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I'm a brony that's what I will ever be a brony, if someone has a story about anything about it I think it would be a good idea to write it more than have someone definitely delete it

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I am Spartan 227 a highly trained SPARTAN-III Super soldier that served during the fall of Reach. No, I am not Noble-6. I did serve along side them, but I was never seen mainly due to the fact I flew Sabres amd provided air support. However when I heard of the Pillair of Autumn making her escape after Six had risked his life using a MAC cannon. I made myself a mission to keep him alive. After all SPARTANS never die, they are just missing in action. I soon found that my mission has been altered, follow me on my journey in world that Humanity has never discovered.

A halo crossover with MLP. Shall we see where this goes?
p.s i have not read much Halo Crossovers so I do not know what to expect
Also on a note. I have based my Charcter's HUD off the game Halo Reach however I have added a few 'personal' additions to the suit. Why? Becasue come on who wouldn't make the suit more atuned to them?

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The German Battleship Bismarck is transported to Equestria after being sunk by the fleet of Admiral John Tovey of the British Navy. With 2090 out of the 2200 men in the battleship, the Kriegsmarine sailors will brave uncharted and unknown waters.
The Equestrian Navy is being equipped with the latest of front-line technology, the 'water-carriage', or ship. It is used by the navy for trading and protecting other ships using pirate-like tactics. However, they would have a shock of their own with the existance of another, unknown ship which seems not to be with theirs or others.

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What happens when we die? Do we enter into a heavenly paradise? Or do we enter into a burning oblivion? Or perhaps we are reincarnated? Well the third option seems more interesting, so let's go with that. Now the big question for reincarnation is: Where are you reincarnated in, and....as what?

Well, five gundam pilots, after years of safe guarding peace on earth will find out just how chaotic the reincarnation system works.

(Might change rating to everyone, cause not fully but will keep it at teen for now. Credit for the cover art goes to SapphireGamgee on Deviant Art. In fact the art was what inspired this fic so all credit to Sapphire :) .)

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Eque, home of the magical beings of many species. Ponies, Griffins, Dragons, and so on. But the thirst for knowledge is unyielding, wanting to travel the among the stars...though, it all went wrong, when a mission, ignites a war without understanding.

Can the war end with Understanding, or Which side will take it all.

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The Griffin Kingdom prepares an invasion on Equestria, and when the Wonderbolts are incapacitated by two griffin aces, a group of pegasus ponies, assembled by Firefly, becomes the land's main aerial defense force, supporting each other in the hardest of times. It's a story of revenge, friendship, sadness, struggles and sacrifices, a war which will change the lives of many a pony and griffon...

Pre-read and proof-read by Rethkir

This is the first story of the mini-series "Ace Combat: Equestria Chronicles". The story takes place some time after the second season of the show.
It is not a direct adaptation of any Ace Combat game, but it contains elements and references to the following games:
- Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies
- Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War
- Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War
- Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation
- Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

The "sad" parts occur every now and then, especially after chapter 9.

All chapters in this fic, except for chapter 15, contain links leading to themes from Ace Combat series. It's used to create an atmosphere. Use "Open in new tab" to listen to these themes. Expect ponified AC characters to appear ;)

It has a sequel:
Ace Combat: Wings of Unity
as well as a follow-up spin-off:
Ace Combat: Gryphon Wings

Chapters (21)

June 22nd, 2016. After a year of restoration, Southern Pacific 4460 was once again steamed up and returned to the rails. She was on her way to Wishram, Washington to meet up with sister engine 4449. The rail fans scattered all along the mainline awaiting her for runby. 4460 was quickly approaching a blind curve ahead and straight into a tunnel. Strangely, the tunnel was glowing with multicolored flames. By then it was too late. She disappeared in the flaming portal. 4460 gets an interesting greeting from Ponyville when it's lassoed to a stop by Braeburn and a few others. Twilight Sparkle wondered if 4460 was one of the earlier and only pieces of human technology that exists in Equestria. She has Spike report 4460's arrival to Princess Celestia. Little did they know that Celestia had a secret connection to human innovation, including the locomotive. She relies on the Mane 6, a human, and some others, to drive the 4460 through the secret portal along a abandoned magic railroad that can connect to both worlds.

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The news had shocked the entire nation. Anger, violence, and even threats of war have erupted in the colony on the borders of the harsh Frozen North, all of it centered around the infamous city of Gueldergrad. If Equestria is to put an end to the chaos before it escalates, somepony must venture into the foreign lands and set things right.

A noble unicorn steps up to meet the challenge: Shining Armor. Newest prince of the Crystal Empire. Captain of the Royal Guard. The pride of the Equestrian armed forces.

But there is a lot hidden in the far-stretching lands of the Frozen North, and even more can it reveal among those who dare to enter. Things the valiant captain does not yet know about his own company, those who command him, or even himself...

(Collab effort between JLB and yours truly. Inspired by the video game "Spec Ops: The Line". Knowledge of the source material is not necessary to get the optimal reading experience.)

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Willard Eperts had considered himself lucky: He'd attained his dream job of stoking Southern Pacific's Daylight Limited at the age of twenty, he'd made quick friends with the engineer, and when the United States dove into the Second World War in 1941, he'd managed to dodge recruiters and keep his dream job by the skin of his teeth.

I did say "had," right?

Now, he's debtor to a princess in a world of talking ponies, and the only way he can repay his debt is through running loads on the Equestrian Railways. It wasn't even his fault for parking the 400-ton machine on that marble floor.

*Disclaimer: The characters of Willard "Willy" Eperts and Murton "Morty" Turner are completely fictional. Any relation to persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. The records for the true engineers and firemen of the Daylight fleet of locomotives can probably be found within Union Pacific's historical archives. This was just an idea I had that I wanted to write.

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It's been almost a thousand years since Nightmare Moon's banishment and while experimental juggernaut Sgt. Alex Ray Johnson has been trapped in stone for most of the time, as per his choice, his release to help with the mare in the moon's return could be an unexpected turn of events. While he helps get Luna accustomed to the new times, he has the opportunity to make friends and actually be welcomed into society. However, not all stories have nice tales. As a dark enemy looms on the horizon, Alex will be put to the test as he will face many dangers and even wage in a war to defend those he deems friends. Will he survive?
This is my second story and will feature many aspects and events from COD 4 MW, COD MW2 and the armored juggernaut suit that Alex is wearing from mw3. Please no flame but constructive criticism is allowed. Does include Luna X OC. DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own MLP FIM or the COD franchise EXCEPT for my OC Alex. MLP FIM and COD belong to their respective owners and I have no part of their companies.

Chapters (2)

Former Princess Celestia of Equestria leaves an encouraging and comforting note for you.

Chapters (1)
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