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BlazBlue: Equestria Shift. - Alkem

The mane six wind up in the world of BlazBlue and become separated.

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Pinkie Pie: Scene 1

BlazBlue: Equestria Shift

Pinkie Pie:

"Who wants more cake?!" Pinkie Pie shouted to her guests as she held a delectable plate of cake in her hoof. While moving about her room, she paused for a moment.

Wait. Wasn't I in the park with my friends earlier? Oh well. With so many parties, I probably lost track.

She roamed around, nudging the cake onto other ponies. Each guest gave her the same silent shake of their heads. As she was about to place the cake back on the table, her bright blue eyes were drawn over to something standing in the corner of the room. It wasn't any pony Pinkie had ever met, for that matter it wasn't even a pony; it was a strange black and red blob that moved about on its own. Living up to her tittle of being one of the best party hosts around, Pinkie walked over to the strange creature. "Helloooooo."

The blob didn't speak, but it moved as though acknowledging her.

She held out the cake she held in her hooves. "Would you like some? I worked really hard with Mr. and Mrs. Cake to make it and turned out super yummy."

Extending itself, the blob latched onto the pastry and slowly started to encompass it.

"I know it's delicious but you shouldn't eat all of it, everypony else won't get a bite." The ooze ignored her and covered the entire plate, soon the cake disappeared under its crimson and black sludge. "Well considering how you ate it all so quickly I can tell it was yummy," she said with a smile.

With the cake gone the blob was now moving towards her. Feeling the creature's slime on her hoof, she stepped back and pulled her hoof away..

"That's my hoof silly; you're not supposed to eat my..." she looked down, "Hoof?" Her pink hooves had been replaced by something resembling Spike's claws, only softer. Her eyes followed up her arm and soon she realized that it was her entire body had changed.

"Help! Help!" Pinkie cried. But when she turned around, the other guest were gone. Looking over the area, she realized she wasn't even in her room anymore. "What's going on?" she asked in a panic, finding herself surround by slimy walls that were colored the same as the blob standing before her.

She tried to run but, unfamiliar with her new feet, she fell to the gooey ground. The walls started to close in on her as Pinkie grunted, struggling to escape. With her energy mysteriously fading from her and the fact that she wasn't sure how to maneuver her new body very well, her situation was becoming grave.

Now smothered by the blob; Pinkie could barely scream let alone move. She reached her hand out, desperately wiggling her fingers in the hopes that her friends or anything would come and save her. At that moment, she witnessed a light shining from her hand. Focusing on her palm, she saw something begin to appear. She felt her fingers wrapping around something, but before she could get a hold of whatever it was, a series of loud slashing sounds interrupted her.


Whatever was going on outside, she felt herself get knocked away. Colliding into a wall she bounced, falling to what sounded like a hard metal floor. Then she heard somepony say something.

"I took out the Squiggly," chanted a girl's voice from outside.

To Pinkie's surprise, the blob that had engulfed her started to dissolve. Freed from her captor, she slowly lifted her head to get a clear view of her true surrounding. All she could see were puddles of sludge, sewage and rusted metal pipes spread out everywhere. Still weak from her ordeal, she lowered her head back down and caught a glimpse of the puddle of ooze just as sunk down a drain, especially the creepy white mask with three black dots it wore.

"Hey Squiggly, come back!" the girl's voice yelled out as she ran over to the drain, giving Pinkie Pie a look at who had saved her.

She had brown skin, judging by her two legs that she walked around in with her high heel shoes. She wore a large beige hoodie with extended sleeves and a cat eared hood that covered her head. Her long blonde hair that was tied into two braids swayed back and forth as she got up and noticed Pinkie Pie on the ground.

"Hey, hey, you okay?" she asked, leaning her head in close to hers.

With her hood shrouding her face, Pinkie could only make out a pair of red eyes and what appeared to be a frown. She did her best, but could not find the energy to speak.

"It looks like Tao got here just in time to save you from the Black squiggly. Yay! Tao is a hero! Let's get you to the village so you can rest there," said Tao as she hoisted Pinkie onto her back.

As she was being piggybacked along, Pinkie felt Tao's furry tail coiled underneath her, holding her in place. She also started to feel Tao rubbing her head against her chest. What are these things? Pinkie thought to herself as the girl holding her continued to rub.

"They're not as big as Boobie Lady's but they still feel nice," Tao commented as she continued walking.

It wasn't long before the two of them arrived at the village Tao had mentioned earlier. Pinkie Pie, still resting her head on Tao's shoulder, looked up to see that It was a quaint little town very much like Ponyville but only that the sky was being blocked out by a ceiling up above, only thin strips of sunlight were managing to shine down through gaps in the roof. The houses lined the cobblestone roads and in the center of it little burg was a massive bowl where others, who looked just like Tao but only much shorter, were using it to cook. Tao, carried Pinkie into one of the houses.

"Elder, Tao found someone while Tao fought off the Black Squiggly." She gently placed Pinkie atop the bed of the one room building.

With what strength she still had, Pinkie turned her head to see the elder who was sitting on a frail wooden chair on the other side of the room. She was shorter then Tao and was dressed in the same manner, only that her hoodie sagged to the floor and looked worn and tattered. She also had a tail, only it was grey, bent and didn't swing about as the younger ones Pinkie saw outside did.

She got up from her chair, using her staff to aid her, and walked to the bedside. "Okay Taokaka, let me take a look." The Kaka Elder zoomed in to observe the injured girl's condition.

Pinkie tired to get a good look at her face, but couldn't see past the skull mask she was wearing.

"This poor girl, she appears to have suffered through a lot. Taokaka, please run and fetch her some clothes." As the younger Kaka flew out the door, the elder pulled her hand out of her sleeve and comfortingly rubbed Pinkie's forehead. "It's alright now, you can rest." Her reassuring words helped guide Pinkie as her eyes slowly closed and she faded to sleep.

Outside, Tao was running along on all fours, carrying a set of Kaka village clothing. She was only a few feet away from the door when she collided with someone.



On her back and rubbing to top of her head, Tao peered over to see what she'd run into. Lying on the ground was the familiar scruffy face of Bang Shishigami. "Scruffy-man!" she joyously yelled as she went over to him.

Bang, struggling to his feet, rubbed his back. "Oh my aching back." Noticing Tao standing next to him, he quickly stood up straight and struck a heroic pose, fighting back the tears in his eyes brought on by the excruciating pain in his back. "Why if it isn't Tao, my faithful disciple, your mentor has—"

"Yeah whatever Scruffy-man, did you bring Tao any food?"

His confident stance fell to a slump hearing his student blatantly ignore him. "Tao, must you always concern yourself with food?"

"Not always, sometimes Tao thinks about naps and playtime. But right neow Tao is really hungry!"

"Be that as it may, I regret to inform you that I did not stop by bringing food to partake in. Rather, I'm on an important mission and have come to ask if you've seen someone?"

"Seen who Scruffy-man?"

Bang opened his mouth but suddenly paused. In my rush I seemed to have forgotten to inquire Ms Rarity on what her missing friends look like. I can't go back now; I'll just have to use what I know from seeing her to determine what her friends may look like. "Tao, did you happen to come across anyone with a horn sticking out of their head?"


"Then alas, my search must continue! As the protector of love and justice, I Bang Shishigami must not fail! Tao, if you happen to see anyone like that, please tell them that their friend Rarity is waiting for them a Miss Litchi's clinic. Understood?"

"Tell horny people to meet at the Boobie Ladies house, got it."

Bang looked at her, desperately wanting to correct that statement. But he knew, at least he hoped, that Tao understood the message. "Right then, I'm off!" he yelled as he ran off.

Tao was left standing there with one hand holding the clothes she was carrying and the other rubbing her belly. "Aww, Tao really wanted to eat some food. Neow what was Tao doing?"

"Taokaka!" the Kaka Elder yelled standing outside her door.

"Oh that's right, Tao was bringing clothes for the hurt lady."

Pinkie Pie opened her eyes. "Uh, wha? Where am I?"

Getting up and sitting on the edge of the bed, she realized she was wearing the same clothes the other had on. Fiddling with the long sleeve, she removed what she thought was her hoof and was surprised by what she saw. The elder, who had been sitting on the other side of the room, noticed her startled reaction.

"You seem rather confused young one, what troubles you?"

Pinkie kept her eyes on her hands. "It's my body. It's all hairless, and my hooves look all funny," she said as she wiggled her fingers.

"I see, so this isn't how you normally look like. Then may I ask what your true appearance is?"

"Normally I am a pony, but now I look like this," Pinkie said as she wiggled her arms and legs. "Maybe Twilight can explain."

"Twilight?" the elder asked.

Pinkie stopped swinging her arms and legs and looked over to the person she had been talking to. "Oh hello there, I'm sorry I forgot to introduce myself. My name's Pinkie Pie, what's yours?"

"I am the Kaka elder, leader of the Kaka village, you may just call me elder. It is good to see you managed to recover so quickly. I was worried when Taokaka brought you in earlier. Ah you young ones recover quickly these days. Now, you mentioned something earlier about 'twilight'. I'm curious as to what that means."

Pinkie rose from the bed and moved about the room, practicing how to walk on her new pair of feet as she went over to sit by the elder. "Twilight Sparkle, she's one of my super best friends and a really smart pony. I bet she would know why I look like this and probably how to fix it."

"I see. So I assume you're going to go and search for this friend of yours. After hearing your tale, I must ask you, do you know where you are?" she asked, pounding the bottom of her staff on the floor.

"The Kaka village?" Pinkie answered. "heehee, Kaka."

"And where is the village located?"

The elder watched on as Pinkie's expression shifted from delight to panic as she suddenly remember what had happened. "My friends, we got separated. I have to go find them!" Pinkie exclaimed, rising up from her seat.

"That's all I needed to hear," said the elder Kaka as she looked to the door. "Taokaka, would you please come here?" The door swung open and Tao face planted onto the floor. "Tao I have a mission for you."

She sprang off of the ground and stood at attention. "Yes Elder?"

"I want you to help this girl find her missing friends. This is an important task, so I need you to see it through." She then turned to Pinkie. "You may not understand young one, but it is of dire importance that you and your friends be reunited. I sense a special power from within you, and fear that there are forces working to use that power for sinister purposes. Now find your friends young one and return to your world."

Placing her hood over her head, covering up her curly pink hair, Pinkie smiled and got distracted by playing with the hood's little ear flaps. She then gave the Kaka elder a determined nod as she and Tao took off on their journey.

"Good luck Pinkie Pie," said the elder, standing at her door, waving to the duo as they ran off.

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