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I'm odd. I dunno? I guess I'm here because some Empty Plots need Filler.

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Pinkie Pie gets her friends to explain various aspects of Ponydom to the audience (aka a wall of Sugar Cube Corner's kitchen). A silly story poking fun at some of the fan-produced elements of MLP.

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Originally posted in the 'Anon in Equestria' threads on /mlp/, Honesty Lost follows the story of a human, Anonymous, who, after entering into a long-term relationship with Applejack, finds himself confronting uncertainty, guilt, and depression when she suddenly falls ill.

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You'd think that being trapped in stone would mean that, if nothing else, I could get some peace and quiet. Unfortunately, it seems that Celestia has other ideas.

She has appointed these ponies... these 'Keepers', as she calls them, to keep me entertained during my incarceration.

Honestly? I'd prefer the boredom.

Cover art by matrosha123

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Starlight Glimmer has gone back in time. Each time Twilight tries to stop Starlight, she fails and is flung back through the portal and into a broken, twisted Equestria, ravaged by wars or monsters, each version worse than the one before, barreling toward the destruction of the world. Until she lands in a version of Equestria that ... isn't worse. It seems unchanged, happy, normal. The only real difference she can find on the cutie map is that her castle isn't there ...

... but the library still is.

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