• Published 13th Apr 2012
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BlazBlue: Equestria Shift. - Alkem

The mane six wind up in the world of BlazBlue and become separated.

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BlazBlue: Equestria Shift

Deep in the heart of the 13th hierarchical city of Kagutsuchi, the hidden test chambers of the NOL were abuzz with the results of their latest test. Dozens of white coated scientists scrambled around a set of tables where six young girls lie atop of. Standing on the observation deck, which overlooked the white coats running around down below, a light blonde haired man hiding his face behind a golden mask watched on.

As he silently observed, thoughts rambling in his head, one of the scientists approached. "Excuse me, Colonel Clover? Here's a report on our latest result."

Stepping out of his head and back to reality, the mysterious man took the large pile of papers held before him and quickly flipped through them. "Hmm, how interesting..." Taking his eyes off the sheets in his hand, he turned and faced the girls lying on the tables down below. "What are the subjects' current condition?"

"Their vitals are stable, sir. Unfortunately that is all we can report since they've yet to show any sign of regaining consciousness."

Handing back the report, a calculating smile began to appear on the once collected Colonel's face as he looked over the monitors that loomed next to each girl's table. "To think, that these creatures possess such energy. Energy that allowed them to somehow traverse the boundary unscathed. Remarkable." His mind began to race with ideas. Calculations and experiments were quickly forming in his head when a commotion down below broke his concentration as the group below reacted to one of the monitors that began sounding off.

"Subject number four is waking up!" the scientist still beside Colonel Clover shouted as he ran down to join his colleagues.

The assembly of researcher pushed and shoved their way to table where one of the girls was starting to move. Everyone crowded around the table, observing as the girl's eyelids slowly opened to reveal a pair of violet colored eyes which then roamed around wildly, taking in everything around it. They then began to dilate.

Her monitor sounded off again. "It's vital are spiking!" one of the researchers spoke out as they all watched the girl's eye shut as well as body go limp.

"Fainting," said the Colonel, slightly disappointed. "Inform me when any of the other subjects regain consciousness," he ordered, turning to make his way out of the lab.

Hours had passed since. The scene had died down, with the girls showing no signs of improvement. Everything was running smooth and quietly when a large blast rocked the room. The rubble from the blown out wall sprayed all over the lab, followed by a cloud of smoke and dust that blanketed the area. Screaming and gasping, lab workers caught sight of flickering orange lights through the blinding smoking. Shoving against one another, they scrambled their way towards the higher levels and to the exits.

Back at the newly formed opening where the dust was settling, a gargantuan red figure stepped in and coughed from the heavy smoke building around him. "Kokonoe! How much explosives did you pack into that device," he shouted, placing one of his twometal clad palms against his ear.

A stern female voice rang out. "Ah quit your bitching Tager. I packed enough to do the job. Well, that or blow up the cauldron if need be,"

Still with one hand against his ear, the giant spotted numerous shattered computer screens, destroyed equipment as well as blazes igniting everywhere he looked. "Judging by the looks of this place, I'd say it was overkill. The whole place is burning up and it feels like it will collapse at any second."

"Then don't you thing you should shut up and get on with the mission already, Tager? "

"Roger." Navigating his way through the debris and rubble, Tager stopped before a set of tables. "Uh, Kokonoe, you may want to have a look at this."

"Well I would, if some big red idiot would switch on his optic relays, maybe I would." --- Something clicked in Tager's head, causing his eye to go green.--- "What the hell? This is what they've been doing?"

Spread out before him, the girls had miraculously avoided the chaos around them. "What should I do?" asked Tager.

"Well if the NOL went to the trouble of bringing them down to their lab, then they must be very important. Bring them back here."

"How do you suppose I do that?"

"Oh I don't know, how about using those muscles I built into you. It's about time you did something useful with them."

"Even if I could carry them all, don't you think I'll draw a lot of attention by carrying six naked girls around?"

"Well at least you'd be living up to your nickname. Isn't that right, 'Red Devil'?"

"That's not funny." Tager said with a serious tone.

"Okay you big baby, I'm sending help."

An incantation circle appeared by Tager and a blonde haired girl in strange battle armor materialized next to him. "Okay Lambda, help Tager get those girls out of there."

"Directive understood. Beginning operation." The red lens of the visor covering the girls eyes peered over to the girls and she paused. "Structural limitations allow for only one subject to be sustained at a time."

"Only one? That's not much help," Tager said as small blasts were going off behind him.

"Just hurry up! Lambda, pick one and bring her here. That place sounds like it's about to go."

"Roger." She moved over to the girl with long blond hair and lifted her up. "Now ready for transport. Withdrawing." Just as Quickly as she had arrived, Lambda and her passenger vanished.

"What about me?"

"You're too big to transport remember. You're going to have to hoof it. Just imagine its like a big action movie, where you escape just seconds before the big explosion."

Tager, now with only five girls to carry, started slowly making his way out of the burning lab. Just as he was going though the hole he had created earlier, the largest explosion went off.


He and the girls were hurled skyward by the massive blast. Not able to hold onto his cargo, the girls flew off in separate directions.

Back in what was left of the NOL lab, Relius Clover looked over the aftermath of the attack. "I should have guess Sector Seven would show themselves. That cat can't help butting her nose in other peoples work." As he stared at six heavily damaged tables, someone approached him from behind.

"Well shit, this place has seen some better days."

"Come to watch the fireworks, Hazama?" Relius said, never turning to face him.

"Looks like I'm a little late for that. Too bad to, I really wanted to see what all the hubbub was about. I guess it must have been something good, if she decided to poke her head in."

"Don't worry; you'll get the chance to see," Relius said in a calm tone.

"Oh? What fun things have you got scheming in that brain of yours now Relius?"

Relius turned around, making his way past Hazama and out of the ruined lab. "All in due time Hazama. For now, I must make preparations."

"Whatever man." Hazama shrugged.

Meanwhile, out near the city border, Tager was looking up to the skies above Kagutsuchi. The five girls who were blown skyward were now making their way back down. Each of them, plummeted down towards a different part of the city.

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