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Futurama Crossover. When the intrepid crew of Planet Express discovers a portal to another world in Old New York, they meet the ponies from Equestria. Curious about Earth, Twilight Sparkle and her friends are sent on a mission to spread the message of friendship and harmony throughout the universe, much to the dismay of the universe.

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On an expedition to explore the deeper depths of the Castle of the Two Sisters, Twilight finds something far older.


In the quiet, she will be tested. It may prove her undoing.



She will not return the same.

Artwork credit to GroaningGreyAgony.

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Practicing her sonic rainboom technique on a cool morning in Ponyville with Applejack as her spotter, Rainbow Dash rescues another pegasus from an imfamous Falling Leaf Spin.

Upon recovery, they discover that the young mare had been in posession of an extremely sophisticated camera, now a pile of scrap metal on the ground.

In an attempt to console the distraught pegasus, Dash and AJ search for a solution to her busted optics, only to end with the young pegasus leaving for the manufacturer in a rush of excitement.

Things take a turn for the strange when the same pegasus returns four hours later with a brand new camera... From a round-trip journey of over five thousand miles.

Tempers flare, challenges are issued, and Rainbow Dash's pride is put to the ultimate test.

What is the secret of the photographer known as Dainty Dish?

Chapters (8)
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