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One of the endless possibility of the continuum shift finds six unique girls brought into to the world of Blazblue.

Separated, the girls must navigate their way through the 13th hierarchical city of Kagutsuchi and possibly receive some help or hindrance from the Blazblue cast along the way in order to find each other and get back home.

Chapters (14)
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Skull girls and ponies? Interesting. But alas, I've already chosen to go with Blazblue.

447909 Worth a try maybe next time, any ways loved it but be more descriptive draw them in with more than the ponies.

So, this happens every time I see a crossover fic for a series I love. I know it's going to be clumsily executed, but I let myself get excited anyway, and am then crushed by disappointment.

I will say that you managed to do something here that most crossover fics usually fail to do, and that's to MERGE the universes at play, rather than take characters from one and substitute them into another. Part of the problem with crossovers, however, is that they're further limiting their audience by assuming an immediate familiarity with not just one, but TWO series. I'm a big fan of BlazBlue, but there's a lot of mumbo jumbo and character familiarity assumed that could put potential readers off.
Also, to that end, there's very little pony for a story hosted on a pony fanfiction website.

Down to the nitty-gritty of the writing, it's mostly bearable, but some fanfiction/roleplay/amateur tropes slip in that could do with dire correction. The noticable ones being writing things like "Cough" as dialogue, and using *asterisks* to denote actions. That stuff belongs in MSN text chat or roleplay, don't bring it into proper writing.

I will say that I'm actually going to continue reading this, because unlike every crossover I've ever hazard a look at before, this actually has a unique story that it's attempting to tell using both the series it contains.
It's in dire need of some technical cleanup and extra exposition.

I'm hopeful that as the story continues some of this will be taken into consideration - I'd be ecstatic to give my first thumbs up to a crossover story, especially one this promising.


Trying to do so. Still haven't figured out this whole show vs. tell thing.
Maybe I should just pull out a crayon make a crude drawing, put it into the story and just say "That's what they look like. Happy?"

I'm kidding of course, but I will try and improve in that aspect its the least I can do with the show and game that I love.


Thank you for your honest opinion on it.
The whole asterisks thing. I kinda took from looking over some of the game again. It worked in the game so I assumed it would work for a story. (Not taking into account that in the game most of it is being said. Yeah I'm an idiot.)

I will probably go and clean it soon, probably after the next chapter. As for the exposition, I must tread lightly, for both universes have quite a bit of depth. I shall try to avoid some of the BB jargon as well as not make thing veer to much into MLP. An equal balance, this is going to be hard.

I was going to make the mane 6 be ponies, but humanizing them make the story flow better. I just have to make sure they stay in character, otherwise it could be just a BB story with 6 girls mixed into it.

I can imagine Pinkie and Tao breaking the fourth wall together. :pinkiehappy:

Oh! One little note.

I takes on all challengers in BB. :flutterrage:
Sorry, just had to say that.

Tao and Pinkie Pie? how ever will our sanity cope?:applejackunsure:
now i shall read!

*slow clapping building up to a large crescendo* that was very damn good, however there were one or two little mistakes through there but nothing major i.e "I, Bang Shishigami, must she love and tolerance for all. Be it man, women, child or nudist!" ...surely you mean Show not she, no?

which version?
what console?

I remember my friend and I talking about this story..... and now it's on fimfiction........... YES!!
I always wanted to try and make my own crossover of these two animation (or sprites in the games case) titans, but I never knew how to start it.


BBCS extend for xbox.

you'll probably win, I've been really crappy lately.

I like this alot, as a fan of Blazblue and Guilty Gear, dood.

I think we should all be glad that the Mane6 are all humans and not ponies, it's either Noel will never let go or she dies from the best "HHHNNNNNGGG" of her young life.

I can imagine a good, bad, and gag ending for this story. Are you going to have fights in this one? I can imagine Pinkie going on about frame rates and using astral finish? Can you give the girls a astral Finish? Anyway great story just don't make losing a requirement to get all the endings.:pinkiehappy:

Also, if Rarity still has her horn then does that mean :rainbowdetermined2: and :flutterrage: have their wings?

Okay, a question for readers.

I do intend on having gag endings for each pony, as well as bad endings. The question is should I wait until I finish a couple of the girl's stories?

I was thinking of placing the gag ending where the girl's main story would branch into it, but some of them introduce BB characters that haven't properly been introduced through the main story yet.
Gag ending are supposed to be funny and random. But if they introduce characters that weren't properly introduced in the main stories yet, readers who are unfamiliar with BB will get lost.

I think I just answered my own dilemma, but I wanna know what you guys think. Should I hold off on bad and gag endings until I've told the main stories and properly introduced the cast?

As for fighting...
Holy crap! How am I going to describe that insanity! Though having Astral finishes for each pony would be so awesome! :rainbowkiss:

Anyone got a good story describing a fight I can use as a reference?

448636 Continuum Shift, because in the prologue Lambda 11 was mentioned

I'm confused, are the mane 6 humanized, or are they still ponies?

"Tell horny people to meet at the Boobie Ladies house, got it." :rainbowlaugh: oh Taokaka
dayum Litchi's in for a surprise
anyway just like to say pretty darn good story you got so far, I'm intrigued

This fic has just been doubled in the fun factor.

Taokaka and Pinkie Pie.......OH GOD :pinkiecrazy: this cannot end well

I have a feeling either Twilight, Applejack or Fluttershy will run into Carl Clover

But I also would hate to be the unfortunate soul who will run into either Hazama or Relius :rainbowderp:

Bangs antics always make laugh so hard!:rainbowlaugh:
You got Bang and the rest the cast so good!

Never had a "First!" before but that's beside the point. Makoto:ajbemused:, Makoto, I cannot see this ending nicely.

Platinum the Trinity...I just hope she doesn't meet Twilight or Rarity :trixieshiftright:

I'm anxious to see who Fluttershy's gonna end up with :pinkiehappy:

i like where this is going. Hell you could even do a Guilty Gear crossover if you wanted to.

493821 What about Jin? That may not be as bad, but still!

598694 I kinda expected Dash to be grouped in with either Jin or Ragna, but it doesn't really matter to me at this point :rainbowlaugh:

I can imagine the Ragna meeting taking a hilarious turn very quick.
This scene played out with AJ in my mind.

Ragna: "AGH!"
Applejack: "That... hurt."
Ragna throws AJ off.
Ragna: "Damn right it hurrr..."
Ragna briefly stares at AJ.
Ragna: "Oh jeez, she's naked!"
Ragna covers his eyes.
AJ:"How's that strange?"
Ragna: "What do you mean, 'How's it strange?'!?"
Ragna mutters to himself, "It's bad that brat calls me a pedophile. If I were seen with crazy lady I'd never hear the end of it!"
Ragna: "Listen lady-"
A blade of ice flies between the two.
Jin: "Brother! How dare you betray for this wench!?"
AJ: "Say what now?"
Ragna: "Ah hell. Of all the times he could show up!"
Jin: "I'm going to slice to ribbons you VILE WOMAN!"

I honestly don't expect Alkem to make it that way. But it'd be funny if it went a similar direction.

If you have the 360 version of either of the first two games I know someone who would give you a real good fight.:pinkiehappy:

What's your gamertag on Xbox?



If you see me on Blazblue that's a good bet it's me. If I'm playing Gears of War, it's probably my little bro.

Yes, this chapter pleases me.

Oh damn, I think most of us saw the two main characters of both series coming in, but I never thought that Ragna would run into Jin so fast. It was a good thing they left before things got worse!

I'll bet Twilight's wondering how Jin considers Ragna a brother while acting so murderously psychotic around him :rainbowlaugh:

why have I not seen this yet?!?!

I was hoping for Twilight to be paired with Hakumen, but I guess Ragna works too.

Wide eyed, she felt the wind blowing against her face rapidly as she made the realization that she was plummeting very quickly to a city she was unfamiliar of.
Uh, that's some slightly weird wording.
I think that of could be replaced with, well, with.
Or ,"She was plummeting quickly towards an unfamiliar city."

"Don't sweat it. I've been through worse. The names Ragna by the way. Ragna the Bloodedge."
Pardon me if I'm wrong but, shouldn't names have an apostrophe before the s?

But still, keep up the good work bro.

Alright! My favorite pony (Fluttershy) with my favorite BlazBlue character (Carl Clover). This is gonna be much better in the following story! :pinkiehappy:

Now I wonder what will become of Pinkie and Taokaka...

Need to do Applejack's intro first.

Then I get to really have fun. Just a heads up I don't intend on having our favorite main six be protected or escorted. Just the intro was needed to explain their situation.
After all what kind of a Blazblue story would it be if the main characters never fought.

Oh crap! Just remembered that I forgot to place in music for the fic. :pinkiegasp: I know it doesn't really add to the story, but I find it charming. I'll put it on later though. Too sleepy to continue. Plus I'm also working on something else.

842292 Oh, I understand completely. This is the world of BlazBlue, where anything and everything happens. Namely the Continuum Shift :ajsmug:

I feel stupid and guilty to forget Applejack :applecry:

842292 But who's left to pair up Applejack wi.... oh god...
Applejack + Rachael = COMPLETE FUCKING DISASTER!!!

(not in terms of the story itself, but think about it. The two characters are like polar opposites of each other).

Hope the ponies don't encounter Hazama by themselves...:pinkiecrazy:

she realized they were malicious as she originally thought and lowered her head down.
I think a, "weren't" is warranted preceded by an, "as".
Applejack and Tsubaki... no.:ajbemused:
AJ and Hakuman... not sure if want.:rainbowderp:
AJ and Tager/Kokonoe/Lambda... in a way, predictable.:facehoof:
Will Jubei make an intro appearance?:rainbowhuh: Because for the love of god...

I have the perfect image to show here, but the PS Vita's too stupid to let me post it...

Hehehe. So Applejack's the only one in the arms of Kokonoe, hm? I wonder how Rarity's holding up on her own. Something tells me she might run into Tsubaki...:trixieshiftright:

Now all we need is Trixie showing up just for the hell of it.

Are we gonna see any more "Rebel One; ACTION!!" soon?


::raritywink: Why yes you are. It's just that the first chapter is build up. The girls will find themselves fending for themselves. They are the main characters of this story after all.


Hmm... Perhaps for a gag ending.

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