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You ever ask yourself, "What if I could do that?" after watching a superhero movie or reading a comic? I'm sure you have at some point. I somehow landed myself in Equestria, with the power of applying Garry's Mod LUA to reality, starting with Nothing but a floating notepad window, a simple console, and access to the Garry's Mod Wiki.

(This is basically my attempt at combining ideas from my cancelled stories Break The System and Modding Equestria into one story, while also nerfing the abilities, and taking it a bit more seriously. This will sometimes contain actual code and stuff, but you should be able to skip over that, I just feel like throwing it in for fun.)

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A brony arrives in Equestria, one week before season one, but he's not entirely normal anymore.

Sex tag is just for innuendos and all that jazz, putting it there just in case.

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What if you had the ability to control time? So much so that you're basically able to do anything? My answer, is make some friends! Now if only everypony wasn't afraid of me.

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Hello, my name is Jake, and I'm just an average kid in high school. Well, I was, until I got sent to Equestria by Discord himself for reasons unknown to me. Now, I'm Base Template, a normal unicorn, and I totally lost my memories after the whole Discord incident. I'm planning on making amazing spells with my knowledge of human science and newfound ability to use magic to basically become a super hero.

I literally made one chapter and forgot about this, and I don't feel like doing more. I'm just canceling this, sorry.

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Hello, my name is Aidan, and I'm currently trapped in Equestria, with Garry's Mod powers, including all my addons.


The upload schedule is: never, its dead.

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I was just an average brony who played a lot of video games, but then I took an arrow to the knee... well actually it was more like a black goo to my everything. Now I'm surrounded by snow in every direction except up with a weird set of numbers at the top left of my vision that looks freakishly like the Minecraft debug menu. (My attempt at a 1st person story) [starts in season 5 premiere]

Sorry, I lost ALL motivation with this story. I might do a heavy rewrite a long time into the future maybe(probably not) but for now, it's canceled. Sorry to disappoint everyone who actually read this trash.

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Mick, Mark, Max and Michelle are all great friends.

They are all bronies. (and a pegasister.)

They all get sucked into Equestria right next to each other as Discord, Sombra, Tirek and Chrysalis respectively.

They ALSO arrived in the Castle of the Two Sisters right before the season 5 premiere.

This is definitely not going to go well.

Chapters (7)
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