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This story is a sequel to You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Wearing a Maid's Dress...

Stardust's been working his unusual job for a few months now and has fallen into a good enough rhythm. No job is without it's stresses though, and sometimes a good hobby is all you need to cut through it...

unfortunately for Stardust, he's hit a bit of writer's block...

Cover art by: Featherhors

This is just a very meta story I wrote after hitting some writers block of my own on a sequel to The Mystery of the Missing Mango Tree. It isn’t really a full story and probably won’t get expanded much… but you never know…

I apologize if there’s any super glaring issues with it, I did primarily write it late at night after a string of particularly long and stressful weeks of work. If you enjoy this feel free to take a peek at my other stories, and if you didn’t enjoy it, feel free to tell me why :p

Also if you enjoy cute hat stories why not check out my recently completed passion project? It’s got a few very cute bats and even has a sequel on the way soon!

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You ever just have one of those kind of nerve wracking conversations where you have to explain your job to some other pony that might not understand it?

Yeah, that's what I went through when I met one of my good friends, and believe me, it's never easy to explain why me, a stallion, is wearing a maid's dress to work, especially to a new friend that you're trying to make a good first impression with.

Just a silly one shot inspired by a picture drawn by lRUSU, which was in turn inspired by something I made in response to my passion project picking up comments more regularly. I told someone I'd draw my OC wearing a maid's dress if it ever picked up regular comments, and lo and behold it managed to do that shortly after as if the universe had willed it into existence.

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This story is a sequel to Just a Bat... a Bat on the Hunt for Headpats!

Weeks after moving to Ponyville, Moonlight is finally starting to fit in... in their own unique way...

Of course, having a best friend like Cumulus helped a lot, especially when it came to convincing the rest of Ponyville that you weren't just some maniacal mango munching menace. Sometimes all an anxious bat needs to feel at ease is a caring friend.

This was another one shot written for a contest in Nailah's discord server. Planned and written in an hour.

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Bats aren't just a bunch of big scary mango munching monsters... right?


That's what one lone bat has set out to prove... just in her own unconventional way...

This was just a silly one shot written for a contest in Nailah's discord server.

I never imagined that this story would ever take off like it did. If you want to see more feel free to follow and let me know in the comments. I have a couple of ideas for a potential sequel if people really want to see one

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A worried citrus farmer distraught about a missing heirloom, a lone detective hot on the case, and a tree thief.

As weird of a case as it was, this was definitely one of the most challenging cases of Skipper’s career as a Cloudsdale detective. Having tracked his mark for weeks, he finally manages to crack some of the case in Dodge Junction... but will he finally solve it once and for all?

Only time will tell...

Set in the same universe as Apples and Blood Oranges, however that isn't required reading for this story.

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It's Applebloom's favorite time of the year, the day she gets to plan out the yearly Apple Family Reunion with her big sister Applejack!.. although this year's has a twist. As it turns out, the Apples have an old branch of the family out in Hollow Shades who have never been invited, the mysterious Blood Oranges...

Not knowing why they were excluded for all these years, Applebloom invites them to the reunion and the Blood Oranges are more than happy to meet the family they never knew they had... but how will that family react when a group of bat ponies show up? Only time will tell…

I have to give a special thanks to Halira for offering feedback, suggestions, and advice throughout the course of writing this project. I don't think I would have been able to stay motivated through this project without her help and support.

I also need to thank Lawra, Nailah, and Gaby for offering some feedback, pre reading, and edits to this story.

I really can't thank them enough for their help, and it genuinely means the world to me!

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This story is a sequel to The Fire’s last Ember

What lies beyond death, in the realm of Limbo? It’s hard to truly say, some might see it as the place you go before your final judgement, others might see it as the end all.

Whatever the case may be, there’s always a story to tell...

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Could you imagine living forever, living out a life that you thought would never end, only to learn that indeed there is an end? Maybe it'd be a curse... or a paradise? To me it's been a mix of both, though I like to think it's all been good. After living so long it's hard to imagine what kind of things would you regret when you reach the end of the line. Would you be satisfied with a life well lived, or would you think back to the things you've taken for granted-- your life's solitary regrets?

I personally never thought I'd have to answer that question, but here I stand at the brink of that final breath... My thoughts filling with the many memories I've made over the years.

So, would you care to join me around the fire? Maybe listen to a tale or two from an old thestral? The fire'll be dying out soon and I'd hate to leave you in the dark all alone.

This is just a smaller disconnected one shot that touches on a character in an important moment in their life, with hints of stories that might be told in the future.

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Set in the Pandemic Universe (which existed well before the very real pandemic and this is in no way shape or form related to that) and takes place after the original story, though that’s not required to read.

All dreams start somewhere. For most night ponies, they start in the dreamscape itself, but that's not always the case for all. Two months after the ETS Pandemic changed the world forever, a bright, optimistic dream starts, whether the ponies responsible for it realized it or not. While some choose to cling to the past, some choose to leave it behind. This is the story of one of those ponies, Silver Eclipse, crafter of dreamscapes and dreams. In the waking world he helped create a dream called Oasis, a place where dreams can come true. But all dreams start somewhere, and this is the story of where that dream started, and the very special pony without whom it would never have happened.

Halira's stories, What you are Meant to Be and Picking up the Pieces offer some expanded night pony lore which introduce and expand on some of the concepts in this story, but it's not necessary to read. The original story is also recommended if you'd love to learn more about this universe.

Special thanks to:

for offering much needed feedback and advice over the course of writing this story.

This is a rewrite of my very first story, and definitely my passion project as of right now. Any feedback or comments would be greatly appreciated, even if it's just something simple or small. Thanks!

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This story is a sequel to Desert Getaway

Set in the Pandemic Universe

All actions have reactions, even if they're not always obvious.

Almost a year has passed since Sapphire Sky, a pegasus from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, brought forth a powerful rain storm that tore through the desert ghost town of Mesa Verde, but also reinvigorated it’s growth into a proper Oasis. In that time new friendships and families have started, and for the first time in a long time things started to feel normal again. For Silver Eclipse, his decision to forgive and move on from the Great Storm paved the way towards an unexpected friendship— a friendship that brought on so many new and exciting adventures in his and Scarlet’s lives.

This is a story about family and friendship, and the new and exciting adventures it can bring to one’s life.

Updates will be every other day.

Special thanks to Lawra, Halira, and ASGeek2012 for offering feedback, advice, and encouragement on this project.

And of course, thanks to Lawra, Halira, Javarod, and ModernSilver, for assisting with edits.

Special thanks to:

DoughNut Wubbs
Cotton Sweets
Broken Tooth Rabbit
and @ArtTartistry on Twitter for their art used on the cover!

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