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  • 244 weeks
    S9E26 - The Last Problem


    In a distant future, Princess Twilight Sparkle attempts to solve a student's friendship problem.

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  • 244 weeks
    S9E23 - The Big Mac Question


    Without telling each other, Big McIntosh and Sugar Belle have devised unorthodox methods to propose marriage.

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  • 244 weeks
    S9E22 - Growing Up Is Hard To Do


    When the Cutie Mark Crusaders are magically transformed into grownups,they discover that growing up the right way means gaining experience and wisdom that simply can’t be rushed.

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  • 244 weeks
    S9E21 - Daring Doubt


    When another author releases his own version of the events in AK Yearling’s Daring Do books, Rainbow Dash is furious, while Fluttershy is curious to know the truth.

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  • 244 weeks
    S9E20 - A Horse Shoe In


    Starlight decides to hire a Vice Headmare in preparation to take over the School of Friendship from Twilight. But she soon realizes that hiring the right pony for the job is going to be a lot harder than she thought.

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  • 249 weeks
    S9E19 - Dragon Dropped


    Rarity worries she’s done something to upset Spike when he stops making time for her.

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  • 249 weeks
    S9E18 - She Talks To Angel


    When Fluttershy and Angel Bunny's relationship hits the skids, Zecora gives them a potion to help them understand each other.

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  • 249 weeks
    S9E17 - The Summer Sun Setback


    Twilight is determined to make Celestia and Luna's last Summer Sun Celebration memorable, but things start going horribly wrong.

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  • 252 weeks
    S9E16 - A Trivial Pursuit


    Twilight's hopes of keeping her Trivia Trot winning streak alive are waylaid when she's unexpectedly paired up with Pinkie Pie, who has never been to a trivia night before.

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    (Was away all weekend sorry!)

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  • 253 weeks
    S9E15 - 2,4,6, GREAAAT


    The School of Friendship is starting a buckball team and Rainbow Dash has to come to terms with the fact that she won't be coaching the team.

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Episode Discussion » S9E24-25 - The Ending of the End · 2:55pm Oct 12th, 2019


24 - A villainous alliance unleashes their power on Equestria.
25 - The Mane Six face off against Equestria's most dangerous foes.

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These are my opinions:
Cozy Glow should have back-stabbed her frenemies.
Scorpan should have come to take Tirek home.
Chrysalis should have been turned into a gay deer. (But then decided to keep her old look.)

The time has come. I don't know how to feel about this. much as it pains us all....we know it's time. We'll keep it cool tonight.

also just a reminder, even though the show may be over...
as long as we keep this shit alive, even going into G5, we never have to truly say goodbye to these ponies or Equestria

...I still don't want to go tbh

Im more upset that Zecora, Diamond Dogs, Dragons and even Diamond TIara and SilverSpoon never got a proper send off. Zecora was left out so much in the last two seasons I feel like its a bit... I cant even say racist but Im not sure, so add your own input for that. She was supposed to be a mentor for Twilight and we only have one episode of that.
Diamond Dogs I felt deserved to at least be acknowledged to have more intelligence among st their species to not cement them as all idiots.
Dragons.... I am a dragon lover. Spike x Ember forever(Read my stories on them!) But i wished they had some episode where they create a proper diplomatic bond between Equestria and the Dragons(They only did it with the Changelings.) Along with that, maybe a tease on a dragon couple? No couples exist... cannon wise.

DT and SS.... they deserved more, along with Babs and a bunch of foals. In truth, I feel disappointed that this is how it ends. I just hope the comics can do better.

I know that final episodes have already been widely leaked, and that some of the wisecracks in the room will quip that FiM "ended" a long time ago, but this truly does feel like the end. Not the end of the fandom, of course, but definitely the end of an era, at least.

But, until then, we have three more episodes to sit through.

Let’s do this thing!


...In a few more hours, that is.

wow, one downvote already, guess that one guy is really trying to hold onto the ship not being canon huh?

My thoughts, having already seen enough via spoilers. Spoilers abound in the link. Ye have been warned.

I think it had more to to with the unnecessary attempt to start shit

About time the show finally ends I don't know how much longer the staff could milk this dead horse

Random Guy: Hey, MLP: FiM is ending today, are you ready?

But seriously, MLP: FiM brings back so many memories, and it'll always be in our hearts.

Your not going to like what I’m about to say.

and yet you're here

anyone with an anime avatar has to be correct, right?

If it’s “I can’t believe they pulled an Iron Man 3, that is the dumbest shit ever”, then I basically just said the same thing in my blog.

I got my reasons for being here and the show ain't one of them.


Discord's been my favorite since season 2, but my lord, I wanted to stab him in this finale. Just...BRUH. I really wanted Grog to be this cool villain, someone stronger than anything we've ever seen! Instead, we just got Discord being an absolute buffoon.

I still loved the finale though. I 100% cried a little. I've been watching this since I was like 10 or 9, so seeing it end is bittersweet. This feels more like the end of my childhood then my actual 18th birthday...

I downvoted because you posted in the wrong episodes' thread.

is it the porn?

AC97 #22 · Oct 12th, 2019 · · 2 ·


Alright, I'll talk about the biggest elephant in the room, regarding a twist.

If Grogar were the real one, where the fuck has he been? You'd think he could decimate Celestia say, 100 years ago, when she was the only alicorn around, at half his power portrayed in the premiere. Waiting this long, when Equestria is in such a powerful position doesn't make sense.

Why would his lair be on an Equestrian map?

Why would he seemingly have suddenly have given up on retrieving his bell, when he was more powerful than all of them combined, no attempts on his part to get it?

Why would he leave the villains as often as he did?

Aside from that, as a villain, he wasn't compelling as set up. With the other three, their actions had made it personal with the heroes on numerous occasions, especially Chrysalis.

Grogar? Not even Celestia and Luna had ever encountered him, nobody did, unless an alternate twist happened. Gusty is likely long dead, and the only thing he'd have against Twilight and the others is "they're in my way." That's it.

Discord is the only character who could've conceivably done this that we knew of, and according to leaks, this was always planned. Ironically, Discord was better at impersonation than Chrysalis was in A Canterlot Wedding.

Think about it, Discord was getting an odd amount of focus in the season premiere, and Grogar appeared after a scene in which Discord showed frustration with how comforting Twilight goes.

I personally liked the finale and epilogue. Thanks, MLP: FIM, for being a great show, and making me fall in love with nearly all the characters.


The show ended with Season 7.

In addition to your points, I’d also like to add that "Grogar" has the same yellow eyes + red irises as Discord. As far as I’m aware, they are the only characters to have that eye coloration.

So... Discord... whatever happened to “I don’t turn ponies into stone”?

It’s because Discord could have impersonated any original character DHX wanted. He could have shown up going “I am the dark lord Rahu” or “I am Dread Cipactli” or “I am Aurelian, Golden brother to Celestia” or whatever.

By having him be Grogar then the audience expects him to be Grogar. Grogar isn’t a literally who, he’s an actual character in the franchise with history behind him. One version of him or another has had fics on this site practically since it launched.

It’s not like we wouldn’t have “bought it” if Discord had been impersonating, I dunno, Empress TELOS or something else. Or Hell, if you really must use a G1 villain then get someone obscure. Dimes to dollars not a single person here knows who I’m referring to when I say he could have been The Red Cloud

But Grogar? Fuck no. The only thing this is, is jangling the nostalgia/fan keys in front of us, only to yank them away before we can grab them.


If you turn ponies to stone, they stop being fun, chaotic. He was also showing bitterness because it happened to him when he said that.

With these three? I don't think he cared about them being chaotic again, at all.

Also, Discord did go from this...

"Make sense? Oh, what fun is there in making sense?"


Fluttershy: What?! Why would you ever think that?
Discord: Because you and I don't make sense to anypony else.

So in short, I think it wasn't because of actual moral outrage on his part.

It's still a day away for me and I can't wait! Been at this for years now and will be sad to see it all go but will always keep the memories in my heart. Love this series and can't wait for Gen 5.

FIM. Powered by Amigas.:coolphoto:


What fun is there in making sense? :derpytongue2:

Seasons 1-7 + movie is my preferred canon. I still love the series!

Who knew Dennis Reynolds was a brony!

Anime avatars are proven to make your dick grow up to 400% its original size..



I though they would do something like that too, but honestly? I enjoyed the twist. Maybe because ever since 'Frenemies' everyone thought the trio (or some of them, anyway) will get redeemed.

The thing they could have done better IMHO was to show 'Magic of Friendship' is dead instead of saying it. I mean, imagine a scene where girls are powering up, and are ready to blast the trio, only to abruptly shut down, and realize in horror that they can't use the darn 'rainbow lasers fix it all!' power for some reason.

Other than that, I got no complains. Buffed up Chaotic Pinkie was hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

Sadly Zecora was written off a loooooong time ago. It's a real shame, I liked her. If she was thrown out for being too racially charged or whatever, I'm flabbergasted they kept the yaks, who are as about as flippant a stereotype of "backwards foreign culture" as you can get.

Nostalgia bait, that's all it was. Also an unwillingness to create a story they thought they couldn't wrap up quickly enough. The whole thing stinks of them going "Uh oh if we have the real Grogar we might need to write more story than we can handle, quick prune the script by making him a fake."

Part 1...

This is it! The Ending of the End!

Yay! Alicorn Cozy Glow! ^3^

Yup. I knew Grogar was Discord this whole time. Btw, nobody can handle chaos magic. So that's a relief.

Yup. I was right! If only the heroes can get that bell and give everyone their powers back.

Hasbro just pulled an epic Endgame battle. Smh.

Sugoi! Cozy Glow blasting Twilight in the face! Awesome!

Damn, Hasbro OP’d and nerfed Starlight whenever it's convenient for plot reasons.

Whelp, there goes Canterlot!

Rarity saving Twilight. Wow. O3O

Discord: *To Twilight* Fly, you fool!

Btw, where the hell is Tempest and her soldiers? Oh…

Anyway… this episode just got a bit too dark.

Part 2...

Discord roasting Tirek made my sides hurt.

Oh Discord, I'll miss his shenanigans…

Just save Equestria! And keep Fluttershy safe! And he's just throwing stones. XD

This is as close to Fallout Equestria as we can get.

I hate Wendigos!

Oh no, poor Lyra and Bon Bon!



Threatening to rip out Spike’s wings… that's even darker.

Yup! There's she is! Tempest! And everyone!!!

Wait a minute… I'm not watching a ponified version of Endgame’s final battle, right?

Remember to stay in school, kids! Work hard! Study hard! Make friends with the quiet kid so you don't get shot!


Tsk, tsk. Poor Cozy Glow. She had a good run while it lasted…

Foreshadowing. O3O

This episode was epic! :yay:

oh boy. Time for another round of fan-rage about cozy being turned to stone despite 'HER BEING AN INNOCENT LITTLE KID' (that was meant sarcastic btw.)

Alright, the official air time can't get here fast enough.

I'm kind of sick of using spoiler tags by now, having to avoid spoiling others, lol.

Well, I did want Cozy Glow to be dealt with harshly...

She was so arrogant when she had some power. She was insidious, heartless, and without a shred of empathy or compassion. I would give the "she's just a kid" argument some weight if she'd shown any sign of not understanding the consequences of her actions. Kids do some pretty terrible things in the real world, but it's usually because they haven't learned empathy, and they don't fully understand how their actions can hurt others. Cozy knows. She just doesn't care.

That last moment, as she's turning to stone and realizes there's nothing she can do to stop it? That's the moment that gets frozen in time. She gets to have that scared look forever. Rather fitting, I say.


Wait a minute… I'm not watching a ponified version of Endgame’s final battle, right?

Starswirl: "Is this everyone?"

Neighsay: "What, you wanted more??"

5136070 5136078
I don’t think she’s an innocent little kid, I just think that if we can cart out Discord, Spirit of Chaos, Evil, and Disharmony by his own words, and throw him at Fluttershy to fix, I don’t understand why the same effort can’t be directed at what is by all indications just an ordinary if quite unbalanced pony.

Seriously, cast your mind back to before “Keep Calm and Flutter On On”. Has Cozy done anything worse than Discord? Shown herself as any more willing of redemption than him at that point?

Discord never intentionally aimed to kill anyone.
Cozy did several times aim to kill or just blatantly ignored her actions would have lead to ponies dying.

Plus Cozy have had chances to better herself. When she was caught the first time, she could have showed regret. She didn't.
When she was freed from prison, she could have walked away. She still stayed and took delight in being evil.

Cozy Glow has no remorse


Discord never intentionally aimed to kill anyone

Yes, but the distinct impression was that he didn’t because a corpse is no fun. It just lies there and doesn’t react. That’s hardly laudable. Also, did you not hear the background screams when Celestia described is reign? I don’t think we’re meant to believe that Equestria under his rule was tolerable.

You also seem to forget that Discord showed no regret when freed in “Keep Calm” and immediately got back to his old tricks, concocting a plan to keep the Elements from being used on him even. It wasn’t until he ran the risk of losing the closest thing that he ever had to a friend that he recanted — and that only because Fluttershy was making an active effort to reach out to him and try and be nice to him and show him another way.

Tell me, who made that effort with Cozy? With Tirek? I’d ask with Chrysalis too but she was never actually captured so that’s a valid excuse, that no one tried. They didn’t know where to look. But Cozy and Tirek were right there in Tartaros.

I’m not even saying that it would have worked, or even that it should have worked. What bothers me is the apparent lack of any effort to try in the first place.

Neither did Discord until Fluttershy made the determined, continuous effort to reach out to him. Who made that effort for Cozy or Tirek?

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