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Discord is wanting to settle down with Fluttershy and stay with her full time, but as the god of Chaos he'll cease to be if he acts to normal and it becomes clear that no normal creature can stand chaos 24/7 and he seeks a replacement, he ends up landing on Spike for the job.
Spike is missing all the time he and Twilight use to spend together, even if it was mostly work, and ends up using his powers so he can earn her respect as an equal instead of being seen as a lowly assistant.
While planning his first move he ends up enlisting the Cutie Mark Crusaders aid so none of the other mane 6 feel left out of the fun.
Featured (Apparently) - 8,28,21
- This Story takes place after Season 8 but before Season 9 -

This Story was Inspired by Kaliann25 Story Spike lord of Disharmony and Chaos and it's Sequel I recommend them both Highly

Cover art by : Little Tigress

Chapters (13)

At her beloved sister's pestering, Luna takes a long zeppelin ride to the desert city of Saddle Arabia for a diplomatic tour. She hits it off with the delegates there, but there is one diplomat she is having the most difficult time negotiating a reasonable deal.

Can Luna use her diplomatic charm and patience to overcome this bothersome diplomat?

Inspired by the fanart Never joke with Princess Luna
By artist Papygai4ik
Wanted to go for light teen humour, so I hope you all like this take.

Chapters (1)

Everyone always tells Twilight that the ones who love us never truly leave us.

But that's a lie. It's always been a lie.

Things that live must also die. It's simply the cycle of life, and that cycle doesn't care about love or the pain it causes.

Until one day, that cycle is broken by a forgotten figure from her past: a little tortoise who's not so little anymore.

This story is, first and foremost, a gift for the incomparable Mushroom, who clearly must be some sort of undiscovered species of fungus dog since we definitely don't deserve her. I have it on good authority that this story gave her Many Feelings, and I hope it gives them to you, too. :)

This also won first place in the of the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting '2021 Gift Fic Exchange' contest portion, which is neat.

Cover art commissioned from the lovely Shaslan!

Chapters (1)

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) Crossover.

Equestria had only heard of legends of the Gods of Old. They roamed the world before ponies, ruled it, claimed it as their kingdom before the New Ones took it for themselves. Before a time of nations, of magic, of even friendship itself… the age of the monsters was alive before it fell into a dark, deep slumber.

That age has awakened.

When the ponies of Equestria learn of these great beasts awakening worldwide, the balance of nature itself hangs on a thread as the Gods of Old rise up to reclaim what was once theirs. Can Equestria’s greatest heroes coexist with these mythical and majestic beasts… or will they have to accept that their rule has come to an end?

For the rule of the one true king has returned.

Cover art by Shrekzilla. Go give this awesome dude a follow!

*FEATURED ON 11/22/2020. Thanks everyone! :D*
*FEATURED AGAIN ON 2/2/2021. I may have missed others, but thanks again! <3*
*FEATURED ON 2/7/2021. Much love, y'all :)*
*We're just gonna have this as a statement for all future features of this story. Thanks everyone!*

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Stinger is an infiltrator for the Badlands Hive. He's one of the best, having been all over Equestria and completing numerous missions in the name of his Queen.

Despite this, he can't seem to shake the idea of leaving everything behind.

Other tag for Jet Set.

This story contains LGBT themes. Emphasis on the G.

Written for the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Holiday Gift Exchange as a gift to Holtinator.

Preread by The Sleepless Beholder.

Chapters (1)

Inspired by the fanart Izzy
By neo-shrek

With the lighthouse fixed and everypony spending some time together, Hitch asks are peculiar question to Izzy about what happened on their quest. This leaves Hitch, and the others, maybe regretting asking that question in the first place.

Big thank you to StraightToThePointStudio for reading this story :heart:
Uni-Pecker by StraightToThePointStudio

Second G5 fanfic! Hope you all enjoy this light one.

Chapters (1)

The following story takes place in the Equestria at War universe. It contains no real spoilers for any nation, unless you count character names as such. Enjoy!

Though Queen Chrysalis knew that changelings could live almost anywhere, she was still surprised to hear about an isolated island nation of changelings on the other side of the world. This was quite the interesting development, as she was currently waging war with Equestria.

She had wondered if these foreign changelings might be interested in helping with her subjugation of ponykind. Though she had long since dissolved her diplomatic channels due to perceived incompetence, Chrysalis wanted to send some form of emissary to ask them to aid her cause.

And thus she sent one of her spies to visit Greneclyf, the island of harmonious changelings.

Chapters (3)

Things rarely end well after you punch a journalist, even if you are a celebrity stunt flyer.

Finding herself suddenly alone and without plans on Hearth's Warming, Spitfire latches on to an offer from a friend to do a little favor for Princess Twilight; act as a bodyguard and escort for a very strange VIP while Twilight and some friends sort out a little friendship problem in another dimension.

Turns out this favor is a little more dangerous, and a lot more fun, than she expected.

(Sex tag is for lots of flirting and innuendo)

Editing provided by Aurora Dawn

This was written for forbloodysummer as a part of Jinglemas 2020! For more information about Jinglemas, check out our group!

Chapters (4)

Gallus doesn't want to go home for summer. With a little gentle persuasion, he gets his friends on board to keep him out of Griffonstone, though none of them are quite sure how to do it; that is, until Silverstream hatches a scheme.

All he has to do is join the Hippogriff Navy. It's not the relaxing summer away from school that he hoped for, but hey, it promises to be interesting! Who knows what three months as a sailor could bring?

Adventure? Certainly.

Self-discovery? For sure.

A sea battle with a band of renegade pirates? Anything's possible.


Pssh. Yeah, right.

Edited by a crew of scallywags who mean the world to me. In no particular order: MissyTheAngle, Freglz, Muggonny, Semillon, FamousLastWords

Special thanks to Pascoite for his assistance.

Cover art commissioned from the incomparable Marenlicious!

Curious about how the next chapter is coming along? Check my user page for regularly updated progress reports!

Chapters (13)

Monster of the River Ván, Fame-wolf, Bringer of Hlín’s Second Sorrow, Devourer of the Allfather…

These are some of the titles assumed by Fenrir, the gigantic wolf and son to Loki, god of mischief. Bound for centuries by the Æsir, he manages to slip from his enchanted bonds to participate in Ragnarök, the final battle between the gods and the various monsters of the Nine Realms. After killing Odin, Fenrir himself is slain by the silent god Vidar, his jaws torn apart and his heart impaled. Despite this, he dies content in the knowledge that he ate old One-Eye. Death, however, is not final.

Awakening in an unfamiliar forest, Fenrir discovers that he has been reincarnated, once more a wolf pup and living in a new realm filled with...sentient ponies?

*Inspired by Norse Mythology (hence the "crossover" tag)

Cover art by Dracuria

Chapters (17)