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This story is a sequel to No Room In This Hell

I've seen it happen before. Ponies get bit and come nighttime, they turn. 

I dunno if they're even really alive at that point, but I know they're strong as an angry bull. It's like they don't care about anypony else anymore, not even themselves. They bite. They've got these fangs and they bite like a rabid dog. 

I turn to look at Rainbow. They got her, too. But we were quick. We got rid of the wing they got 'er at. I think… I think that'll help. 

Originally written for Quills and Sofas Speedwriting’s Lyrical Contest, where we had 24 hours to write a story based on a lyric or lyrics of a song of our choosing. Thanks to everyone who preread (I swear I’ll list y’all later).

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Everyone always asked Tank where he was going.

He never knew how to answer them. How could one say that when time eroded everything else away, there became less and less meaning in a purpose.

All he knew is that the time passed him by, the more he always seemed to be leaving.

That's when Philomena showed up.

Written for the third Quills and Sofas Expanding Universe contest. A sequel to Novelle Tale's Growing Together .

Art by Shaslan!

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This story is a sequel to Anything for an Answer

Journal Entry 42: She’s coming for me, I know she is. I know what she did to Cloud Chaser and Bulk Biceps and everypony else. And now I know, she won’t let me live—

A deliberately shitty sequel to Silent Whisper's story Anything for an answer, written with permission, for a Shitty EU contest, where a bunch of friends and I write sequels that undermine and ruin the prompt story.

TW for gore!

Chapters (1)

As Rarity stepped into her workroom, her sewing machine stashed in the corner and half-finished designs chucked into an overflowing trashcan, she felt her already hollow heart somehow crumble further, still in denial over one simple fact: 

Rarity used to be a designer. A good one and a bad one all at once.

But... she wasn’t a designer anymore. 

And if she wasn’t a designer, then she had no use to anypony. 

And if she had no use to anypony, she was worthless.

And if she was worthless, she was better off dead.

Thank you to Maxima for the cover art, and to Jykinturah and RBDash for seeing the absolute worst parts of me as I went through hell last year yet staying with me as if it was the most natural choice in the world. Thank you as well to my supporters on KoFi and Patreon for having faith in me even when I didn't.

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Rarity and Applejack put the romance in necromancy.

A gift for Novelle Tale.

CW: Unhealthy relationships, descriptions of murder/death (bloodless), necromancy (duh), implied suicidal intentions at one point (never made explicit).

Does NOT contain necrophilia or sex of any sort. (Didn't think I'd have to spell that out, but here we are...)

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"Faster," whispered Twilight as she cleaned up the mess. "They need to be faster."

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The Cutie Mark Crusaders are a team. Even now that they're adults, their friendship has never wavered.

So when something arises to threaten that friendship, Sweetie Belle will do everything in her power to protect it. No matter what.

Written as a Christmas gift for Wish, who has been trying to force me to write Sweetie Belle for years.

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For all her life, Sweetie Belle thought that dream magic was a mystic power reserved for alicorns and their ilk. Now that Princess Luna is teaching it to her, Sweetie knows she was right.

Written as a gift for Zontan as part of an anthology titled The Dark Between The Stars. Other stories from it can be found here, and details about a print version can be found here.

Thank you to mushroom for the amazing cover art, and their sibling cereal for the wonderful chapter art.

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Tell me more of what lies beyond here.

Written as a gift for garatheauthor. Edited and preread by The Red Parade and Snow Quill.

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