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BlazBlue: Equestria Shift. - Alkem

The mane six wind up in the world of BlazBlue and become separated.

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Twilight Sparkle: Scene 1

BlazBlue Equestria Shift

Twilight Sparkle

In a dark back alley, ripe with the pungent odor of rotten food wafting out from the various overflowing trashcans that lined its walls, a young man was lying on a puddle of red. Crimson leaked from the various cuts on his body and dripped off the edges of his red jacket. He was breathing heavily as his spiky grey haired head rested atop a few of the putrid bags around him. With no sign of his wounds healing anytime soon, he stared up to the sky, fighting a losing battle against an overwhelming urge to sleep.

Up above the sky he was looking at, miles above the city of Kagutsuchi, a girl was waking up from a troubling and very realistic dream.

"Guys! I'll find you okay! That's a promise! I'll find you!"

She woke in a frightened gasp. Wide eyed, she felt the wind blowing against her face rapidly as she made the realization that she was plummeting very quickly to a city she was unfamiliar of. Moving ever closer to the ground, she shut her eyes and began to focus as a purple light, matching the color on the horn sticking out of the top of her forehead, expanded around her.

"Oh I just hope I teleport somewhere safe!" she whispered to herself, vanishing from the sky in a dazzling flash of light, unaware of where she was going to appear.

"Uuuwwaaah!" the young man cried out as something rather heavy landed on his chest. But on the bright side, it did keep him from falling asleep.

Panicked by the pain induced holler she heard after her teleportation, the girl looked around her new and rather smelly surrounding. All she could see were bags loaded with what smelled like trash all around the grimy looking alleyway, which is until she looked down. "Oh my goodness, I am so sorry!" she said in a panic, quickly getting off the gentleman and sitting by his side. As she sat there observing him, she noticed his injuries and the severe state he was in. "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! You're really hurt!" She got on her hands and knees, and pointed her horn at him while it began to glow. "Don't worry; I'll have you healed up in a jiffy."

With a ray of purple light shining down on him from the girl's horn, the young man's eyes weren't feeling so heavy anymore. He slowly opened his eyes to see the relieved face of the girl who saved him. Then he looked down and saw the rest of her.


Straining his still weakened body, he crawled a few feet away from her. "What the hell are you doing?" he shouted, shielding the girl's body from his sight by holding his hand up.

She stared back at him, surprised by his sudden retreat. "Me? I'm trying to help you. You're really hurt and I was using my magic to mend your wounds. Now hold still so I can help you."

He desperately tried getting onto his feet. He pulled out an over sized sword he had sheathed at his waist and started to use it as a cane to prop himself up. "It's alright. I don't need help from anyone. Hrrrnnnng!" He collapsed, falling over some trash cans as he fell on his back with a loud thud.

The girl ran to his side and placed her hand on his shoulder to hold him down. "Look, there no way you can go anywhere in this condition. So please just stay still."

Red in the face and too sore to try another escape attempt, he rolled to turn his back to her while she continued to heal him. He rustled around for a bit, taking off his jacket. He then handed it to her. "Here, I can't stand lying on my side like this. So put this on already."

"Oh?" she looked at the unexpected gift for a moment then back at him, specifically his baggy black pants and the tight black shirt. She then looked down at herself and stared for a few seconds. She quickly reached for the jacket, putting on the over sized apparel. It was baggy over her slender frame, but served its purpose in covering her up. The rest of the time passed silently after that, with her concentrating on her magic while he laid there with his red and green eyes focusing past the narrow walls of the alleyway and up towards the clouds.

"So where did you suddenly come from. Sure caught me by surprise."

She lowered her head. "Sorry about that."

"Don't sweat it. I've been through worse. The name's Ragna by the way. Ragna the Bloodedge."

She nodded to him with a smile. "Hello Ragna, my name is Twilight Sparkle."

"Heh, what kinda name is Twilight Sparkle?"

"What kind of name is Ragna the Bloodedge?" she said, with a little smirk.

"Good point. So anyways where'd you come from? Seeing as you just randomly popped outta nowhere and just landed on me, I think I'm owed some sort of explanation."

Twilight suddenly frowned. "I, I don't know where I came from. All I can remember was that I was together with my friends. I remember waking up in this a scary dark place with lots of eyes looking at me. I couldn't move and I was too scared to even speak. The last thing I can even remember before I bumped into you is hearing one of my friends telling me she'll find me." She rubbed her hand against her eyes and she sniffed, hiding her urge to cry in front of the stranger he just met. The light from her horn stopped. There. You should be a lot better now. Though you're still not completely healed. We should probably take just a few more minutes."

Ragna got up, stretching his body. "Still stings a little but I feel great."

Still sitting on the ground, Twilight reached her hand out to him. "Wait! I haven't finished yet. You're still hurt."

"I'm fine. All thanks to you. Now let's go," he said grabbing her by the hand.

"Go? Go where?" Twilight asked looking up to him.

"Well I can't live with myself knowing I owe some girl who appeared out of nowhere and just saved my life. I'd feel even worse leaving her in the streets completely naked. Wait, that didn't sound right. The point is I wanna pay you back for your kindness."

"That's very nice of you Mr. Bloodedge."

"Please just call me Ragna."

"Okay, Ragna." she said, flashing him a smile. "That's nice of you to offer, but I don't know what you can do to help me."

"Well you said you have a friend looking for you right? I figure helping you find this friend of yours will pay you back for helping me. But first we need to get you something to wear. I can't be seen walking around with a half naked little girl behind me. God knows the rumor doesn't need any more reinforcement."

Twilight looked down at her new body, focusing on how it had changed for the first time. "Considering how you reacted to me when we first met, I assume that it's not normal for me to walk around wearing nothing in this body. So if I'm stuck here, I'm going to need some clothes."

Ragna stared at her, with an eyebrow raised as he stared at the purple horn poking out of her forehead through her long violet hair with the brilliant rose streak.

Weird girl. Definitely more to her she isn't telling me, but it's not my business to pry.

Now in the heavily crowded shopping district, Ragna could feel the stares of the crowd digging into him like daggers as he and Twilight, who was only wearing a jacket that barely covered up her lower body, arrived at a clothing store. While Twilight made her way inside, Ragna suddenly built up a cold sweat as he realized something. He started pacing in circles outside the shop.

Oh crap, what am I gonna do? I offered to buy this girl clothes and now I find out I lost my goddamn wallet. Shit how I'm I gonna get out of this. I could just take off now and ditch her. But she saved my life, I can't. Oh I know, as soon as she tries something on we'll make a run for it. That'll work. It's saved me outta paying for food before.

After a few minutes of nervous waiting, Ragna saw Twilight finally emerge wearing a short checkered skirt, with a pair of brown shoes, knee high dark socks and a shorter version of the red jacket she had gotten from him earlier under her white shirt.

"How does this look?" she asked, standing at the entrance of the shop, presenting her ensemble to him.

He walked up to her, grabbing his coat she was holding in one hand and put it on. "Fine, it's great. Now let's go," he said in a rushed tone, pulling her by the hand.

She pulled against him. "Huh? Wait a second; aren't we supposed to pay first?"

"Not this time, now come on we have to get going!"

"Are you sure?"

Seeing the suspicious commotion the two were having by her stores entrance, the shop owner started making her way towards them. Noticing the short elderly Asian woman heading their way with a think looking cane in hand, Ragna tugged even harder. "Come on Twilight, we've got to go, now."

"Hey! What you two doing. Don't go thinking you can take clothes and no pay." The shop-keep shouted.

Twilight was startled as the man pulling her arm suddenly picked her up off her feet. "Ragna? What are you doing?"

Ragna ran away with the elderly woman swinging her cane at them as she tried following behind. They made their way down the pathway, going through the high volume crowds.

"I can't believe you just made me do that! I've never shoplifted before in my entire life. Oh what will Princess Celestia think when she hears about this," Twilight said, panicking as she covered her face in shame.

"Never mind that, as long as we don't get caught w—aaaaah" Ragna ran into someone, knocking the two of them as well as whomever they hit to the ground. After looking over to see if Twilight was alright. He looked up to see who they ran into.

The voice of the fallen young man sounded calm but agitated. "Why don't you two watch where you're—" He stopped himself in realization of who was in front of him. "Brother?" His voice quickly went from a cool and calm tone to creaky and high pitched as soon as he noticed Ragna. "Is that really you, brother?"

"Jin?" Ragna said, surprise seeing the blond haired green eyed young man across from him wearing a jolting sapphire colored jacket long detached sleeves over his white Japanese garment and black leggings.

"Oh brother! It's been so long since you and I last met."

"I kinda wish it was a little longer," Ragna replied in an unenthusiastic tone.

Jin looked down. His already green eyes turned slightly greener as he got a look at the girl next to Ragna. "Br-Brother who is that," he asked pointing to the girl next to his brother. Before Ragna could get a word in, Jin drew his sword and aimed its tip at Twilight. "How dare you try and take my brother from me you bitch!" he spoke in a deranged tone. "Looks like I'll have to kill you to teach you a lesson."

Jin drove his Katana straight for Twilight's chest but was met with the cold steel of Ragna's broadsword as both metals clanged against each other with sparks flying.

"Hands off, she isn't involved in this Jin."

"Calm down brother! First I'll kill her then you. Just wait your turn."

Jin jumped back as Ragna's blade arced towards him. He stood a few feet away with his hand ready to draw his weapon. "Oh brother I've been dreaming of this moment. Hahahahaha! Today's the day I'll finally kill you!"

The crowd parted away from the three of them, leaving a wide area for the two brothers to charge at each other, screaming at the top of their lungs.



Twilight was on the ground, completely overwhelmed by the supernatural fight going on front of her as the two of them clashed blades over and over. Dark waves of energy emerged from Ragna's sword while blast of freezing cold shot out from Jin's. Twilight had to dodge as blades of ice flew towards her. All of a sudden Jin summoned a giant frozen dagger and sent it straight for Ragna.

Even though he hadn't taken a hit, splotches of red began forming on Ragna's clothes. His freshly healed wounds began to reopen from the strain of the fight and started draining his strength. His legs failed him and he dropped to his knees, taking the frozen projectile. He hit the ground hard as the giant ice blade struck him.

"What's the matter brother? You should have been able to avoid that sort of attack." Jin made a dash towards his brother, readying his sword.

Seeing Ragna was too weak to defend himself, Twilight ran out and stood in front of him. "Stop!"

"Getting in between my brother and me? I'll rip you to pieces!" Jin shouted, aiming for Twilight. She stood there; arms open, facing the charging Jin.

"Stupid girl!" Ragna shouted, sidestepping around Twilight to stand in front of her.

Now standing at Ragna's back, Twilight noticed his arm holding his sword was shaking violently as he tried to lift it up but couldn't. With Jin still barreling down on the two of them, Twilight closed her eyes and focused on her magic. Her horn sparked and she wrapped her arms around Ragna.

"Uuuwaaaaah!" Jin grunted as he was sent flying by an orb of light that surrounded the duo in front of him. Slamming into a wall, he fell the ground and with the last of his strength took one last look to see nothing where Ragna and Twilight were standing. He desperately tried to will himself back up, but the damage from the impact was too much and he blacked out while the other two vanished.

"Hey Luna I think I spotted something!"

"You did? Where Sena? I wanna see, I wanna see."

Standing on top of an angelic stone statue of Kagutsuchi's lower pier, the young girl with split personalities noticed a bright flash of light in the distance. She jumped off her perch and started making her way towards the source of light.

"This better be what we've been looking for, I'm getting sick of not finding anything."

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