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BlazBlue: Equestria Shift. - Alkem

The mane six wind up in the world of BlazBlue and become separated.

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Rarity: Scene 1

BlazBlue: Equestria Shift


Falling from the sky like a rock, a girl was starting to come too. Her azure eyes opened to see her long purple hair whipping wildly in front of her as she felt the wind push against her. She then realized what was happening.

"Aaaaaaaah!" She flailed her arms and legs as she continued plummeting down Ronin-Gia

Jumping from rooftop to rooftop, gentle as the wind and swift like lightning, a streak of green and red made its way towards her.


Her fall came to a halt as she felt herself embraced by a pair of sweaty but muscular arms. Turning her head up, she saw the large x-shaped scar across the face of her scruffy savior.

"Do not be distraught young damsel! Whenever, wherever a young maiden cries out for help, Ikaruga's shining beacon of hope, Bang Shishigami, will be there to save them from their plight!"

Almost as though he was the wind itself the stranger leaped from pillars, statues and rooftops. The girl looked over his arms and could see the large mountainous town and the tiny specks of people below.

"Don't worry miss." Landing on a rooftop, Bang turned his head down towards the girl he just saved and was shocked at what he saw. What instantly got his attention wasn't her odd colored hair, or even the horn that stuck out from her forehead, although that one did raise some questions. No, What really distracted him was the fact that the girl was completely devoid of clothing, in other words naked. "I've got yoooouuuuuuuuu!" He stumbled, sending the two of them crashing on the walkway below.

Collecting herself, the girl got up and walked over to Bang. "Mister Shishigami, I thank you most sincerely for rescuing me. My name is Rarity," she said as she bowed her head to him.

"Thanks will not necessary! As the finest ninja of Ikaruga it is my duty, nay my privilege to help those in need." He paused as he got a good look at her and blushed, remembering the girls lack of wardrobe. "Guh!" He quickly removed his over sized red scarf and extended it over to her. "Here miss Rarity, I know it isn't much but for the time being, please cover yourself with this."

Taking the gift from him, she observed the worn, sweat stained apparel. "I appreciate the gesture, but I must decline. I'm afraid I can't wear something that's obviously so uh… valuable to you," she said, gently handing back the cloth.

"Please miss, I insist."

"It's fine, I do not need it. And please call me Rarity."

Bang turned away from her and started talking to himself. "It appears as though I've rescued a rather odd lass this day. What would someone like her be called again? A nudist?" he said to himself rather loudly.

"Excuse me? What do you mean a nudist? I regularly wear clothes, why the finest fashions in fact."

"No matter, as a hero of love and justice, I, Bang Shishigami, must show love and tolerance for all. Be it man, women, child or nudist!"

"Hey are you even listening to me?"

"I just pray that the beautiful and faire goddess, Miss Litchi doesn't find me in this predicament. Seeing me with this unclothed youth, she might misunderstand the situation," he said to himself as he turned back around.


In front of him, standing beside Rarity who was now covered in a patient gown, the pair of pink eyes belonging to one Litchi Faye-Ling were staring daggers at him through her glasses. She remained silent, arms crossed, making her large set of breasts underneath her red vest appear even bigger, as she tapped her heel. Rarity reached her hand out as if to say something, but the sudden surprise of seeing digits on what was once her hoof, along with the look of sheer terror on Bang's face stopped her from saying anything.

Bang trembled before her. "Mi-Mi-Miss Litchi,"

"Care to explain yourself Mr. Shishigami?"

"Now, please Miss Litchi, I can explain."

"Oh you can, can you? Let's hear it then. Cause from what I saw, it appeared as though you were running around rooftops with this poor naked girl in your arms."

"Now please wait a second. Mister Bang wasn't doing anything wrong. He actually saved me."

Litchi turned back to the girl that spoke. "Oh! Is that what happened?" she asked, in a shocked tone. "I'm so sorry; I assumed the worst since I saw you being carried away like that and with no clothes."

"Do I really give off that sort of impression?" Bang asked quietly.

"I think we should all head over to my clinic. I can hear what happened as well as provide you with some clothing. I can't have a cutie like you streaking throughout the city," she said with a laugh.

Inside of Litchi's clinic, located in Orient Town, Bang was sitting on one of the wooden chair in the waiting room while inside, Litchi and Rarity were having themselves a little makeover session.

"Why that dress suits you fabulously darling."

"Thank you, but I think we've forgotten why we're doing this. You're the one who was supposed to get dressed, not me."

Half an hour later, both ladies emerged from the back wearing gorgeous skirt dresses. Bang's eyes were instantly drawn towards Litchi, but jumped over to Rarity a few times as well. "My you two look quite lovely," he said, fighting back the tears of joy welling up inside him. It is on days such as today, that I, Bang Shishigami, am truly happy to be alive.

"Thank you for the compliment Bang. I'm just happy that my clothes managed to fit you Rarity. There aren't too many people who can fill in the chest"

Caught up in the excitement of the makeover, Rarity completely forgot about her new appearance. She ran over to a mirror, this time taking notice of her body. "What's happened to me?" she said as she fell to her knees.

"Is something the matter Rarity?" said Litchi, approaching the girl who was becoming increasingly upset.

"I believe it is time you explained your troubles to us Miss Rarity."

"Mr. Bang, be more sensitive. Can't you see she is in no condition for that?"

"No. He's right."

Rarity got back to her feet, gazing at her new hands and feet. Rarity and Litchi pulled up a chair and she began to explain. "Me and my friends were out in the park enjoying a picnic, when all of a sudden this bright light appeared and sucked us all in. We were pulled into this strange place. All I could see was the color blue as my friends and I desperately reached out to each other. Then another bright light pulled us out. After that, all I can remember is falling and Mr. Bang saving me."

Litchi leaned closer. "So you're saying you and your friends traveled across the boundary?"

"Boundary?" Bang parroted in confusion.

"I don't know what a boundary is, but me and my friends wound up in this world and I found myself in this body."

Her chair leaned even further. "You're not even human? Well, that would explain the horn on your head."

"Yes. And now I'm just so worried about my friends."

Bang quickly stood up, knocking back the chair he was sitting on. "I've heard enough!"

"Mr. Bang, what are you saying?" Litchi asked.

"As a man, I cannot simply stand idly by after hearing this young damsel tale! Worry not, for I, Bang Shishigami, shall not rest until I find and bring your lost friends back to you! Now dear Rarity, how many friends are missing?"


"Very well then, I shall travel like the wind, scouring every corner of Kagutsuchi and face any danger to retrieve your lost companions! As a man and as a ninja of Ikaruga, I shall not fail you! Bang Shishigami, away!" he hollered as he rushed out the door.

"Wait! I haven't even told you what they look like!" Rarity yelled trying to chase after him, but the hot blooded ninja was already gone.

"There he goes," Litchi sighed. "There's nothing we can do about it now. I'm sure Bang will be able to find them, even if he doesn't have a clue where to start from. Besides, considering how you changed when you got here, that probably mean so have your friends. So you probably wouldn't even recognize them."

Rarity's head slumped hearing her say that. "Right… "

Litchi walked up to the saddened child and embraced her. "Don't you worry; Bang always find a way to help those in need. I'm positive he'll be able to find your friends."

Hearing her say that, Rarity wiped the tears from her cheeks as she looked up to her. "Ok, so what can I do in the mean time?"

"You are welcome to stay here. My clinic get busy around this time so I'll be here tending to my patients."

Time had passed and there was still no sign of the noisy ninja anywhere. Rarity was becoming anxious. Her friends could be in serious danger and all she was doing was waiting around at some clinic hoping some odd fellow on a wild goose chase would find them.

"While I am very grateful to both Litchi and Bang, I cannot stay waiting here any longer. My friends are out there somewhere and I must go and find them. I am a capable pony who can handle herself. So, as Bang would put it, Rarity, away!"

In the back of the clinic, Litchi was too overwhelmed with her clients to notice that she had gone. "Oh, Linhua would have to be sick on a day like today. Rarity would you mind coming back here and giving me a hand?" Hearing no response Litchi poked her head through the opening that separated the two rooms. "Rarity?" She looked around and saw nothing. "Oh no."

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