research, they find that the situation is not so simple. They find that Payback has never once targeted an innocent pony. Everypony they've stolen from had skeletons in their closets next to their piles of dirty money that they stepped on many ponies to get. Going off this pattern of behavior, it would seem that this band of thieves have noble intentions despite their objectively criminal activity. What stands out to them the most though is the center of the entire operation; Payback's leader, Slinky Sly...

Who shockingly looks nearly identical to Pinkie.

Violence tag for various fight that will likely get pretty brutal later on and Sex tag is for Slinky just being herself

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This story is a sequel to Sunset Shimmer's magical adventures Volume 3: The Conclusion, Part 1

The awaited battle between Sunset and her friends and Grogar and his goons is about to begin. That battle shall determine the destiny of both their world and Equestria. Luckily for our heroes, they got stronger and can count on the help of unexpected allies in this fight. However, even with those new factors, nothing guarantee our heroes' victory against a powerhouse like Grogar. In order to win, our heroes might have to put their lives on the line....

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This story is a sequel to Scarf Bros

Trex is a cute bug.

Night Reader sees a marketing opportunity.

Riots consume the world.

Technically takes place in the Equestria at War universe, but no significant elements are brought up, nor is lore contributed to.

Art by FacadeArts

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