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Royal Wedding - Part Deux · 6:10pm Aug 10th, 2016

I just had a horrible idea, and I'm not sure if it's been done before. Bear with me.
Peace treaties in Ye Olden Times were frequently formalized by marriage between the two warring parties.
The Changelings are at war with Equestria.
Queen Chrysalis appears to be single.
So is Prince Blueblood.

Princess Luna looked down at the scroll with a peculiar twist to her lips as she read. Finally, she put the scroll down on the table and shook her head. "Are you quite certain, Celly? It seems like such a cruel and unusual thing to inflict upon the poor thing. Is there no other way?"

"Not that we were able to find and still preserve the fragile peace," said Celestia. "Look at the bright side, Luna. You get to do the ceremony this time."

"True," said Luna with a coy smile. "But I'm just wondering if we have chains strong enough to hold Queen Chrysalis at the ceremony once she finds out who she is to wed."

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Go for it. Don't forget they need an heir.

I hereby greenlight this project. May the winds of fate be ever in your favor.

Which particular subspecies of Blueblood is it, though -- the bunny-ears diplomat, the insufferable bitter jerk, or something else? :)

EDIT: Oh, and Blueblood is paired to Chrysalis at least in iisaw's trilogy, and possibly in a few other places. Not for diplomatic reasons, though.

I would love to read this.

I prefer the bitter and jaded Bluebood who's actually a decent person deep down.

I take it this would be a different story than the one where Bluey is going to marry into the griffon royal line.

Also, they should casually and subtly inform Chrysalis that light mind control will be overlooked, might help keep her willing to marry him.

4142510 I assume the insufferable bitter jerk he is in most of other Georg's stories.

Author Interviewer

That happened in The Celestia Code, though not for unification reasons, I suppose. :V

Just got done reading the latest chapter of a fic that features this ship...

I've seen artwork for a next gen daughter between Chrysalis and Celestia; same political reasons, but Celestia goes full throttle into the marriage, providing enough love to feed the Changelings...:pinkiecrazy:

This sounds like a good story.

And Blueblood loves himself - no need for disguises!

All the yes. ALL THE YES! :trollestia:

I'm thinking she's going to starve to death in this relationship. :twilightoops:

You really should do this.

I prefer that version as well, and I'd definitely read about that pair..
Still hoping for updates to that story where Gilda ends up as his bodyguard.

Are you sure this is a good idea? This is supposed to cement the treaty, not give it cement shoes and drop it into the Canter. :pinkiecrazy:

That said, I would read the crap out of this story.

I for one welcome our new pony overlords! Wait, that's not in the script. *rufflerufflecheckreadnod*


But what for a title?

Blueblood and Green Blood
The Royal Shredding
Change is Good
Piece Treaty
With This Manacle, I Thee Wed <-- Most votes so far
Bugs and Blue Blood
Peace Through Superior Flowerpower

Oh by all that's unholy do it!!! :rainbowlaugh:

4142644 Manacle. Definitely manacle. :pinkiecrazy:

And I'll echo the calls for it.


A Royal wedding calls for more subtlty than a mere Shotgun.

I'll bring the BOLO. :moustache:

This sounds like a thing of wonder and beauty. Also, With This Manacle, I Thee Wed definitely seems like the best option.

Blueblood marries the world's most powerful shape shifter? I bet he has some weird and horrible kink that he will describe in detail for his betrothed to perform...

...to be informed by Celestia and Luna that such discussions would be best if held after the ceremony, with the bug-horse in question, and well away from the ears of law enforcement.

Manacle definitely.

While I do get a bit tired of "Jerk Blueblood" (seriously, if we didn't know who Rarity was, it would just look like a golddigger trying to schmooze her way up the social ladder), I do LOVE the way you handle him Georg.

So all my YES to this idea!!!:rainbowdetermined2:

With This Manacle, I Thee Wed

Anything with Georg and changelings, I'll read.
Heck, you haven't even written it yet and I'm looking for the 'tracking' button ;)

4142674 4142644
Or perhaps "Tangled Up In Blue".

So much this.

My heart weeps for Chrissie :fluttercry:

With This Manacle, I Thee Wed, without a doubt. Although, and I may be wrong, shouldn't it be 'With This Manacle, I Wed Thee' rather than 'Thee Wed'?

Something similar is the premise to a tumblr called "Ask Engaged Twilight."

Titles? How about...
-"Prince Broodblood"
-"Holey Matrimony" (because Chrysi has holes in her legs... [cough])
-"Buying the Bug"
-"Tie the Nit"
-"The Hive that Binds"
-"Matrimonial Chrysa-bliss"
-"They Deserve Each Other"
-"Spousal Louse"
-"Spousal A-blues"
-"Blueblood's Brood"
-"The Bond Between Bug-butt and Blueblood"

Aaaand I think that's all I have for now. Good luck if you go through with it!


Georg, you are horrible... do it

Blueblood and Green Blood

Sounds fun. For this story, I'd recommend borrowing the fanon idea that changlings biologically cannot disobey their rulers.

The tea room at the castle was much more private and quiet than Twilight had ever remembered before, with the everpresent guard at the door chased outside, and even Missus Cosy was absent, replaced by a simple tea cart and a box of chocolate biscuits. Luna and Celestia had taken the same side of the table, leaving Twilight feeling a little exposed at the other side as she sipped her tea and waited patiently for whatever the two princesses had to tell her.

"Twilight," started Celestia with that quiet, soothing tone that indicated the deepest sincerity of her next words. "I must tell you that we have been in secret diplomatic talks between Equestria and the Seven Hives for nearly a year, now. Queen Chrysalis and her little invasion had pushed the Changeling Hegemony and the Equestrian Principality into official war, and only with the most sincere of diplomatic efforts were we able to hammer out a peace treaty between our two nations."

"The threats helped," said Luna, nibbling on a biscuit. "Plus when Cadence became Princess of the Crystal Empire, the changelings became much more amiable to compromise."

"Most certainly." Celestia picked up her teacup, then sat it back down with a click of porcelain. "The final element of the peace treaty is a highly traditional one. You see, long ago, when two warring countries would look to seal a peace treaty, they would marry two of their noble--"

"No way!" said Twilight, rising to her hooves with her wings spreading out behind her. "You can't be thinking of marrying me off to the changelings! My friends live in Ponyville! I don't care how handsome a changeling their prince is, I won't do it!"

"Not you," said Luna with a brief snort. "Although you do have enough room in that castle of yours for a handsome husband or two, and an entire brood of--"

"Luna!" chided Celestia. She settled back down on her cushion, took a sip of tea, and continued. "Prince Blueblood."

"Oh." Twilight sat and thought for a while, drinking her own tea before asking the inevitable question. "Isn't that a little cruel?"

"The changelings will just have to put up with him," said Celestia with a sideways glance at her giggling sister. "Now the treaty is extremely secret, as is the marriage. Under no circumstances at all can anypony be told that Prince Blueblood is marrying a changeling."

"Not even Rarity?" asked Twilight.

"Particularly not Rarity," said Celestia. "Or... Um..."

"The groom," said Luna with a smirk. "Blueblood is a total prat at all times under all conditions. We have informed him of the wedding, but we have left certain small details out until after the ceremony, in order to cut down on the senseless protestations."

"Oh," said Twilight again. "So, which changeling noble is he marrying?"

"That is a point of some contention," said Celestia, trying to ignore the way Luna was snickering into one hoof. "It must be an unmarried changeling queen, as the treaty specified, and the six changeling queens in attendance at the negotiations all were married, so there's really only one possibility."

* * *

"Noooo!!!!" Queen Chrysalis bellowed and thrashed as her six sisters sat on top of her in an attempt to keep her still. "The ponies in the castle told me all about that horrid twit! You can't make me do this! Why can't we just have a little more of a war? It's fun! You'll love it! The mountain air will do you all good."

"Now, now, Chrissie," said Belladonna from her perch on top of Queen Chrysalis's head. She shifted one hoof to the side of her sister's cheek and patted lovingly. "You're the only one of us who isn't married, so I'm afraid you're it."

"You can't make me do this!" bellowed Queen Chrysalis despite her squashed position. "I'd rather be devoured alive by Hyviarian acid leeches than marry him!"

* * *

In a small room in the bottom of the hive, a creaking windlass was slowly cranked by two changeling queens, while a third one called down the hole where the rope was slowly descending.

"Oh, Chrissy! Have you changed your mind yet?"

"Never!" echoed up out of the hole. The rope twitched a little. "My, they're awfully big. Shoo. Get away from--"


But what for a title?

+1 for With This Manacle, I Thee Wed

(I would imagine Tartarus is Other Ponies would also make for a good title...)


the insufferable bitter jerk,


I prefer the bitter and jaded Bluebood who's actually a decent person deep down.

I like the unapologetic, sleazy arsehole jerk Blueblood. Something like the subject of a Juke Baritone song (think punk Tom Waits meets Gogol Bordello):

Double Life

(Added a little bit of a doodle draft up there)

4142508 Just one? How about a few thousand? :scootangel:
4142510 Insufferable jerk seems to work best here, and funniest.
4142543 Deep down, about six feet...
4142547 It's a little difficult to say "I've got this funny story, but you need to read a quarter-million words of other stories first...

as much as the bait-and-switch of Chrysalis being upset about marrying blueblood is good comedy, I feel like you could get more use out of Blueblood being the one upset. Chrysalis is the sort to find her way to getting use out of any situation, unless I've read her appearances wrong, and I doubt beyond an initial "eurgh" she'd be too upset- she's the perfect candidate for this sort of marriage, really.

On the other hand, having both of them upset raises some fun possibilities, especially concerning rarity's sass.
:duck:"Couldn't have happened to a better pony"
:applejackunsure:"... which one?"
:raritywink:"oh, I'm sure it's mutual"


devoured alive by Hyviarian acid leeches

Hmm. Sounds like a Cannibal Corpse song title. Or would that be Cannibal Horse?

Either way, you're in the right track, in my humble yet completely useless opinion. I say With This Manacle for the title.


Just one? How about a few thousand?:scootangel:

Hmm, if THAT were to happen, it would show that even Princesses Celestia and Luna are not as far thinking as they should be; cause, you know, just ONE Chrysi and Blueblood is bad enough, but a whole TOWN'S worth?! I think I have the vapors! :raritycry:

4143366 Couldn't help but think of this scene.

Rarity carefully pinned the hem on the flowing white dress. Looking over at the mare she was fitting she gave a small smile.

"I must thank you again for letting me make your wedding dress. Tis a pleasure to make a dress that'll be seen by so many people." She remarked.

"Of course. I definately couldn't let an opportunity to get another dress of the quality craftsmareship you are known for." Replied the enchantingly beautiful mare. "Oh and if you could, can you make sure the dress could handle it if I were to get bigger."

"I don't specifically recall making you a dress before, and I am sure I would remember a mare such as yourself. Don't worry if you put on a few stray pounds. Weddings can be such stressful times, so I do make sure the dress has a bit of leeway." Rarity said.

"Well, the times I've gotten you dresses I have been disguised, but I wasn't talking about a couple pounds." The bride-to-be said with a very wicked smile.

A flash of green fire surrounded her leaving behind a much taller changeling in her place. Rarity stood agape, glancing over at the guard in the room who sighed and gestured that it was okay to her.

"I could've guessed only a mare as vile as you would willingly take Blueblood as a husband. Now I've got to completely redesing your dress." Rarity said as she levitated the dress pieces that had fallen off her client.

"Not exactly. I was adverse to it as anyone but... I came around... eventually. Plus Cake-flanks and Moon-butt will let me have some fun with him." Chrysalis said.

Rarity hmmmed. She pressed a pin into the hem only to be met by the sound of the pin hitting chitin. Chrysalis gave her a sidelong glance.

"Did you just try to prick me? That doesn't work so well with my carapace." She then yelped as Rarity landed a pin in one of her joints.

They shared a silence as Rarity worked on making a wonderful dress for one of her former foes.

"So I was thinking, what would be better for the wedding night. Turning into Celestia right as he climaxes, or once it's all done turn into him and say 'My turn.' What do you think?" Chrysalis asked.

"He would probably like that latter." Rarity replied.

"Wow, Chryssie. I must admit this has been very ...pleasant. What does that grin foretell, might I ask?"
"We have mated, oh husband mine. I now carry enough of your seed to fertilize all of the eggs I'll ever lay. By the way, did you know that laying eggs requires a high-protein diet?"
"Shall I have a breakfast in bed prepared for you?"
"That would be redundant."
"What do you..." (And then the screaming started, but it didn't last long.)

4144852 Dirty Prancing did it much better :)

Oh snap! Now I'll have to read that story!

4142644 "Manacle" Is clickable, but would force you to write the story that way, which I think wouldn't be good for it. So I vote for "Blueblood and Green Blood".


Or perhaps "Tangled Up In Blue".

See, your problem is you're too classy for fimfiction.

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