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Weeks have passed and Celestia still hasn't awoken from her long slumber. With Twilight standing guard, Luna ventures deep into her sister's dreamscape in hopes that she can find a way to wake her up.

Anonymous Commission

(Do not continue reading if you do not approve of diaper usage, mental regression, or adult baby themes. If you do not like it or are under legal age, please do not keep reading.)

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While this story is not intended to be a fetish story, it does contain ponies in diapers, and slight mention of them using these diapers. If this is something that bothers you, I ask that you either try to enjoy the story despite these things, or simply do not read. My intention is only a sweet, silly, cuddly story.

High Tide lives a quiet life by the sea, pleasantly existing day by day as he scrounged the ocean waves for treasures and nick-knacks. Not a whole lot happens, but that's fine. There's nothing in his life to complain about, and everything is fine.

Then, one day, he sees a mare playing in front of his house, splashing and bouncing in the surf. He watches, mezmerized, but how much fun she's having, and by that strange suit she wears, making her look like a dolphin, or an orca. She's hypnotic, aluring, different, new. His routine is gently shaken just by her being nearby.

Seeing her every day for a while makes him want to go up and talk to her, get to know her. And he finds he wants to talk to her more. Life becomes even better when he makes a friend as nice as Gabby.

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Princess Celestia has done many things in her life.

Battling evil, dealing with stuck up nobles, and protecting her little ponies for thousands of years has been pretty taxing on both her body and mind. Recently, the goddess of the sun has had to deal with a daily struggle that happens to be the most difficult challenge in her life, bedwetting. Chances are, she will be defeated once more. Good thing she is protected, or at least her bed is.

Warning: This story contains diapers, diaper usage and some ABDL material. If you are disturbed by this or dislike this type of content, click away now!

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After a thousand years, Luna is finally free from her torture of the Nightmare. Yet, even if she is no longer a monster, the common pony cannot seem to see her as anything but. Due to this, Luna is desperate to find something that she can use to start making herself appear as a more modern mare, something less out of legend and fear. A photo shoot seemed to be the best option, a chance to wear modern nightwear and show the world who she truly was. Unfortunately, nightwear has come to mean something else over the thousand years...

WARNING: Contains diapers and adult ponies wearing diapers, with suggestions of Adult Foal tendencies. If that is not your thing, then please do not read this story.

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Concept Art

The Block Kingdom, a foreign empire outside of the reign of Celestia and Luna, has asked that a Royal Representative of Equestria come to visit. In order to help him develop his social skills and public relations, Princess Luna has sent Dusk Shadow to meet up with the Block Kingdom's Princess.

Fun, games, and general chaos will certainly happen. What else do you expect when you have a kingdom controlled by smart little fillies and foals?

Dusk Shadow, an overly serious, and not well-known Prince of Equestria is not exactly happy about his task. However, duty calls, so he accepts his responsibility. From there, what started as a simple visit becomes something he never expected, and a change he needed. He will learn things that he was unaware of before, and rediscover what he lost a long time ago.

If you actually enjoy these kinds of things, and read the story, feel free to leave a rating and a comment/suggestion. Prejudiced ratings or rating just because you don’t like what the story is about, and not the writing itself is just immature. And when a babyfur calls you immature, you really should think about it.

- I do NOT ship with canon characters.
- My OC is my Ponysona, I based him off of myself. Anything that happened in his past has direct correlation to something that happened to my own. He's not made dark to be 'cool', it's how I am myself.
- I accept constructive criticism, but not flat-out hate and negativity. Difference: Constructive Criticism: “This is what I liked…. Here’s what I didn’t like and how you could fix it…” Negativity: “This is stupid, why is it like this? That makes no sense, it’s just stupid and wrong.”
- I do suffer from a number of issues (PTSD, depression, inferiority complex, etc. All formally diagnosed by various psychologists and psychiatrists), so that may carry over in how I write or interact with my readers. I apologize if I may seem nasty at times.
- Because a lot of people don’t READ, I had to include a bunch of disclaimers

Thank you, Zubric, for roleplaying this with me to iron out some details.

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