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The Few Stories I've Managed to Turn Out


Back in Brown · 3:58am Sep 21st, 2014

Nope, I ain't dead yet! now, good news and bad news.

The good news is that I'm back into the WWI groove. As most of my stories involve WWI aviation, this is pretty good. What's more, this is because of a trip I took to the old Rhinebeck Aerodrome today. for 75 bucks I went on a biplane ride over the Hudson valley.
I wrote it off as "Essential Research" and boy, did I get a feel for old aircraft. If you ever happen to go there, I highly recommend the biplane ride.

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Thanks for the fav :pinkiehappy:

I'm a bit late at replying, but thanks. I use the Turdy1 moniker in just about every web-related thing I do. I needed a name for Xbox live, and i just thought back to that game and how one random aircraft took on a unique role. It's one that no other aircraft has been able to duplicate. I've actually been meaning to make a Fokker Dr.I version of my Avatar.

Yeah, i'm trying to focus everything on my newest story still in the works. Having a WWII tanker uniform for Halloween sorta threw me off track, but re-watching The Red Baron should fix everything.

817576 its cool dude
but id you ever need a hand you know who to call:twilightsmile:

Strange, it never gave me a message saying you posted here. Still, good to hear from you. Not sure if I can help you anymore with your stuff. I'm pretty backed up right now and I'd like to focus on what I've got.

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