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Twilight and Celestia have been in a relationship for a while now, and Twilight decided that it was the right time to introduce her new marefriend to her parents. Celestia was nervous, of course, but thought little of it.

But when Twilight asks about Celestia's parents, things get far more complicated.

After all, it's always a little awkward when your parents aren't exactly ponies in the first place.

Now on Equestria Daily!

And in Russian!

Entry for the Fourth Twilestia Contest

Super special thanks to Fuzzyfurvert and Habanc for putting up with me and my silly ideas and generally being awesome, and to OnionPie and Craine for proofing.

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Celestia has always watched over her little sister. When she has to banish her sister to the moon, she works to right some wrongs in Equestria so that her sister will be happier upon return.

However, the biggest change Celestia made has gone completely unnoticed by Luna since her return. Celestia calls Luna into her study to bring Luna's attention to one of the biggest changes of Luna's life.

(Note: romance tag NOT for princest.)

EDIT 3/26/14: In the popular stories box! Thank you all very much! This is my first really popular story, and I couldn't be more grateful for all the positive feedback!
EDIT 3/26/14 (again): Featured! Oh my GOD. This is just too awesome. I'm going to have a celebratory bowl of Lucky Charms and wonder how I came to earn the support of you lovely people.

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After Twilight receives flawless marks on her exams, Princess Celestia rewards her with a visit to her private garden. Contains filly Twilight and Momlestia.

Cover art by Mamandil on deviantArt and used with permission.


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Chrysalis is dying and she has but one thought on her mind. When she is gone from the world, who will care for the one thing in the world she values above life itself?

What will she sacrifice? How much of her pride will be thrown aside? To what lengths will she go to ensure her daughter's life? Will she beg a mortal enemy for mercy, not for herself but for an innocent foal? She is already willing to die for her child so what else could she give to be certain of the filly's sustained happiness?


This is my entry for the EFNW 2014 Writing Contest. I'm really happy with it so it doesn't matter whether I win or not. Seriously I'm glad I got to tell this story.

Alright big shout out time. As of March 13, 2014 the impeccable Goombasa has posted this... HERE ... Now that a YouTube fanfiction reader has read one of my stories I am one step closer to world domination!

New big shout out time! As of August 28, 2018 the lovely CountessRose has posted this HERE ... Now that a second YouTube fanfiction reader has read the same story as last time, I am yet another step closer to worlds domination!

Now on to the important details, the shout outs to the artists responsible for the vectors and background I used to make the cover art.
The Chrysalis Vector
The Celestia Vector
The Background
Many thanks to them.

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Disguises - check
Concert tickets - check
Temporary replacements - check

Celestia and Luna are ready to attend a Howls of Catastrophe concert. What could possibly go wrong?

A changeling infiltrating the band plotting to destroy Canterlot Castle, that's what.

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Celestia knew, Celestia always knew the truth, so it had to be true.
Twilight trusted her, didn't she?
And fillies always grasp to truths, to their heroes, and drink in everything life throws at them.
So two and two make five.

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Celestia has ruled for quite some time,
let's go over her accomplishments entirely in rhyme.

(As a fair warning, there are some slightly mature themes and insults, please do not take offense to them. Everything will make sense at the end. Know that the poem (song) is being performed by two different individuals.)

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Celestia has a visit from a medical professional who wanted to study alicorn blood using new scientific instruments.

The results are not pleasant.

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Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Equestria, is still, above all else, a dedicated librarian and bibliophile. Books must be cared for. Books must be returned on time.

Books must be respected.

Now with dramatic reading!

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[Featured on EQD 21/4/2014] [Now on TVTropes]

When Luna gifts Twilight the town of Ponyville and its surrounding countryside as her demesne she's initially confused. Then, after double checking her dictionary, more than a little concerned.

All her friends are, legally, her possessions. The town that took her in is her plaything, if she so wishes. She has been given responsibility.

Can Twilight's vision for a modern renaissance outrun the harsh realities of the shadowy figures pulling strings behind the scenes, nobles jockeying for her attention, and an irritatingly metaphorical love triangle?

Special thanks to the insatiable Blue_Paladin42, the incorrigible Maskedferret, the intuitive Southpaw and the indestructible newbiedoodle for all their hard work, past, present and future.

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