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The 2018 Bronycon Days · 12:03am Aug 1st, 2018

In other words, a recount of stuff that happened. And was fun.

Also, less fun to read than Aragon's but hey. That's life.

There is the concept of the After-Con Depression.

Essentially, it means exactly what it says on the can: You had a bunch of fun for three-to-four days, now reality sweeps in and takes that happiness away.

I'm not depressed.

RobCakeran—more than once—has mentioned how Trotcon is his convention. The one that really resonates with him… for various reasons.

BronyCon has always been mine and even if it lasts such a short time every year, it renews me when I get home. I feel happier and more ready to take on the inevitable bitch-slaps that life will send my way at some point.

Why don't I get con blues? Well...

It's where I meet with most of my friends from all over the world, and has always been a source of energy and anticipation that, for me, starts months before they even open up submissions for events or panels.

For me, it's a chance to plan a dinner. Anticipate a breakfast meeting. Roam a floor full of stuff that relates directly to my interests, accompanied by friends. It's a chance to rant to and with others about things that pertain to our fandom. It's the time when I can do so not in text, but face to face.

The time to rush up several flights of stairs to make it to a panel I'm doing, or I can't wait to sit in for. The opportunity to be surprised and pleased by meeting someone new that I only knew about online.

"I never knew you were so tall!"

"Look at this thing I just bought!"

"Anyone want to try this new card game?"

"Wait, that dude sounds very Spanish. Is that Aragon?"

"Did you guys see that Ember/Flutterbat/Etc Cosplay?! It was awesome!"

"Wait, when did Larson sign this?! It was in my room the whole time!"

"Hey Jinx, do you know where (randomstaffmember) is?"

"They're seriously holding a meditation in Quills and Sofas?! Who thought that as a good idea?!"

"Oh wow, you're (x author)! I loved (x story)!"

"Hey guys, I'm going for food, anyone interested?"

It's a concept and place that just brings joy to me and has allowed me to be surrounded with people that I would have otherwise most likely never met in person.

That, and I also love the Harbor Area. The people there know us and accept us too. Restaurant managers I've met previous years remember me on sight and vice-versa. The layout of the area is so familiar now… it's almost like I lived or worked there for a while.

I've talked shop, prepared projects, fostered new ideas for stories, revived old ones, given advice, received advice, argued the finer points of an idea, etc. In short, Baltimore and Bronycon are a big part of my fandom experience, and have been for years now.

I know it's not the same for everyone. I know, there are plenty of others that will just shrug and move on to the next one. They don't want to get involved in the "drama" of the Bronycon Politics (and yes, there's a LOT of drama there but that's not for me to air out). Already there's plenty of emotional reactions to the last year announcement that go from despondency, to anger, to true and honest disinterest.

And that's all fair. What I have from every Bronycon—what I return with—is not the sudden absence of it, but rather the stacked experiences of the whole convention. Some bad, sure. The vast majority? Good. Awesome, even.

This year was no exception.


Woke up hyped AF. Was supposed to drive over to Corejo's. Showed up to (Workplace) World HQ work in a t-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes. Boss was not impressed. Boss was even less so since I had a meeting with several people too. Turns out, it was not to be and we decided it would be better for me to just drive over the next day.

But hey. I just had to hide for the rest of the day.


Corejo, his brother and I kidnapped CSquared, took off on Thursday for Baltimore and arrived in time to pick up our badges.

At registration I kept running into people I knew, including GreyPon3 with whom I talked for a while and then later on got this amazing picture with:

I'm really not photogenic at all. People that've met me might have to clarify this for me, but I really think I look different in person than in most pictures :twilightoops:

We then managed to meet up with Pen Stroke, Gamma and Nyronus for pizza at Uno Pizzeria and Grill where Corejo and I shared their Chicago Fire Pizza.

We were slightly disappointed that it wasn't as hot as advertised, but it was otherwise okay and sufficiently filling.

We walked to the Days Inn to get some cash from the ATM, and met none other than Alondro, who I immediately threatened with bodily harm. He took it in stride and we had a brief friendly chat, during which, who walks in but Midnight Dancer, Petrichord, FoughtDragon, Regidar and Majin Syeekoh. I give Middy a big hug, do the same for dragon... I didn't have my badge facing forward, so when I hugged Petri he gave me this look of: "Okay?" And Regidar glanced at me doubtfully until the full power of the Con Badge was in display and they finally knew who they were talking to.

We talked for a while and Dragon showed off his amazing art (the link for his name is the DA, go follow and gawk) until at last the yawnfest I was rooming with gave unequivocal signals that they wanted to go. Like, now.

Because Corejo and CSquared wanted to go running at 4 am as normal people are wont to definitely not do, we headed over to the hotel for a relatively early night.

Friday morning is when the fun began. Unlike previous cons, I only had 1 panel so, I found myself with an insufferable amount of free time on my hands. Time which I spent preparing the presentation GAPJaxie, Bad Horse and I would be using the next day, eating, at Quills and Sofas or in the marketplace, where I had a chance encounter with Biker Dash, who introduced Dancer and I to Commander_Pensword.

I have to admit, a lot of the convention this year is—right now—little more than a blur of walking, walking, eating breakfast, shopping, walking, meeting people, eating lunch, walking and walking. Then dinner. And walking.

Before dinner happened, I have to make some special mentions. Turns out that there was an impromptu flash fiction competition that was to take place in Q&S, but not detailed out. So when the judge (Scribbler) turned up for that, there were no plans on how to make it work exactly. However, from the depths of despair, two individuals rose to the rescue, and I feel that they should be noted on this. Applejinx got there first, by a few seconds, but Shakespearicles also had a plan ready to go, which I very much hope he can put into effect here in fimfic at some point.

The author's dinner was—unfortunately—only doable at a time where one panel was ongoing (Crystal Wishes who I completely missed chatting with), and severely pushing it on time for another panel by bookplayer, both of whom were severely missed, although Axis of Rotation is said to have stepped up to the plate for additional foodstuffs and deserves many kudos for it as well.

We got rained on, but the majority was able to take advantage of a short lull in the rain to make their way to the venue. Applejinx and I remained behind to wait for any stragglers until at last just the few of us who had stayed behind were left, and then Morning Sun emerged in full glory  like her namesake and Uber-ed us to the restaurant.

What followed was a lovely dinner, during which I was fortunate enough to share a table with Obabscribbler, Reverb Brony, Neighrator Pony, and Applejinx, where we talked about England, Knighty and Shepard's Pie, among other things. It was very interesting to get to meet them all, and a real pleasure to get to know them better.

Also, I'm not sure what the actual F is going on with multiposting blogs. :facehoof: sorry about that!

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Comments ( 24 )

> "Smoulder, Best Dragon"

Whoever did that medal needs to read words and go to art school.
She/He clearly misspelled Spike and drew him incorrectly.

Alondro was there? Darn it, I wanted to threaten to punch him too.

Also, good to have seen you, however briefly.

Because Corejo and CSquared wanted to go running at 4 am as normal people are wont to definitely not do, we headed over to the hotel for a relatively early night.

Are you calling us not normal? :twilightangry2: :twilightangry2: :twilightangry2: :twilightangry2: :twilightangry2: :twilightangry2:

Thank you, friend~

Hope you had fun. Did you hang at Quills and Sofas? Dunno if I saw ya there at all.

You left out the part where I was thrilled as the dickens to actually see you at the con.

I'm terrible at faces. :u

Dinner was great, Wanderer. Thanks for arranging it and to you and Bad Horse for inviting me along. Met a bunch of great people that night. :twilightsmile:

Shakespearicles also had a plan ready to go, which I very much hope he can put into effect here in fimfic at some point.

Announcement forthcoming HERE.

I'm so sorry we didn't sync up this year! aaaa ;~;

I'm glad it sounds like it was an overall good time for you though!!

It was great seeing you, and I’m still haunted by my collapse of moral character in not just giving you my glow-in-the-fucking-dark Chryssalis teeshirt after the vendor had run out of every size between Pygmy and Jib Sail. There have been episodes written for lesser moral quandaries.

I am obliged to make it up to you next year with enough alcohol to make you forget that Tuesday’s exist.

:fluttershysad::fluttershyouch::applecry: I MISS YOU GUYS!!!!! :fluttercry::fluttershbad::raritycry:

I don't care if it bankrupts me, I am GOING to be at BCON 2019. It's MY con. I started there, and I started the (current) writing track there, and I agree with everything you just said about why it's such a great time and I haven't been in four years and I miss EVERYONE!:raritydespair:
And the government won't have their mitts on me no more. :trixieshiftright:

Seems like you borked a few links, mate.

And I'm saddened I couldn't go.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Wanderer D

4911629 That's what I get for typing all the bbcode :P

It was great seeing you! And by all means drop me a line if I can be of any assistance with the ideas we discussed. :twilightsmile:

Was amazing as always :) why do the best of my friends that are the best of me have to be so far away :fluttershyouch:

I think that's the only time that statement has ever been entirely accurate.

Next year I want it to be even more Glorious, fufufufu

Glad to have run into you, sorry we didn't get to chat more, but maybe I'll get to hang out with you again sometime soon :twilightsmile:

it was fantastic finally being able to meet you in person

thanks for listening to me ramble on at the alehouse, that dinner was fucking stellar

Wanderer D

4911510 Don't worry, I also got the Ember Best Dragon.
4911511 he is very calm in person and methodical in his thoughts, I can see how that would convert into the Alondro we all love in here.
4911512 I would never call you normal.
4911521 Yes! I was there on and off.
4911523 :) I was very happy to see you too!
4911524 A Con tradition, that is! I'm glad it worked out for everyone!
4911534 waiting for it!
4911565 Yeah! I can't believe how often I miss talking to you because I think I'll get a picture later. :P
4911567 Haha, don't worry about it! It's a great shirt, I'll be getting it sometime!
4911595 We'll be waiting!
4911686 Of course! I'm glad we did get to talk during the con instead of waving at each other from across the room every so often!
4911810 I feel the exact same way! (Well, I do have a few friends here, but I want them all, dammit!)
4911895 Well, you really stepped up! :twilightsmile: thank you!
4912265 Yes! Dammit. Next time we do open mic with Jake.
4912756 Dude, it was an absolute blast! I'm glad we had the time to talk-talk for real.

I think I'm supposed to take this as an insult.

Wanderer D

4912794 Nah. It's a compliment.

The thanks belongs all to our staff, they worked the hardest!

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