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Featured on December/17/2019! Thanks a whole bunch!

(Cover art found on internet, since I’m unable to commission cover art unfortunately :twilightsheepish:)

It’s usually easy to impress Tempest just by showing up in a new set of body armor, but Pharynx hates the one he recently got. Let’s just simply say that the armor exposes his midriff. Yeah, and he’s still pretty ticked off about it.

Worse, it gives Tempest some rather... “good access to his body” as she calls it, though her personal definition of that phrase is “full-on physical teasing.”

Hey, it’s not like a tough guy like Pharynx would actually enjoy that type of activity, wouldn’t he?

(Warning: Involves Anthro, soft F/M tickling and tummy teasing/slight navel play.)

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This story is a sequel to Snuggly Buggly

You and Thorax are bros, and bros don't kiss. Thorax disagrees.

Contains snuggles and smooches. No actual intercourse; the sex tag is just there for occasional lewd references.

Cover art is by RedKittyKitty! Go check his stuff out on FurAffinity!

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You and Thorax are bros, and bros don't snuggle. Thorax disagrees.

Contains lots of snuggling. No actual intercourse; the sex tag is just there for occasional lewd references.

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(Cover art by Caroo)

If there’s one thing Pharynx hasn’t changed along with physical appearance, it’s his desire for holes. After all, it’s not like one bite-sized hole could hurt a living soul in Equestria, right?

Well, things go just as well as you expect when Pharynx decides to test his wall-kicking skills, for the first time since his transformation, and play a practical joke on the changelings during the latest Feelings Forum meeting.

And if getting his foot stuck in the wall wasn’t Pharynx’s newest personal definition of “public humiliation,” things go off from there when Thorax accidentally pulls his brother’s boots off.

Let’s just say a lot can happen within minutes; not just for Pharynx, but his now-trapped soles.

(Warning: Involves Anthro and slight foot fetish as well as M/M tickling. Nothing explicit, fortunately.)

Chapters (1)