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Pharynx is still coming to terms with all the changes, both to the Hive and to himself. While Thorax leads his people into the bright new future, Pharynx is desperately trying to keep the Hive safe.

Is it so wrong to worry about each and every member of his Hive family even while the rest of the Hive is buzzing over holiday festivities? Especially the one member of his Hive studying abroad at the School of Friendship?

Thank you to ninjadeadbeard for help with the cover art, and daOtterGuy for pre-reading.

Written for CitreneSkys for Jinglemas 2021

Chapters (3)

A pair of brothers have dinner on Hearthswarming Eve.

Christmas present for Grand Choir

Cover art: https://derpibooru.org/images/1961786?sort[]=398&sort[]=1961786&sd=desc&sf=score&q=king+thorax (resized slightly)

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Ever since Smolder revealed her affinity for the fashionable and cute to Ocellus, they've had secret tea parties where Smolder gets to indulge her interests and Ocellus gets to feel trusted. Symbiosis in action!

At their special Hearth's Warming secret tea, Ocellus notices that Smolder is acting strangely. She has no idea how deep the problem goes.

Written for Level Dasher for Jinglemas 2021

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Bureaucracy can be boring, especially to a young filly. 

Babysitting can be annoying, particularly to a changeling general.

When unfortunate circumstances force Princess Flurry Heart and Prince Pharynx into each other’s company—on Hearth’s Warming, no less—the two find that even if initial plans fall through, the resulting backup may not be all that bad.

This Breezie story was written for Yoshikage Kira as a part of Jinglemas 2021! For more information about Jinglemas, check out our group!

Cover art put together by Shakespearicles
And now with a reading by Nailah!

Chapters (1)

Inspired by the artwork A Royal Picnic by ShutterflyEQD

Set after Season 7 Episode 10- A Royal Problem

After a mission well done, Princess Celestia invites Starlight for breakfast before she and Twilight leave for Ponyville. Starlight, finally out of Twilight's questioning has a chat with Twilight's own long-time teacher. They find that both teachers have a lot in common, and turns out that the student and teacher are more alike than Starlight thought.

Going for a nice, easy-going one-to-one character story for this.

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“We need like, magically entwined rings. Six of them. Forged together. Enchanted together. Together forever. Like we’re going to be. And I don’t think that there’s anything like that that we know about. So no marriage for now.”

Smolder scratched the back of her neck. “Actually...maybe...I know a spot?”

“You’re kidding,” Gallus said.

“I was holding off on talking about him until it was time to propose,” said Smolder. “He’s an old fart who lives in a cave on the borders of the Dragonlands. His place is kinda camouflaged to non-dragons so the professors don’t really know about it and neither do your species’ governments.”

“Well, I know what we’re doing today,” Ocellus said. "Committing crime for the sake of my five fiancees. You know, this is one of the few things that I think both Chrysalis and Thorax would be proud of me for."

Commissioned by Ice

Chapters (1)

Queen Chrysalis has trusted her son, Prince Pronotum, with a very important mission to Ponyville. He is to infiltrate the town, find a way to remove the Elements of Harmony from the picture, and prepare for a second invasion. He's determined to make her proud. Unfortunately for Chrysalis, her son isn't very bright, and, as a result, he took a few months too long to get to Ponyville.

UPDATE: Glorious cover art by GIULIO.

Chapters (1)

When an integrated changeling has the opportunity to make it big in Applewood as a fill-in actor, it seems like the perfect niche. He’ll be getting jobs left and right!


A story based in the Integration Universe originally conceived by Minds Eye.

Edited by Jackelope
Cover art by me

Chapters (1)

Thanks to the School of Friendship, Equestria has reached out to surrounding lands far and wide. Dragons, Griffons, Yaks, Changelings, Hippogriffs, Kirin, and more have all walked its halls alongside their pony companions as students. 

But adjusting to a new environment can be stressful. What’s a student to do when they need to ease their anxiety?

Why, visit the Cuddlebug, of course.

1st place winner of CategoricalGrant’s 2021 Cuddlefic Contest!

Cover art by the awesome Little Tigress.
Big thanks to Arkane12, Jarvy Jared, and milesprower06 for pre-reading and editing.

And enough people like cuddles that this hit the filtered Feature Box on opening day!

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After the Hive reforms, Thorax finds himself the sudden leader of the changelings. And as it turns out, being the leader means comforting a small nymph who's all alone. But as Thorax looks after the little one, he finds himself caring about the young nymph more than he ever could have thought. Thorax soon found that he's created his own family. It may not be the one he dreamed about as a nymph, but he loves his family. Thorax would do anything for his little nymph, Apex. And as young Apex continues to touch the heart of the alpha changeling, it turns out that Thorax isn't the only one who cares about the little one.

Author's note: The character Apex in this story is in no way connected to the Apex from NavelColt's stories. This Apex is my own original character viewed as an alternate version of Apex with a completely different personality. I only took inspiration in the name, which was originally meant to be a placeholder. If you're interested, go check out NavelColt's The King of Love Bugs to see his Apex.

Edit (11/11/20): Now with cover art! This was drawn by CitreneSkys, check out their DeviantArt account!

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