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im 27 and a die hard pegasister to the core and im mainly going to write transmare stories. but i will write others if anypony has a request please let me know. ps i won't charge you for it

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Twilight has always had the same nightmare she is standing before a mirror and she sees two of herself. one is a filly and one is a colt this is a story about how she came to a decision.

this story was a request by Greeny Maze

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Midnight Story has always wanted to be a mare so when he was seven he started to create a spell to e himself. When he was thirteen he cast the spell and succeeded. however, he also ascended to alicornhood at the same time. the story starts three years later when he is summoned to the castle. upon seeing a special pony he falls in love this is their story.

P.S. this is a special story for the mare of my life and the one who my heart and soul belongs to.

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This story takes place in an alternate universe about five years before A Canterlot Weddding.

Shining Armor has fought his feelings of wanting to be a mare for as long as he can remember. one day he gets tired of hiding who he truly is decides to tell his parents, sister and marefriend Cadance. This is his story

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the main character is a Pegasus colt who belongs to a noble canterlot family known for their written word and has always wanted to be a filly and one day mare. Even though he is a Pegasus he was accepted into Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns where He became friends with Twilight until she left to find the Elements of Harmony and this is his story of pain, love, acceptance and friendship. along with the suffering of being transgender and not being accepted by his father.
this story is based in an alternate reality where Twilight actually had a friend. also in this universe ponies grow up much faster. also if you give me a hooves down please leave a comment saying why.

Big thanks to littlebrony and Six String for proofreading it.

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this is a story about how sunset who still feels guilty about how she had nearly destroyed C.H.S and turning the school into her zombies starts to fall in love with the human worlds twilight and their ensuing relationship. also explains how sunset and twilight finds their destiny. starting in chapter four there willbe an original character called Sky Arrow.

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