Higher Flier

by AdmiralTigerclaw

Dainty Dish: Images (56k Warning)

WARNING!: Page may not be 56k-safe.

DANGER!: Page may contain lethal amounts of 'HNNNG!'

Cutie Mark

"Three Plus" Dainty Dish's Cutie Mark

Dainty Dish: Final Design

OC Design of Dainty Dish as completed by Larsurus. Noted to be minutes before the race in Act III. Of physical features to note is the red of her nose due to a combination of allergies and wind-burn from high speed flight.

Fun image of Dainty Dish on descent just a minute or two from dropping to sub-sonic. Image commissioned and donated by Atlan on Spacebattles. Notable point is the vapor over her wings.

Dainty Dish logotype for patch or shirt. Sideways orientation cutie mark.
I was going for 'above the sky' with the Latin, but someone mentioned it says 'Highest Sky'. Works either way.

An early Dainty Dish image by Jimboebobcarl. Giant, GIANT wings here.