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The Wonderbolts, Equestria's premier acrobatic and stunt troupe, bimonthly take it upon themselves to give back to the community. It's good for the kids, it sends a healthy message, and the press is nothing to sneeze at either. On one such charity case, the Wonderbolts' chief coordinator and lead performer, Spitfire, undertakes the task of taking in a child to give them the best week of their life. In doing so, she unknowingly throws herself down a path that brings her to ask many questions she had long since wanted to repress...

"Would I make a good mother?"

Humanized characters.

The concept for this story was drawn up before the events of a certain episode. I'm sorry.

Editing and Proofreading provided by the diligent Laeri

Art crafted by the ever talented bakki

Chapters (4)

Thorax has always been a black sheep among his kind. But only during the Canterlot invasion did he realize how wonderful it would be to have a friend he’d always wanted. Meeting no understanding among the changelings and finding every next day harder to bear, he decides to leave the hive… for better or worse.

Takes place some time after The Canterlot Wedding and before The Times They Are A Changeling.

AU tag added for modified version of canon.

Chapters (36)

When a new large - and extremely powerful - group of enemies appears seemingly out of nowhere and attacks Canterlot, Twilight and her friends have to sneak into their underground lair to find and stop the source of their power. Then things get complicated.

Canon-divergent AU with an alternate outcome to the Season 6 finale.

Cover and chapter art by me.

Chapters (14)

Ever since finding his place in the Crystal Empire, Thorax had dreamed of changing his people, and following the failed attempt of Chrysalis to once more conquer Equestria, he succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.

After the accidental coup d'etat that changed his kind forever, Thorax finds himself the new prince of the changelings. His new kingdom remains confused about what to do with their now changed lives and are dealing with a whole slew of emotions they never had to worry about before.

Thrust in a position of power and responsibility he neither asked for nor wants, Thorax reaches out to his friends to help him understand what it means to rule a kingdom.

Special thanks go to Carapace and his story The Village Called Respite that inspired me to write this story.

Chapters (3)