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BlazBlue: Equestria Shift. - Alkem

The mane six wind up in the world of BlazBlue and become separated.

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Rainbow Dash: Scene 1

BlazBlue: Equestria Shift

Rainbow Dash

The familiar sounds of wind whipping past her ears, welcomed Rainbow Dash as she opened her eyes. The world was sprawled out before her in its majesty. She realized she was in free fall, but that didn't worry her. After all, she's the best fliers in all of Equestria. She peered to her right and caught a glimpse of something. Falling through the air like her, a distance away, was a strange looking girl. Squinting her eyes, Rainbow gasped in recognition of the girls long silky pink hair.


Keeping her eyes on her unconscious friend, Rainbow watched as Fluttershy landed on a nearby cloud. Eyes still trained on her, Rainbow turned her head up as she kept falling. It was then that she noticed three others falling along with her. She also recognized their hair styles. "Twilight! Pinkie Pie! Rarity!"

They were far apart from each other and all knocked out. She knew that Fluttershy would be alright up their on the cloud, but the others were helpless. Rainbow focused on her flightless friends. "Hang on girls, I'm coming!" She spread her wings open.

"Woah!" she cried out as she started spiraling out of control and heading way off course. "What the hay is going on? Why can't I fly right? Huh?" She looked over her shoulder and realized her wings and back weren't the same color. She looked over herself and noticed that she too had gone through the same change as her friends. "Whatever! I can't let this distract me, I've gotta save them."

Desperately trying to control her flying, Rainbow found herself moving further and further away. "No! Why can't I fly right?" Every attempt she made to control her wings just increased the distance between them. She reached her hand out to her friends. "Guys I'll find you okay! That's a promise! I'll find you!" she yelled, watching her friends slipped away.

Staring down to the world below, her eyes widened as she got a clear view of the land. "This isn't Equestria," she said as she got a look at the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuch, a city resting atop a mountain. She was heading towards it and coming in fast. "If I can't fly with this body, I may as well try going for a safe crash landing, I hope." Her blue wings jerking about as she fidgeted with them once more.

Now only a few hundred feet from the ground, Rainbow could make out a pier down below. "Okay wings, let's at least fall with style." Her decent curved upward slightly as her wings spread open. She closed her eyes and shielded her face as she crashed into to something that was surprisingly soft.

"Owwwwwwwwwwww! Hey! What the hell?!"

A girl, taking a break on one of the peirs, pushed Rainbow Dash off of her. "Jeez, can't a squirrel take a little nap once in awhile?" She turned and examined who hit her. "Holy streaking weirdo! I can understand the whole freedom of not wearing clothes, but you're in public so streaking won't fly. Man this is looking like something out of a cheesy anime. Hang on a second."

Rainbow, sitting on her rump, watched quizzically as the girl covered in a jet black coat, wearing a dark bamoral cap with matching army boots rummaged through sack she had with her.

"Aha here it is," she said, as she held up some clothing she pulled out of her bag. "Here, hurry up and put these on. You don't want to make a bigger scene than you already have."

Rainbow looked at the girl with a raised brow. "How am I making a scene?"

"Oh I dunno maybe the fact that you just came falling out of the sky, completely naked!." She looked up towards the sky then back to Rainbow Dash. "Hey, how did you manage to do that anyway?" She examined her, noticing the blue pair of wings on her back. "Oh my gosh! You're a beastkin too! What are you? Some kind of bird, a Blue Bird? A Blue Jay?"

"Bird? I'm no bird, I'm a pony."

"Yeah... Last time I checked, ponies didn't have wings."

"They do when they're pegasus ponies like me."

"Oh, so you're a 'pegasus pony' beastkin… right." the girl said while narrowing her eyes at Rainbow. "Anyways, my name is Makoto Nanaya, pleasure to meet ya. Now hurry up and put these on." She tossed the clothes over to Dash who proceeded to put them on. She looked over the now dress Rainbow and gave her a thumbs up. "That's better, and the blue color really suites your wings and your crazy hair style."

Rainbow took a moment to check out her new threads. She wore a light blue fighter top with a matching short skirt and pair of boots along with a pair of long dark blue socks. "Thanks for the clothing and all, but I really have to get going." She got up and started heading off the pier.

"Huh? Hold up, what's the rush?" Makoto asked while she followed behind her.

"It's nothing, I just have to go."

"Doesn't sound like nothing. Come on tell me, maybe I can help."

"Thanks but no thanks, I can do it on my own. Now I have to hurry!"

"Hold up," Makoto said, firmly grabbing Rainbow by the wrist. "You came flying outta the sky, buck naked might I add, crash land on me which interrupted my nap, get free clothes off 'a me and now you're just gonna take off without explaining yourself?"

"Let go!" Rainbow yelled, wrestling her hand free. She turned her back to her and continued to walk off.

Makoto rapidly maneuvered around in front of her. With her arms stretched out, she positioned herself in Rainbow's path. "I'm not letting you go untill I get some answers!" Makoto's arm stuck out of her cloak, pointing a badge at her. "As a member of the Novus Orbis Librarium, I must ask that you come with me for questioning. Refuse and I will be forced to take you in by force."

Rainbow raised her arm and took a fighting stance against her. "I don't have time for this Nobis Orv-whatever.getting in my way. I have to hurry and find my lost friends. They may be in serious trouble!"

Makoto suddenly dropped her arm back to her side after hearing her say that. "Your friends?"

"Yeah! They could be anywhere in the strange place and I gotta hurry and find them. They could be in danger and I have no clue where to start looking. So get outta my way or I make you."

"Sheesh, why didn't you just tell me that to start with? If you're looking for your lost friends then let me help you."

Rainbow dropped her arms as well. "Why are you helping me so much? I mean we just met."

The girl turned and showed Rainbow her curly, brown bushy tail sticking out of her lower back back and lifted her hat to reveal a pair of pointy squirrel ears sticking out of of her brown hair. "Cause us bestkin have to look out for one another."

Meanwhile on the other side of the docks, a young girl wearing a white full body hooded robe with a large wrapped staff at her back was standing on the pier and having a conversation with herself.

"I saw 5 of them at first but then I lost one. I dunno, it just disappeared. Does it matter which one I find?


Good I didn't really want to haul all over the place, if that was the case I would have just left everything to Sena. Well since I saw one land around here, we should start searching. Okay Sena, it's your turn."

The young lady's voice suddenly changed, becoming that of a young boy. "Luna wait! I don't even know what we're looking for.

The girls voice popped back. "Geez Sena can you be anymore useless? We're looking for those things that fell from the sky. They don't belong here so I guess they'll look like something out of this world."

"You mean like aliens?"

"Yeah. Big nasty aliens with long tongues they use to suck out their victims brains."

"Stop it Luna, you're scaring me."

"Oh shut up you big baby, we've got us an alien to find."

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