• Published 4th Dec 2011
  • 15,380 Views, 226 Comments

Higher Flier - AdmiralTigerclaw

Confusion follows after a miserable pegasus is rescued from a nasty fall.

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Since I've gotten numerous requests, I thought I'd put this here instead of answer each and every one of them.

To those who are requesting the use of Dainty Dish in your stories and other works, I am granting you permission.

Feel free to use Dainty Dish all you want.

I have only two stipulations.

1: Credit me for her creation.

2: Read and understand the following physical and psychological factors that make up her character.


- She is an import of the SR-71 Blackbird. Her profile and flight characteristics will always follow that as shown in the story.
- Dainty easily tires. Strenuous physical activity will exhaust her in a short amount of time.
- You may note a lot of the time, various pegasi hovering or otherwise participating in casual flight activities. Because dainty tires, she will never do this. She is either strictly walking/trotting around, or FLYING... Forward, at decent levels of speed. As such, activities such as popping up a few stories to look in windows, or land on balconies, etc... Are technically not possible for her. Her stopping distance would result in her fumbling this otherwise simple move. And she will never be caught in hovers.
- Dainty's allergies aggravate her constantly, but even with her, there are breaks in the misery on the ground, just like with real people. A relatively clean room will dramatically reduce her sneezes, and all but eliminate attacks.


- First of all, Dainty's three favorite things, in order: Are 1: The feeling of friction heat blasting her nose (clearing her sinuses). 2: Cashews, 3: Photography.
- Dainty dish has low Self-Esteem. She is not 'timid' like fluttershy. She is in fact, rather outgoing. She does however, have a low opinion of herself, and can be easily beaten in an argument, pressured by peers, and otherwise browbeaten into submission by anyone with a stronger personality. This leaves her prone to accaisional bouts of explosive anger that quickly turn to crying. Understand this distinctiveness between her and Fluttershy.
- Dainty is incredibly smart. About on par with Twilight Sparkle... Though, Twilight's years of studying put her much further ahead in technical knowhow. Dainty's intelligence doesn't show as clearly, coming up rather in her seeming ease at understanding things, and a very exacting nature, explained in the next point.
- Dainty is exacting. Certain things are done certain ways, and those ways only. Not because she likes them, but because they are CORRECT. Imagine Twilight in 'Lesson Zero' concerning the cupcakes and the frosting. Imagine Dainty is like that ALL THE TIME, but more subtle and with things that matter from a technical standpoint. ("No, do it this way, it works better!")
- When Dainty's exacting nature comes into question, she can become extremely, explosively defensive about them. As seen in this story, when her camera skills were questioned (something she does in a very VERY exacting manner), she fights back.

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