• Published 4th Dec 2011
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Higher Flier - AdmiralTigerclaw

Confusion follows after a miserable pegasus is rescued from a nasty fall.

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Act One: No Flash Photography

“Well, I took a Crash Course.”
- Launchpad McQuack

The barn was the closest building to the orchard. An older, smaller, run down barn who’s paint was peeling off in places, and even had holes in the side. The place was in serious need of work. But, even if it was a bit old, it still had some use. Mainly storing some tools and warehousing a small stockpile of hay. Unfortunately, as Applejack noted on her way in, it had a slow creeping infestation of black mold taking over.

Between the two athletic ponies, hauling the unconscious pegasus wasn’t even a problem.

Depositing her on a soft pile of hay, Applejack took a glance around, taking stock of what was in the aging building. Baskets, wagon wheels, a few hatchets… Even a broken hammer.

“Wow,” Rainbow Dash commented with a mild look of disgust. “This place is a wreck.”

“I reckon this place has seen better days,” Applejack nodded. “If I’d done realized it had gotten this bad in here, I’d have had this knocked down a long time ago.”

“Hey,” Dash shrugged. “If you need it demolished, I can tear it down.”

“You sure?” Applejack turned to her friend. “I don’t want to impose…”

“No problem,” RD waved a hoof. “You just tell me when you want it down, and you can consider it as good as destroyed.”

“Okay,” Applejack nodded. “How ‘bout next Tuesday? That’ll give me some time to clear the stuff out of here and get with the rest of the family to figure out what we want to build in its place.”

“Deal,” Dash nodded, looking down. “Now what do we do about her?”

“Hmm…” Applejack followed Dash’s gaze. “Well, I know Big Macintosh keeps some smelling salts stashed somewhere in the house in case one of us passes out workin’. One whiff of that aughta wake her up lickety split.”

“Intense!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed. “They actually make stuff that wakes you up with SMELL?”

“Y’all better believe it,” Applejack nodded. “Some of that stuff’s so strong it could wake a dragon from a coma. Why, there’s this one time big bro used it on me as a joke when I was just takin’ a nap under a apple tree. He said if I’d’a jumped back any harder, I’d’a bucked all the apples outta’ the tree with my hea-“


Both ponies jumped at the sharp noise. Of course, it didn’t take a genius to figure out the pegasus had merely sneezed. A few seconds later, the dark colored pegasus groaned, and slowly began to move.

“Ah, she’s waking up.” Applejack smiled.

“Good,” Rainbow Dash nodded. “ Looks like she’s okay.”

The dark pony’s eyes fluttered open, looking a touch groggy as she blinked a few times.

“Wha-…” she began. “Wha-? Where...?”

“Take it easy sugarcube,” Applejack soothed in an upbeat tone. “You’re just fine. This here is Sweet Apple Acres.”

“Sweet…?” the black pegasus blinked.

“Ponyville,” Rainbow Dash jumped in. “Just downwind of Cloudsdale, near Canterlot.

The pony nodded, though her look of confusion didn’t change.

“We saw you falling,” Rainbow Dash continued. “You were stuck in a flat spin, so I knew something was wrong and caught you. Name’s Rainbow Dash. This here’s Applejack.”

“Thank you- A-PHFPPH!” the pegasus sneezed and then wrinkled her nose in irritation. Then she glanced down at the hay she was laying in and frowned.

“Hay,” she seemed to spit the word out in disgust, and quickly pushed up on all four hooves, delayed only by another sudden sneeze.

“What’s wrong with that?” Dash seemed confused by the reaction. Applejack frowned, but said nothing.

“Oh,” the pegasus looked up, then back as she stepped out of the pile of hay, extending her wings.

“Sorry, I’m just allergic to hay.”

“That’s a new one,” Applejack’s frowned turned to consternation. “A pony allergic to hay?”


“Well, you can’t win em all,” RD shrugged at her friend. In front of them, the pegasus was inspecting her wings for loose bits of straw, fighting back another sneeze as she plucked one out with her teeth and dropped it.

“So,” Applejack began again as the pegasus ruffled her wings up and gave them a good shake, dropping even more bits of hay on the ground. “You got a name, sugarcube? I don’t think we caught it yet.”

“Oh,” the pegasus stopped shaking her wings. “Sorry. My naime’s Dainty… Dainty Dish.”

“Dainty Dish,” Applejack nodded in seeming understanding. Her eyes began to trace the pegasus now that she had the chance. Aside from the monster sized wings, Dainty seemed to be a lighter build than her friend Rainbow Dash. Dark gray, with a jet black main and tail. Some red stripes therein. And her cutie mark…

“What in tarnation?” Applejack moved forward, her face screwed up in confusion.

“What’s the matter?” Dash glanced at her friend.

“Get a load of this here cutie mark,” Applejack nodded at Dainty.

Dash followed Applejack’s lead, eyes falling on…

“What?” she mouthed.

Far as the two could tell, it looked like a stretched diamond. Except the diamond was filled with stripes and triangles in a pattern that made absolutely no sense to them whatsoever. It was white, black, red, and blue. The only thing even marginally comprehensible was a number.

“Three plus?” Applejack looked up and Dainty, who seemed to be turning a bit pink in embarrassment.

“Three plus what? I’m not exactly a whiz with them fancy mathematics, but don’t y’all need another number when you’re adding?”

“Yeah,” Rainbow Dash added. “I’m not getting it either. Is it supposed to be a window or a chalk board? Or maybe both?”

“Actually,” Dainty began, letting her head drop as she looked away in shame. “I don’t even know what it means.”

“Ya don’t?” Applejack began, but then realized that the pegasus seemed really bothered by it. “Oh! I don’t mean it like that it’s just… What I’m trying to say… It’s just… Gosh darnit! I done stepped in that one.”

“It’s okay…” Dainty sighed. “I’m used to it. I think it might be about taking pictures but...”

“It’s got to mean something,” Dash frowned. “It’s a cutie mark after all. It always means-“

Applejack ribbed Rainbow Dash, shutting her up.

“Ex-nay,” Applejack growled, then glanced at the downtrodden pony. “Look. Maybe we got off on the wrong hoof a bit there. So let’s start over. I’m Applejack, and this is Rainbow Dash. You hungry? I could fetch us some apples.”

“I’m allergic to apples.”

Applejack couldn’t find words.

“I thought you said you were allergic to hay,” Rainbow Dash interrupted.

“I AM allergic to hay,” Dainty replied. Then promptly sneezed, nearly knocking herself over with an involuntary wing-flap in the process.

“Sheesh,” Dash shrugged, glancing at Applejack, who only shrugged back. “So you’re allergic to hay AND apples?”


“Maybe a better question,” Applejack spoke up. “What else exactly, are you allergic to?”


That stopped dialogue. Applejack and Rainbow Dash just looked at each other, unable to come up with anything to say that didn’t sound insensitive. It was just…

“Horseapples,” Applejack growled. “I’m oh for two now… This ain’t going well.”

“It’s not your fault,” Dainty Dish turned around. “I really am allergic to everything. No matter what I do I just can’t seem to… To…”

“To what?” Rainbow Dash asked.”


“Stop sneezing?” Applejack sighed.


“Seems like it,” Dash hung her own head.


“Oh no.” Dainty commented, and immediately sneezed again. “Sneeze attack!”

“A what?” Applejack asked. But Dainty was no longer capable of answering. The earth pony just continued to watch helplessly as Dainty Dish sneezed at least ten more times before she could finally stop for air. By the time she finished, she looked positively exhausted and her nose was a bright pink.

“We should probably get out of this barn,” Applejack glanced around. “I doubt the mold in here’s helpin' any.”

“Sobby,” Dainty managed to snort. Her eyes were watering badly. “Id jud habbeds…”

“So…” Rainbow Dash commented as they cleared out of the decrepid building. “What were you doing up there this morning anyway? It’s kinda’ chilly.”

“Oh,” Dainty sucked in another stuffy-sounding breath. “I work for da Equedria Lad Surv-“

The pegasus stopped for a second, growling and did her best to clear her sinuses.

“I work for the Equestrian Land Survey Group,” she continued. “I do aerial photography.”

“That sounds neat,” Applejack smirked.

“It is,” Dainty’s voice jumped up a notch at the compliment. “I was flying over Canterlot on a request this morning. Someone wanted photos of the area at dawn so they could examine the shadows. You can use them in height measurements you know.”

“So why’d you fall?” Dash asked.

“Not sure,” Dainty furrowed her brow. “I was lining up for a shot centered on Canterlot Castle when there was this bright flash of light from the south. I was so startled I-“

Dainty lifted her wings and started looking around her body, confused.

“I…” she continued. I dropped my camera and…”

She looked under one wing and then the other, the motions coming quicker by the second.

“Dove after it…”

Her face went frantic.

“Camera…” she snapped. “CAMERA! I thought I caught it! Did I have my camera on me?”

“Nope,” Applejack shook her head. “Fraid I ain’t seen no camera when we caught you.”

“Ohhhh!” Dainty started to pout. “The boss is going to kill me if I don’t find it. That camera’s expensive!”

“So you were taking a photo, dropped your camera, went after it, and passed out,” Rainbow Dash interrupted. “Well, that explains the fall. Though, what was the flash?”

“Ya gotta’ ask?” Applejack turned to her friend. “She probably got caught off guard by one of them sonic rainbooms of yours. You ever see the flash off that thing?”

“What about my camera?” Dainty interrupted. “I can’t go back without it!”

“No problem,” Rainbow Dash waved the issue away with a hoof. “I’ll help you find that camera. Easy.”

“Are you sure?” the black pegasus’ eyes had teared up again.

“Of course!” RD smirked and took to the air. “You were diving after it, right? So it probably fell somewhere near where I caught you. Just give me a sec…”

Rainbow Dash took off in a blur, zipping out over the orchard where she estimated she’d caught her.
The problem with Orchards, is that everything looked the same to her. And she’d been looking up, not down. On the plus side, everything looked the same, so something like a camera was bound to stick out. Much like the shiny object sitting at the foot of a nearby-

“Bingo,” Dash grinned, and zipped on over. The grin faded when she got closer.

“Y’all find it?” she heard Applejack call somewhere behind her.

“Yeah!” she returned over her shoulder, then frowned again. “Kinda…“

It was the camera all right. Keyword: Was. Rainbow Dash wasn’t a photo expert, but she was about ninety percent certain cameras weren’t supposed to look like eggs. The scrambled kind, not sunny-side-up.

“Boy howdy,” Applejack came trotting up, staring at the pile of parts. “I dun reckon it’s been totaled.”

Dainty came up behind, quickly pushing past the two with a high-pitched whine.

“No…” she whined. “The housing’s cracked… The film’s been exposed.“

“It’s more than a little cracked,” Applejack started. “Sugarcube that’s plumb shattered.”

“Captain Obvious…” Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes. Dainty started collecting the camera parts, stopping only to sneeze again.

“Whud ab I godda do?” she continued to whine through tears. One would almost think it was the end of the world the way she was reacting.

“Oh come on now,” Applejack jumped in. “I’m sure we can think of something.”


“Like what?” Dash quietly asked, her voice laced with sarcasm. “Fix it?”

“Exactly,” the Earth pony exclaimed. “We’ll get that camera right fixed up. Then she can grab those shadow photos at sundown.”

“Do you even know HOW to fix a camera?” Dash was resisting the desire to smack her face in exasperation.

“Of course not!” Appljack snapped indignantly. “You know that.”

“Then how are we going to get it fixed?” Rainbow Dash asked. “I don’t know how to a fix a camera either.”

“Rarity,” was the Earth Pony’s answer.

“Rarity?” Rainbow Dash made a face. “What?”

“It’s a fancy camera right?” Applejack indicated the scrap parts Dainty was sifting through. “Who knows more about fancy things than Rarity? She should at least know somepony right?”

“That makes… Some sense,” Rainbow Dash shrugged. “Let’s go. Come on Dainty. We’re gonna’ go talk to Rarity.”

The black pegasus looked up from her broken camera and sniffled.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go according to Applejack’s brilliant plan.

“I’m afraid I don’t know anyone dear…”

Rarity looked at the pile of parts that used to be a camera and shook her head.

“I appreciate the thought Applejack,” she continued. “But I simply do not deal with this kind of equipment to actually know anyone who would be able to repair it.”

The answer had not served to improve Dainty’s already terrible mood. As Applejack and Rainbow Dash had silently noted on the walk over to Rarity’s shop, Dainty’s allergies did not improve even in the slightest once they got away from the barn. In fact, the poor pegasus had another fit of sneezes she called a ‘sneeze attack’ during the walk over. They left her looking even more exhausted and watery-eyed than before. It was no wonder the pony had such a light build. All that constant sneezing must have been taking a phenomenal toll on her stamina.

The hope of Rarity being able to point her at a fix had kept her from crying for a while, but with that candle extinguished, the tears had started to flow once more.

“Oh come now dear,” Rarity couldn’t bear to see somepony in that state. “It’s not THAT bad. It just means we’ll have to find someone else who might know.”

The fashion designer produced a hankerchief from somewhere and levitated it in front of Dainty.

“Here,” she soothed. “Blow that nose and dry those eyes. And if you want, I can fix you some tea if it’ll make you feel better.”

Dainty sniffled, then took the handkerchief graciously and proceeded to blow her nose with the sound of a small foghorn. When she was finished, she handed the offered item back to Rarity with a brief ‘dank-oo’.

Rarity eyed the dripping wet hanky with a barely concealed twitch of disgust, then quickly levitated it into a nearby trash bin. (To be incinerated later.) Thank the stars unicorns could levitate things without touching them. There was no telling how obsessive-compulsive she’d be otherwise.

“Now,” she continued. “About that tea…”

“I’m allergic to tea,” Dainty sighed.

“You’re WHAT?” Rarity snapped. Then she turned to Rainbow Dash and Applejack.

“Is she serious?”

“Yeah,” Rainbow Dash nodded. “She’s also allergic to Hay, and Apples.”

“Wha-“ Rarity looked between her two friends and Dainty Dish several times. “Hay and a- Just…”

Then she paused, a conspiratorial look coming over her features.

“What else is she allergic to?”

Applejack and Rainbow Dash just shared a glance.

“Everything.” They chorused.


Rarity blinked, then flopped back on her haunches. It was just unheard of. A pony allergic to ‘everything’? Life like that must be torment. It was a good thing Opal was in another room napping. There was no telling what kind of torture that would be if that feline were in the same room with someone this sensitive.

“You poor dear,” Rarity quickly popped back up on all fours and zipped over to Dainty’s side. “That must be terrible. A beautiful pegasus such as yourself, reduced to a life of misery because of mere allergies. You must be unable to wear ANYTHING nice out of fear of ruining it.”

The fashion designer stopped to think about that. A pony unable to wear even the simplest of high class clothing because one sneeze and it could be all ruined. It was pitiful, shameful even. No pony deserved to go through life like that. She couldn’t allow it; WOULDN’T allow it!

There would be JUSTICE!

“No!” she stomped her hoof. “I will not have it! I MUST do something! I MUST!”

Rarity turned and started levitating several of her materials.

“Rainbow Dash,” she began. “If you could do me a quick favor and fly over to Zecora’s. I think she might have something that helps protect clothing.”

Then she paused.

“No,” she continued after some thought. “I’m sure of it. Living out there in the Everfree. She MUST have something like that.”

Rainbow Dash just laughed unsteadily.

“Uh, Rarity,” Applejack tilted her head. “We didn’t come here to dress her up.”

“Oh I know that dear,” Rarity turned and waved it away with a hoof. “But you’re here now, so we might as well look into it. And those wings she’s got. I’ve never seen such gorgeous wings. I just can’t let such beauty go to waste now can I?”

“O~kay…” Applejack turned and eyed the door. “Maybe we best get going then. We found out what we needed to know after all.”

“Oh don’t be so hasty,” Rarity turned, fixing them with a stern gaze. “I’m not going to take up THAT much of your time. Sit down, stay a little while. This will only take a minute.”

“Oh boy…” Dash muttered under her breath. There was nothing quite like when Rarity got into one of her… ‘creative’ moods. If this went on, they could very well be there all day. Not that it was an entirely bad thing. Rarity made some pretty cool clothes when she put her mind to it. It’s just that they didn’t HAVE all day. Between helping out Dainty, Applejack needing to get back to the farm, and Dash herself had weather to manage at three… And Rarity wants her to go talk to Zecora for some gunk she’s not even sure exists?

Yeah, that’s not happening.

“Come on Dainty,” Rainbow Dash motioned to the currently whimpering pegasus. “Let’s go try somepony else. Maybe we’ll have more luck with Twilight.”

“Great idea!” Applejack nodded. “We’ll talk to Twilight. She probably has a book on that camera anyhow.”

“What?!” Rarity spun from her work. “Oh come ON! Just a few minutes! I promise!”

“Sorry Rarity!” Rainbow Dash floated over and quickly started nudging Dainty towards the door. “But we’re in a hurry.”

“And we don’t have all day,” Applejack continued. “We have to get her camera replaced before sundown. Or she won’t be able to finish her work for the day.”

The country pony reached for the door. But just before she could open it, it burst inwards of its own volition, knocking her backwards even as she got blasted by what sounded like a party horn.

“GAH!” she snapped as she tumbled over. “What the hay!?”

“HEY!’ is right!” Pinkie Pie’s voice was like listening to pure cane sugar brought to life and given a megaphone. “Who’s ready to PAAAARTAY?!”

“Wha-“ Applejack tried to regain her bearings.

“Pinkie Pie?!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed. “What are you doing here? There’s no party here!”

“Well,” Pinkie began. The way she dragged the word out and then inhaled sharply was about the only warning the other four eot.

“I was walking by a few minutes ago when I heard this crying," she started, voice lapsing into that tone typical of a sugar high. "I don’t like it when I hear ponies cry, it makes me feel sad inside. ThenI realized it was the voice of a pony I hadn’t heard before. And since you guys know that I know EVERY pony in Ponyville, I realized it must be somepony from out of town who was upset. And since they were upset, I figured they’d need cheering up. But not just any old ordinary cheering up, but an extra special super duper ‘Welcome to Ponyville!’ cheering up that I wasn’t at all prepared to do at the time. So I ran back to the shop as fast as I could to grab some stuff and raced back here even faster, and BAM! Here I am! Ready to cheer up our newcomer with a nice fun, extra-super-de-duper giggle-tastic party! I even brought balloons!”

Pinkie emphasized that last statement by stuffing one of said balloons in her mouth and began blowing it up.

“Yes, that’s lovely Pinkie dear.” Rarity wandered up, looking slightly annoyed with her friend come uninvited guest. Mainly it was the fact that Pinkie’s entrance had messed up a hinge. “But since you’re here,” the fashion designer turned to look at Dainty. “You might as well try and cheer her up while I get an outfit designed for her.”

“But we’re le-“ Rainbow Dash began.

“Okie Dokie!” Pinkie interrupted, spitting the balloon out so that it went rocketing around the room as it deflated. Then she immediately grabbed Dainty by the shoulder and pulled her right out of Dash’s grip.

“You must be the one who’s upset. My name’s Pinkie Pie. And you are?”

“Dainty Dish,” the pegasus sighed.

“Dainty Dish?” Pinkie smiled. “I like that name! Reminds me of a flower dancing on a dinner plate! You DO like flowers right?”


Pinkie jumped back when Dainty sneezed, glancing at the other ponies who just rolled their eyes.

“I’b allegic to flowerd,” Dainty sighed.

“OH! Too bad,” Pinkie shrugged it off like it was no big deal. “I know this really neat place near where Fluttershy lives, and it’s got all kinds of flowers. With lots of different colors like red, and yellow, and blue... Even Pink! But I understand you can’t be near flowers of they just make you sneeze.”

Then Pinkie sat of ramrod straight and grinned.

“HEY!” she exclaimed. “I know! PICTURES of flowers! Those don’t make you sneeze right?!”

Dainty’s otherwise forelorn features perked up ever so slightly at the comment.

“I knew it!” Pinkie grinned. “If you can’t look at flowers, we can take pictures of flowers! Do you have a camera? That would be PERFECT!”

Dainty’s features just fell again as she pouted at the demolished camera sitting in front of her. Pinkie’s gaze tracked her own until it too fell upon the ruined device.

“Oooohhh,” she nodded in understanding. “I get it. You’re upset because your camera’s busted.”
Dainty just nodded silently.

“Well, cheer up!” Pinkie snapped with a giggle. “I know some ponies who can get it fixed in NO time!”

The pegasus’ features lit up so fast that even Pinkie wasn’t quite sure what happened.

“REALLY?” Dainty asked, her voice slightly cracked. “Are you sure? It’s a custom camera.”

“That’s not a problem!” Pinkie giggled. “Everyone knows custom equipment is still made with standard parts these days. Let me take a look at that.”

Pinkie Pie practically pounced on the camera parts and started examining them up close.

“OOOOooo…” she cooed. “You’ve got a Neighkon!”

“Is that good or bad?” Applejack asked.

“Good?” Pinkie looked at her friend like she’d grown a few extra hooves. “Don’t you know what a Neighkon is? It’s only the best camera producer in AAAAALL of Equestria!”

“Wait,” Rainbow Dash jumped in. “How do you know that?”

“Easy!” Pinkie grinned. “When you want good photos at parties, you use cameras, am I right?”

Rainbow Dash thought about it for a second. Standard Pinkie Logic was a bit odd to follow at times, but it always made sense in weird ways. This wasn’t a particularly difficult piece of logic to follow as far as that went. Not compared to the mess that was the parasprite incident. It wasn’t until she’d marched the parasprites right out of ponyville that it started to make sense then. Either way, much like Pinkie’s so dubbed ‘Pinky Sense’, she had decided not to question Standard Pinkie Logic too much. If she could justify it, well, it worked.

“This is an NK-2500 Hycon Technical Objective Camera with Eagle Eye High Resolution Lens…” Pnkie Pie had picked up the lens cap and was examining it with a grin. With a snap of her hoof, she popped the cap in the air and caught it again before smacking it down on the table.

“It’s got adjustable exposure timing, and motion blur suppression built in standard. The flash has been removed, but when you’re using the Eagle Eye, the flash is useless anyway since you're probably REALLY far away. And that’s why it has the adjustable exposure control. It’s a specialty of Neighkon. This setup is perfect for photography at long distances, without losing any of the details. You could take a picture of one of Twilight’s letters to the princess from two miles away and be able to read what she wrote!”

“Pinkie Pie, dear,” Rarity tried to unscrew her face. “Not to doubt your seeming expertise, but did you really figure that all out from looking at the lens cap?”

“Of course not silly!” Pinkie smirked and stood up. “I checked the product label.”

“Huh?” Applejack blinked.

"This," Pinkie held up another one of the parts that had been lying face up on the table. There was a small white sticker on it more at home to Twilight's scrutiny.

"You guys don't read these?"

Applejack just looked at Rainbow Dash, who could only shrug.

“Okay,” Rainbow Dash nodded at last. “So it’s a good camera-”

“Good camera?” Pinkie Pie jumped up on her hind legs. “GOOD CAMERA?! Look at her. You see how upset she is? This isn’t a ‘Good Camera’. This camera is better than the one Foto Finish uses. This is a GREAT camera!”

“Wait a second!” Rarity interrupted. “What do you mean, BETTER than Foto Finish? She’s one of the top model producers in Equestria. She has top of the line equipment.”

“And this is BETTER,” Pinkie motioned to the scrap pile. “Well, it WAS better. Now it’s junk. But Foto Finish uses a standard NK-750 Clydesdale in tandem with industry recognized standard lenses. This is fully custom. You can’t buy this in a shop, you have to get it shipped directly from Neighkon.”

“Did you get that from the label too?” Applejack asked with a little more than a hint of confusion.

“What are you talking about,” Pinkie frowned at her friend. “Everypony who reads Vanity Mare knows they publish the kind of camera the models are taken with.”

“News to me,” Dash whispered.

“Anyway,” Pinkie dropped back to all fours. “It’s replaceable, but you have to go directly to the Neighkon factory to do so. Good luck with that though.”

“Why?” Applejack asked. “Did they go out of business?”

“Of course not,” Pinkie gave her friend an indignant look. “It’s just the factory’s in Seaddle. It’ll take a few weeks to get the replaceme-”


Dainty’s sudden shout made the other four ponies jump in surprise.

“Yeah,” Pinkie turned to the pegasus. “Sorry, replacing this might take a bit longer than you’d like.”

“No!” Dainty stomped a hoof, then winced. “What I mean is, I know where Seaddle is! That’s my next stop!”

“What?” Applejack began. “You on headin’ that way on a trip?”

“This is PERFECT!” Dainty continued. “All I have to do is head over to Seaddle and have them replace my camera, and then I can- Cah...”

“Can what dear?” Rarity asked.


“Whoa nelly,” Applejack backed up. “Here we go again.”

Dainty went into a near continuous state of sneezing, causing Rarity to look on in near total shock while Pinkie’s ever present grin started to fade towards something more akin to disbelief. After about twenty consecutive rounds, including one that made dainty accidentally flap her wings, knocking over one of Rarity’s dummy models, she finally came to a halt, moaning in irritation.

“Thad id!” she stomped a hoof. “I’b go-eeg do deaddle! I’b god do ged obb da groud!”

“What?” Rainbow Dash frowned. “You’re going to fly ALL the way to Seaddle?”

“Ob courb!” Dainty sniffed, heading for the door. “Id nod dad bar!”

“Not far?” Applejack cocked her head to the side. “Did all that sneezing knock something loose up there in your noggin? Seaddle’s WAY west’a here so much as to make Apploosa look close.”

“Doh?!” Dainty stopped and glared. “I’b go-eeg! Id NOD BAR!”

And with a snap, she turned and ran out the door. Behind them, Pinkie Pie looked at the table, then quickly back at the pegasus as she vanished, and quickly turned back with a shout.

“Hey, hey HEY!” she began, giving chase. “Don’t forget your-“


Pinkie made it to the door when a freak blast of air picked her up and hurled her backwards, smacking her into Rainbow Dash and depositing them both in a heap.

“Broken... Camera?” Pinkie blinked.

“Great...” Dash tapped her hoof on the ground in irritation. “That makes twice today.”

“I’ll get her,” Applejack turned and trotted out the door. “Hey Dainty! Come Back! You fergot’cher camera!”

After a moment, while Pinkie and Dash collected themselves up off Rarity’s floor, Applejack came trotting back in, looking end-over-end more confused than ever.

“The hay is going on today?” she asked.

“What’s the matter?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“She’s gone,” Applejack replied. “I mean, completely, totally, abso-applebuckin-lutely gone.”

“Probably just a vertical take off,” Dash waved it away. “I do that from time to time myself. It catches everypony off guard when you do that because nobody ever bothers to look straight UP.”

“Well,” Rarity wandered over while levitating a few knocked over items back into place. “I’m sure she’ll be back.”

“That or she’ll fly all the way to Seaddle before she realizes she forgot it,” Applejack shook her head.

“If that’s the case,” Dash rolled her eyes. “We won’t be seeing her until tomorrow. It’s an all day trip just to fly one way.”

“Oh...” Pinkie pouted. “I was ready for a party too.”

“You could always just meet us for a picnic at lunch time,” Applejack shrugged. “Waste not, want not after all.”

“OH! Perfect!” Pinkie Pie grinned. “I know just the thing.”

“And what’s that?” Applejack asked.

“Can’t tell you!” Pinkie grinned. “It’s a surprise.”

Applejack just rolled her eyes and sighed.

“I better get back to the farm,” she continued, trotting out the door. “I guess I’ll see you guys at lunch time.”

“Alright,” Dash nodded, following suit. “You there, Rarity?”

“I suppose I could make the time,” Rarity nodded. “I’ll see you two then.”

“Gotcha!” RD nodded, then turned and bolted out the door into the air.

Rarity turned away from her door, frowning at the other items that had been knocked down by that blast of air Pinkie had been caught in.

Speaking of which...

“Pinkie Pie,” Rarity turned to the Pink Party Pony. “Could you do me a favor?”

“What’s up?” Pinkie asked.

“Mind fixing my door?” the fashion designer asked. “You busted the hinges with that entrance of yours”

Pinkie looked at the door, then back to Rarity.

“Don’t need to,” she chirped.

“What?” Rarity asked. “Look at it! Its been ripped out of the wall.”

“I know,” Pinkie shrugged. “But nopony remembers those kind of details anyway.”

Rarity just blinked in confusion.

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