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I'm a brony that's what I will ever be a brony, if someone has a story about anything about it I think it would be a good idea to write it more than have someone definitely delete it

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This story is a sequel to Written in the Stars

In the early days of the two Princesses, Luna liked to party, but when she met Peach Blossom her world changed forever.  One thousand years later, an old oil painting of her is still Luna’s most treasured possession.  She would forever be her first true love.

I should like to direct readers to the wonderful fan animation “Fall of the Crystal Empire” from Silly Filly Studios.  This was inspirational to me in developing the conclusion to my story and I wanted to copy the excellent dialogue from this animation, but had to change it just in case I fell foul of their copyright.  If you’re not familiar with the piece, please visit and give them a like.  They have also produced other really excellent animations such as “Snowdrop” and “Daylight’s End”.

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WARNING: Slow-burn romance!

Tempest Shadow would be the first pony to tell you she's not worthy of friendship. All she deserves after a life spent helping the Storm King conquer and pillage is four walls, bars, and solitude. But she's getting a new life in Ponyville anyway, at the side of Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship.

Tempest Shadow isn't a friendship kind of pony. She's not a party kind of pony. She's not a happy kind of pony in the least. So what could there possibly be for her in Ponyville? More than she thinks, as it turns out. Come join her as she discovers what she's truly meant to do, what she's truly worth, and who she's truly meant to be with. Her life is going to change far more than she ever would have expected.

A serial that will update as individual stories are completed. Incomplete until the whole thing is finished, but the reader is urged to keep up with uploads. Individual stories may also be comedies or adventures. Warning tags may be added as necessary. Find more stories here!

Cover art by Firimil!

Chapters (16)

All things face mortality. Princesses just do it more than once.

It is a cycle that Celestia has learned to accept, and then to appreciate, and finally to love. Not for what it was, but for who.

Editors: IrRespective, Pascoite

Cover art A Namby-Pamby Pony Princess by Harwicks Art

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This story is a sequel to Together

Daybreaker has reverted back into Celestia, and now she must make amends for what she did as Daybreaker. But little does anypony know that she has a secret and she only trusts Twilight and Luna with it.

I hope you all enjoy reading this. Thank you.

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