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  • 248 weeks
    S9E26 - The Last Problem


    In a distant future, Princess Twilight Sparkle attempts to solve a student's friendship problem.

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  • 248 weeks
    S9E24-25 - The Ending of the End


    24 - A villainous alliance unleashes their power on Equestria.
    25 - The Mane Six face off against Equestria's most dangerous foes.

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  • 248 weeks
    S9E22 - Growing Up Is Hard To Do


    When the Cutie Mark Crusaders are magically transformed into grownups,they discover that growing up the right way means gaining experience and wisdom that simply can’t be rushed.

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  • 248 weeks
    S9E21 - Daring Doubt


    When another author releases his own version of the events in AK Yearling’s Daring Do books, Rainbow Dash is furious, while Fluttershy is curious to know the truth.

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  • 248 weeks
    S9E20 - A Horse Shoe In


    Starlight decides to hire a Vice Headmare in preparation to take over the School of Friendship from Twilight. But she soon realizes that hiring the right pony for the job is going to be a lot harder than she thought.

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  • 253 weeks
    S9E19 - Dragon Dropped


    Rarity worries she’s done something to upset Spike when he stops making time for her.

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  • 253 weeks
    S9E18 - She Talks To Angel


    When Fluttershy and Angel Bunny's relationship hits the skids, Zecora gives them a potion to help them understand each other.

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  • 253 weeks
    S9E17 - The Summer Sun Setback


    Twilight is determined to make Celestia and Luna's last Summer Sun Celebration memorable, but things start going horribly wrong.

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  • 255 weeks
    S9E16 - A Trivial Pursuit


    Twilight's hopes of keeping her Trivia Trot winning streak alive are waylaid when she's unexpectedly paired up with Pinkie Pie, who has never been to a trivia night before.

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    (Was away all weekend sorry!)

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  • 257 weeks
    S9E15 - 2,4,6, GREAAAT


    The School of Friendship is starting a buckball team and Rainbow Dash has to come to terms with the fact that she won't be coaching the team.

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Episode Discussion » S9E23 - The Big Mac Question · 2:53pm Oct 12th, 2019


Without telling each other, Big McIntosh and Sugar Belle have devised unorthodox methods to propose marriage.

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I guess Sugar Belle and Big Mac are meant for each other. They both wanted to propose to each other using needlessly-elaborate schemes. :rainbowwild:

This episode was hilarious fun, and a good way to cap off Big Macintosh's relationship with Sugar Belle. Odd that this was the last episode before the finale and not some sort of setup ep, but whatever. It was too much fun to be mad at. :scootangel:

Poor Marble. If her expression at the sight of Big Mac and Sugar Belle nuzzling each other during The Best Gift Ever is anything to go by, news of this is absolutely going to break her heart. :fluttershysad:

From start to finish, I actually found myself enjoying this episode far more than I was prepared for. Jumping back between the actual story and these interview segments, the latter reminds me of shows where it shows the cast talking to the camera confessing how their involvement either stirred trouble in the pot or they said one thing but the situation turns out entirely different ('Modern Family' does this rather well, along with a handful of other programs). While I went into this episode not sure of how the story would turn out, suddenly the emotional moments between Big Mac and Sugar Belle, the subtle proposal in the background you'd easily miss if not paying attention, and even that 'Star Trek' nod by Granny... This was actually a better episode than I thought it would be.

Now I will admit the story I imagined going into this story was slightly different than what we got. I honestly thought Applejack would be more involved apart from appearing just for the end (Though I love the outfit), how this whole proposal Big Mac was preparing would have an effect on his sister. Like even if she'd be happy he's getting married, what if he decides that he doesn't want to stay in Sweet Apple Acres anymore? What if he and Sugar Belle want to start a new life somewhere else? Would they have time together anymore? While it would've made for a more dramatic story than what we got, in the end I was satisfied with what we did get.

This episode wanted to prove why Big Mac and Sugar Belle were meant to be together, as opposed to other pairings with Cheerilee and/or Marble Pie, and for all intents and purposes it did succeed. Not to mention it was subtle how it ties with 'Perfect Pear' especially at the end as to while proposals may not be perfect and good intentions from your friends may lead to bigger messes, so long as the two are happily together it's all that matters.

As for the whole Lyra and Bon Bon proposal, which is what tons of people are talking about... Congratulations! Some say it's just to make the fans happy, but what matters for me personally... Anything that makes 'them' happy pleases me.

I agree; this was one of the best the MLP writers have done. Discord was PRICELESS in this episode and I loved the way it was done as if all the characters were giving off-script interviews in between the various segments of the story. Best line: Discord- "Oh, don't be such a 'drama dragon'!
I only wished they had done a 'date' episode or two (more then just Hearts and Hooves day) for Big Mac and Sugar Belle. Would have liked to see their relationship develop along the last 2 seasons, but, overall I was cheering for the new couple at the end and having the wedding at the entwined trees of Bright Mac and Pear Butter was just the best capping off for the event.:pinkiehappy:

This episode has the LyraBon proposal.

This episode is best episode.

i hope we get to see more of marble in the season 10 comics, there are still so many characters and past events that can become story material.
I still want to see Zebrica afterall.

I'd actually been looking forward to this episode, but unfortunately I can't say I really enjoyed it as much as I'd hoped. I had been slightly spoiled and knew there would be a wedding. But I thought that would be the subject of the entire episode. I was thinking it would be like when Jim and Pam tied it on the Office, where the episode would be all about the hassle behind weddings making you unable to enjoy it. Or just that there would be some big screwup because they invited the entire town. Although saying that, we did get a similar conflict with The Summer Sun Setback. And that aspect of weddings was acknowledged a little in Slice of Life.

Right off the bat I didn't really care much for the whole flashback framing device as it felt more distracting than productive. The first act of the episode also just didn't excite me as it seemed to be more about Spike and Discard getting up to random antics than actually contributing. Likewise the second half was more about the CMC's antics.

Now I never had some theory cooking that I'm upset didn't come true. It's just that we could have gotten something centered on Big Mac and Sugar Belle. The focus is just in the wrong place. This should have been their BIG episode and really should have kept the spotlight on the two of them from beginning to end, but it takes until act three to really get there. Sure, we got the LEGITIMATELY touching wedding. But that scene where Sugar and Mac are talking about the nature of life and love? Why couldn't we get that throughout the entire episode? Or even without her or Mac actually talking, this episode could have been more ABOUT them.

But we do get there at the end of this, so even though I'm being really... illustrative with my complaining, I don't really hold beef against the episode.

It would have been nice for them to have their own episode, and the cynical part of me says that Hasbro was too chickenshit to have an episode about a gay couple. But honestly, it's pretty damn beautiful symmetry that characters which grew out of background get to have this final moment in the background.

A pretty darn good episode, but it feels like there are scenes missing because other scenes dragged on for longer than they should've. And are we not going to comment on how none of Applejack's friends besides Spike got to be part of the wedding?

Review will follow, likely only after the Finale. I had Cutie Mark Crusaders plans to fulfill after "Growing Up is Hard to Do".

OMFG BIG MAC IS PROPOSING TO SUGAR BELLE!!!!!! SUGOI! SUGOI! [Mentally screaming in excitement] :yay:

He should stick to bucking apples. O3O

I'm never eating an apple again. O3O

Oh hey, it's Grand Pear and Burnt Oak!

Spike offending Mrs. Cake made my sides hurt.

Bananas! :yay:

Wow. Granny Smith can still run!


Ah-ha! I new it was a double whammy!

ScrewingWithSFM Screwdriver! I said Screwdriver! Why did Big Mac say screwdriver out loud?

The CMC shouting Big Mac while I'm eating one. :yay:

I guess Sugar Belle won't be vegan for long.

To look for someone, check all their recent social media posts to see where they currently are.

Also that Apple fusion. Love is in the air! *Naruto runs*

Damn Spike. Sick burns.

Oh no! Not the tree! Oof! Ouch! All my feels hurt!


Yup. I liek dis episode! ^3^

The way Discord repurposed the mini apple monsters into an angelic choir was oddly sweet and adorable. The giant apple monster spouting out Big Mac's attempts at poetry was also strangely sweet. I mean, as terrifying and weird as it would have been, I probably would have said "Yes" right then and there. :rainbowlaugh:

So is she the first unicorn in the Apple family?

In the family photo at the Apple reunion you can see a few unicorns.

This was a fantastic episode. Big Mac and Sugar Belle both getting ready to propose to the other was so sweet, as was their friends helping out. Even Discord had a part to play (though he wasn't above taking a shortcut).

Big Mac and Sugar Belle's talk after both proposals ended in disaster was really heartfelt, and proposing under Bright Mac and Pear Butter's tree was a nice touch. The wedding itself was just beautiful, and the perfect way to end the episode.

I love a good episode with connecting side plots

Granny Smith with the Star Trek reference

The ship no-one asked for ends in a much better place than it started - from one of the worst eps of a great season to one of the best of a sucky one. And it's even a sequel to The Perfect Pear, too.

I loved that part.

Wonder if there will be any stories about Bulk Bicep & Octavia Melody since they cannonically went on a date.

I wonder if this episode will shut up them nitwits that think the Apple family are racist.

Seem that Spike mail magic is a part of his dragon's magic and not a spell from Celestia.

I like Granny Smith dreaming of Star Track (Star Trek).

Looking at this thread, one can see that Cyrosite have a hate boner for anybody (Spike, Applejack) ship with her waifu, Rarity.
Ponies that are member of the Apple Family

Carrot Top/Golden Harvest's husband (Written Script) and most of her children (Amethyst Star/Sparkler, Dinky Hooves, and Liza Doolot/Petunia/Tootsie Flute) are unicorn.

And since Bon Bon is an Apple that make Lyra Heartstring an apple too.

Wow that's a lot plus there ate those I didn't even expect there to be. Good for them.

I like to think that in the future, Discord is considered to be an official part of the Apple family as that weird uncle who only shows up on holidays but always gives the best presents and questionable advice.

I think after moving on from Big Mac and accepting that he and Sugar Belle belonged together, Marble Pie would have been happy for Big Mac and Sugar Belle and wished them a long and happy marriage. She and Big Mac would still remain family friends while also befriending Sugar Belle. Here's hoping Marble Pie will find her own happy ending in the Season 10 comic books.

If we had another season, I would forsee an episode where Sugar Belle thinks Discord is a bad influence, either on big Mac or their future foals, and hijinks ensue as Discord tries to prove her wrong.

That actually sounds like a really great story that I just might have to write.

Cool, go for it.

This was a good episode.

Maybe we'll get something like that in the season 10 comics.

"An' then Discord showed up an' he was the same as he always was..."
"If you need any of those references explained, I'm right here, okay?"

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