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This story is a sequel to Like Clockwork

It has been approximately three years since Cozy Glow passed into the tender loving care of Paul the human and she has, in spite of these dire circumstances, done quite well for herself. Indeed, it may be fair to say she has thrived, becoming if not a wholly normal teenager then at least a more well-rounded and settled one. She is happy.

By contrast Paul has, if anything, regressed. The man who felt his life had not amounted to much and what little remained would amount to even less has instead thrown himself - in his own way - wholeheartedly into trying to set up Cozy for her own life, with very little thought given to what is left of his own. While she moves forward, he has slipped backwards, and the gulf widens or so Cozy fears.

The situation is untenable, both sides have the best of intentions, and mistakes are made.

Pretty hilariously stupid mistakes.

(Also the only story of mine ever to have been pre-read (in places) beforehand by someone else. How exotic!)

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It's tough, living with your past mistakes. Even harder when no one else will let you forget. They say that's what the alcohol is for. Shame, really. Sometimes you don't want to drink anymore. Sometimes all you need is a hug.
-Fizzlepop BerryTwist

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This story is a sequel to To Be Loved

Fizzlepop and James go out on their date. Small talk and adorableness ensue.

Chapters (1)

Bill (local human) and Celestia (local horse) are very close friends. Very, very close. So close it's gratingly obvious that they both plainly want to be even closer still, but despite Celestia's best efforts Bill remains utterly incapable of grasping that this is the direction that they both want it to go in.

Her latest scheme is more direct than those before it, but can it hope to work?

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Pinkie Pie takes a lot of things seriously, surprisingly. Party planning, being a good friend, and helping reform her marefriend chief among them. And like most everything else, she has a unique way of going about it.

Written for NaNoWriMo 2020.

Story inspired by cover art used, made by simondrawsstuff.

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Tempest Shadow is a pony trying to learn how to be part of pony society. To her, Equestria is a foreign land, and she's just a stranger in it. The natives are friendly, but her days are empty. What she needs is something to ground her. Something that can make her part of daily Ponyville life.

She needs a job.

Content Warning: Radical Freedom

This story was written over an embarrassingly long time as a commission for a friend. I have to admit I really like writing Tempest Shadow. She's a great horse.

Thanks to all my patrons and followers!

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You really do need to keep an eye on Cozy Glow. Turn your back for a second and she's off, away and escaping. Over the hills! Out to the sticks! Out to villages that might maybe possibly have not heard about what she did, or at least not yet.

There to plot, there to plan, there to get started on getting everything running smoothly and like it should again. Or at least get started on cooking up some revenge. Either way.

And there's also that weird alien thing she came across. He could be useful...

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Have you ever been really frustrated when you're trying to take something super seriously, but nobody else seems to care? That's pretty much what Nightmare Moon has to deal with when Twilight and friends don't really feel like fighting her and just ask her how she's doing.

Profanity tag for one f-bomb.

Cover art is a screencap from 2Snacks' Shadow the Hedgehog video

Now with a reading by StraightToThePointStudio, feel free to check it out!

Chapters (2)

Charlie, local human, has made a discovery about how things work around these parts as opposed to the home turf. Or at least has decided he's made a discovery.

Twilight happens upon him just as he's about to test this.

Lunch is involved.


Now with reading from Straight To The Point Studio

And also some guy who wrote it I guess.

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Visiting her unremarkable human pen pal Henry, Celestia had a pleasant night out.

The morning after is less pleasant. Often these things have an inverse relationship.

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