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Sneak Preview · 12:50pm

Work continues in steady fashion on the new Shadowbolts project. I'd be lying if I said it was easy--the realms of erotica aren't exactly familiar grounds with me. Nonetheless, I've made considerable progress and I'd be close to finishing if I didn't keep finding excusing to lengthen parts of the story. Seriously, I originally estimated maybe around 50k words for the whole project, and I've already used half of that that and I haven't even finished the first of the three planned stories.  At this rate, the whole project is probably going to be as long as a regular sized novel.

I mean, that'd be pretty awesome. I've been working on this for less than a month and I'm making huge strides. I used to have to take huge quantities of drugs and alcohol to write this much in such a short time.

Anyways, I've managed to make enough for a little sneak preview to help build some enthusiasm. Would reaaaaally suck to have spent all this time and effort and have this fail. Please note everything is subject to change because indecision is the key to flexibility.

Working Title: Winning Her Heart

Synopsis: Just because the Friendship Games didn't go exactly as she had planned, doesn't mean that Indigo Zap is about to stop aiming to be the best. With the school year coming to a close and the prestigious Crystal Heart Award up for grabs, she's not going to let anyone or anything get in her way of victory! That is until a new student suddenly arrives at Crystal Prep Academy and turns Indigo's world upside-down.

“Mom, I’m home!”

When Indigo Zap was greeted, upon entering her home, to a tranquil household and a hollow silence, she couldn’t help but feel a small tinge of disappointment. Sure, it wasn’t the first time that she’s found herself home alone without even so much as a text message warning her ahead of time, but she had been hopeful that today would’ve been different. The Friendship Games only came along every four years, and even though things didn’t go quite as she had anticipated, she was nonetheless proud of what she had accomplished: of what her school had accomplished.

It still left the question of how she was going to explain one of her classmates turning into a magic-crazed demon who tore open rifts in the very fabric of space because she and the rest of the team pressured said classmate into unleashing a dangerous and unknown power. Maybe she could get away with glossing over those particular details.

Indigo saw no reason to let something like an empty house stop her.

“Oh thanks, I’m fine! Thanks for asking.” Indigo kicked off her shoes, sending them sailing across the front hallway and landing square on a rubber mat next to the closet. “Boo-yah! Two points!” She then took a step back and lined up her other shoe. “And now she goes for the three-pointer!”

With another flick of her knee, the other shoe was sent into a high, tumbling arc, and then landed perfectly sole-down next to its kin.

“And boom goes the dynamite!” Indigo cheered, throwing her arms into the air in celebration. With a trifling laugh, she then tossed her bag to the side, and continued on her way. “So the Friendship Games went great,” she resumed her conversation with the empty air. “We won. Again, as to be expected. Man, you should’ve seen me during the motocross event! There were these giant plants that just came outta nowhere and—”

“Who exactly are you talking to?” a familiar voice suddenly interjected just as Indigo stepped into the living room.

Startled by the unexpected response, Indigo’s heart almost jumped out of her chest, but she managed to restrain herself to a mere shriek. “Oh sweet horse-Christ!”

Her reaction only prompted laughter from the young woman, though just a few years senior to Indigo, who sat on the nearby recliner in the living room. “You that lonely these days you gotta talk to yourself now?” she teased.

“Oh, eat a dick, Lightning Dust,” Indigo shot back, albeit with no malice in her tone.

For her part, Lightning Dust just grinned playfully to the other girl before hopping to her feet. “Just get over here and give your sis a hug already.”

ETA is hopefully mid to late February. This time around, I aim to have the whole story finished (or rather, the first of the three mini-stories), which will then be published one chapter each Saturday.

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*fake russian accent*:eeyup:

CommisarAJ, ma'am!

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It'd be the logical next step - he knows nothing of magic, she does.

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I have a question...

If Flash Sentry developed unique magical abilities, what would you think of Sunset Shimmer becoming his mentor?

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Will you continue Where

would Rainbow Dash someday? I love the story :(

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I'm sorry I cannot take it!!!! You have to write a daring do story with just her and blondie fighting crime and stuff its obvious blondie wants daring to find her!!! If not she would have left with no trace!!!! :raritycry: this thought won't leave me ALONE!

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