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A brony who quickly writes whatever comes to mind, then posts it (sometimes not even proofreading) I really should consider not doing that.

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Equestria is a land full of mysteries that can not be rationally explained. Each one falling somewhere between the balance of good and evil.

For young Spike, a close brush with one such mystery opened his eyes to that which many ponies never see. Now with the aid of Zecora, he'll delve into this side of Equestria in order to save his friends.

His journey starts one day, when he spots a certain unicorn standing in the middle of the road.

Chapters (3)

Long ago, the three pony tribes lived in a somewhat stable form of coexistence with each other. And for a time it was enough. That was until the mysterious blizzard came and shattered their precarious peace.

Thanks to the miracle that happened one fateful night, the three tribe leaders banded together and formed the Kingdom of Equestria. Relationships between the three races of ponies, who were once bitter and hateful towards one another had subsided thanks to their leaders and the new kingdom.

The three independent tribes did not disband however. Replacing their former leaders, they remained loyal to their home nation. Still harboring the hatred they felt for the other tribes and this new unified nation.

It has been almost a year since Equestria was Established....

Chapters (5)

One of the endless possibility of the continuum shift finds six unique girls brought into to the world of Blazblue.

Separated, the girls must navigate their way through the 13th hierarchical city of Kagutsuchi and possibly receive some help or hindrance from the Blazblue cast along the way in order to find each other and get back home.

Chapters (14)

Since the beginning of time, ponydom has been forced to compete for survival.
This spirit of competition has reached a pinnacle in the relationship of two best friends.who battle against each other.


Glory for the winner.
Humiliation for the loser.

This is Lyra vs. Bon Bon

Chapters (4)

Spartan 1337, one of the greatest warriors in the galaxy, at least according to him, winds up in Equestria and brings trouble with him. Teaming up with the strange planet's inhabitants, he's about to have one crazy adventure.

A MLP and Halo crossover. Featuring Spartan 1337 from the "Halo Legends" animated short story "Odd One Out."

Chapters (1)

A mysterious mare, whose music touched the hearts and souls of ponies all over Equestria.

A unicorn remembers getting to witness her final performance live, and the events that took place that helped influence the pony whom she'd become.

Chapters (1)

Bowser's latest scheme to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom winds up sending him and his army into Equestria by mistake. Upon failing to conquer what he thought was Princess Peach's castle, he accidentally sets free a strange looking creature encased in stone.

What unfurls is an unusual adventure between the unlikely duo of a pony and koopa, out on a quest to save Equestria and all their friends from the grip of chaos.

Will Pinkie Pie save the day? Will Bowser come out on top this time? Will He be able to put up with Pinkie's over the top, hyperactive antics? Will She get through to the grouchy Bowser and make a new friend? You'll just have to find out for yourself.

This tale is super. It's bizarre. It's Bowser and Pinkie's Super Bizarre Saga!

Chapters (9)

After his latest plans were foiled by that pesky blue rodent, Dr. Robotnik finds himself in the land of Equestria. His quest for world domination in this strange planet begins. With no speedy hedgehog around is there anything that can stop the mad genius from taking over?

A My little pony and Sonic the hedgehog crossover fic, featuring Dr. Robotnik (Eggman),

Chapters (6)

When two events collide through the fabric of space and time, Coop, a hotshot gamer whose skills with a controller are only match by his hunger, along with his giant robot car named Megas, wind up in a land of colorful talking ponies.

To make matters worse, he's been turned into one of them.
He'll have to learn how to handle the wheel with hooves quickly. Because even in Equestria there's plenty of trouble he can get into. Will this snack munching, video gaming, giant robot piloting force of destruction be able to cope?

With Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy charged with watching over him, let's hope Celestia made the right choice.

Who knows? Maybe things'll turn out fine. After all, mares dig giant robots...right?

Chapters (10)
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