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This story is a sequel to Mindset's Foalish Vacation

Tinker gets a letter from Mindset asking him to join her on vacation. Though hesitant upon learning where, he agrees to join his sister in a relaxing, (and regressive,) stay at the Kingdom of Fountonia, a kingdom inhabited by foals. After meeting some friends from her last visit, the two drink from the regressive water as they both return to their days when Mindset was just born.

Tinker, now as a seven-year-old, begins helping his now newborn sister, but as time passes, old memories he had long since forgotten begin to resurface, and he soon questions whether he was always the good older brother he remembered himself being, or if these pleasant memories only hid his true thoughts and feelings towards his sibling.

This story contains Diaper Usage, Regression, and some Mature Themes. If this doesn't interest you, might I suggest some good anime?

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This story is based off of DuskShadowBrony's "A Pacified Kingdom." I suggest reading it first before reading this as many elements will revolve from the original story.

Cover image by CuddleHooves

Dr. Mindset Shield, Ph.D and Royal Therapist, comes to discover she has been overworked and irritable about her job. Princess Luna, however, informs her of a neighboring kingdom in Little Valley that's in need of her psychology expertise and be a vacation for her at the same time. While skeptical, Mindset agrees to visit this strange kingdom, which to her surprise is almost entirely run by foals! Even more surprising, she notices herself getting younger the longer she stays. Princess Luna wouldn't send her here to be a foal again...right?

This story contains Diaper Usage, Age Regression, and some mature themes. If you aren't interested, might I suggest watching some good anime?

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